Review – Call Me by Gillian Jones 

Holy mother Hubbard in her cupboard. I just finished Call Me by Gillian Jones and it was SENSATIONAL. Without doubt one of the best student/teacher books I’ve read. Everything about this book is PERFECTION! From the likeable characters, to the all consuming connection that SIZZLES through this book, to the kick ass storyline that is written brilliantly. Call Me is a TOP, TOP September read for me. 

I absolutely loved everything about this book so I honestly don’t know where to start with my review. I probably could talk about it all day and not get bored, Gillian lit up this book with so many good points that electrified this bookworm all the way through. 

Call Me is seriously sexy, SUPER DUPER HOT! Ellie our lead female, who, may I add is absolutely amazing, works as a sex line call worker. Gillian played out Ellie’s role perfectly throughout this whole book, the initial uncertainty was written so well that I felt exactly like Ellie did. But Ellie’s development into her role was what I loved most and the calls were some of the hottest moments of the book. But here is where I must discuss Ace! Firstly, why didn’t I have a teacher like him to ogle at, at school? Everything about Ace is HOT! The initial description we get will give you the best visuals, his POV will make you fall deep in love with him and the sexy parts will leave you breathless, the man is pure, seductive SIN. The connection written between Ellie and Ace is electrifying, you feel it grow and burn with each and every chapter, add in the alter ego phone calls and WOW! Seriously a gym has never sounded so appealing!

What is also great about Call Me though is the underlying message Gillian writes in. All of Gillian’s books have touched on real issues that aren’t always talked about on a wide scale. While Ellie’s job a times in Call Me appears quite fun, Gillian manages to balance the good and bad throughout, keeping things real.

As I said Call Me is now one of my fave student teacher books. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s ridiculously hot and super sexy. There is no big drama but do you know what? It didn’t need it, Call Me is captivating and a huge 5 star read for me!

Some know me as Chanel69. 

But to my friends and family, I’m simply Ellie Hughes. 

A university student who’s in desperate need of money. A lot of money, and fast. 

I’m about to start a new job. 

Three nights a week I’ll be the star in your late night fantasies, bringing your fetishes and fucked up scenarios to life. 

Men will listen to my voice while they get off on their dirtiest desires. 

Truth be told…this job makes me nervous. Regardless of the money, I don’t think I can do it. 

But when he calls I feel an instant connection. 

Over time, he becomes my regular, my friend, and my confidant. 

The problem is…he seems familiar…I think I know who he is.

If I’m right, how will he react when he discovers that I’m Chanel69?

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