Review – The Song Book of Benny Lament

“So many people really wanted us to succeed. They wanted us to be heard. Against all the odds.”

WOW! Amy Harmon has created an unforgettably moving and meaningful masterpiece! I was magically thrust into the swinging sixties, feeling the vibes of the Motown music scene and the toughness of the mafia world, as I had a front row seat to history being made. Harmon deftly balances the suspense and the love story in The Song Book of Benny Lament.

Written with sensitivity and soul, and woven in history, this life-changing love story touched my heart. After just a few pages, I knew that this love story was special, one of cultural and historical evolution and inspiration, one that would change me. Change me … it did.

The Song Book of Benny Lament is a stunning tale of interracial and indestructible love, of sacrifice and faith, and of a musician and his singing muse who together move mountains while making music. Woodstock. Motown. Kennedy. The Cold War. The Civil Rights Act. I felt immediately transported to an era before my time with pages seeping in stirring suspense, soul-searing music, cultural richness and historical change. Harmon not only pulled at my emotions, but educated and enriched me through this life-altering romance.

“I dreamed about you before you ever came along.”

The characters are well-developed and have a depth that makes the reader fully invested in their actions and relationships. Through Harmon’s writing, I got a feel for Benny and Esther and everything they went through in this era. It was easy to forge a strong connection with this hero and heroine who are smart, beautiful, and brave beyond their time. Just magical together.

Imbued with vivid, nostalgic, well-researched 1960s history and rich culture while written with enormous sensitivity and heart, this romance transformed me. These characters and this story make a difference while this heartfelt, revolutionary romance embodies the passion, power, and perseverance that changes the world. I felt the emotionally-intense and impact-wielding words through tears etched in my eyes, treasuring every page.

“If you want people to change, you have to show them what it looks like.”

I wholeheartedly loved The Song Book of Benny Lament, one of the best books I’ve ever read, a moving masterpiece that transcends time. I don’t know if any review I write will do Benny and Esthers’ journey justice. All I know is that days later, I still feel this romance and all the emotions it elicited. The Song Book of Benny Lament is still inside me, a love story I’ll treasure and feel forever.

A top 2021 and forever romance worth all the stars!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ soul singing stars

Goodreads review:

From the bestselling author of What the Wind Knows and From Sand and Ash comes a powerful love story about a musical duo who put everything on the line to be together.

New York, 1960: For Benny Lament, music is his entire life. With his father’s deep ties to the mob, the Bronx piano man has learned that love and family can get you in trouble. So he keeps to himself, writing songs for other musicians, avoiding the spotlight…until the night his father brings him to see Esther Mine sing.

Esther is a petite powerhouse with a gorgeous voice. And when Benny writes a hit song and performs it with her, their collaboration thrusts the duo onto the national stage…and stirs up old issues and new scrutiny that the mob—and Benny—would rather avoid.

It would be easier to walk away. But the music and the woman are too hard for the piano man to resist. Benny’s songs and Esther’s vocals are an explosive combination, a sound that fans can’t get enough of. But though America might love the music they make together, some people aren’t ready for Benny Lament and Esther Mine on—or off—the stage.


Review – Truly by Carmel Rhodes

Words are powerful. They have the power to break … bleed … bond … bring one up or down .. becoming so many things that make the reader feel. Words … I can’t help but feel the words in stories I read. And I felt every word of Carmel Rhodes’ words in Truly that unequivocally wowed me. I was a goner for Rhodes’ prose, a potent mix of passion, beauty, wisdom, and all the angst that makes a YA romance shine. Oh does Truly shine.

Truly is a tale where you’ll feel every word. Every word means everything—passion and power—the kind of powerful prose that hits straight to the heart, bates your breath, singes your soul, and makes you fall in love so hard and so fast. An entrancing tale that you won’t want to release from your clutches until you know these characters get their happily ever after experiencing some hell.

If I’m there, his hands are on me, dictating my every move. It’s like he’s the sun, and I’m trapped in his orbit. I often worry about flying too close, then I remember he’s already burned me.

Broken sees broken and Truly and Noah are two shattered souls who together are whole. Stunning inside and out, Truly is a marvel with spirit and sass, but it’s strength that shines the most. A heady and hot mix of darkness and light with a deliciously dominate mouth and mind, Noah is a force that you’ll both hate and love, a complicated hero. The hot and cold … the fire and ice … the combustion that burns … their impactful pasts … their feelings … I loved them so much! Together, this hero and heroine heal each other’s scars, growing together, and I felt every emotion while experiencing their moving journey.

“I want you to kiss me until I forget how to breathe without you.”

Carmel Rhodes has crafted a complex hero and heroine who have come together in the messiest, but most meaningful of ways. I was so consumed by these characters … deeply entangled in this intense and emotional story that took over my head and heart. This romance rages with the most addictive angst, a heady high that hit me everywhere. My heart was racing out of my chest … I was aflame from this book that burns in brazenness, brokenness, and beauty.

I don’t know if this review can reflect the impact felt while reading Truly, a truly magnetic and meaningful tale that Carmel Rhodes beautifully brings to life. If I had to pick one word to describe Truly, it would be worthy. Oh my is Truly worthy. This coming-of-age saga brings battles to life and slays demons, the kind of heartfelt creation that takes and leaves pieces of hearts and souls inside its story, touching readers everywhere. An epic love-hate romance that’s scorching, swoon-worthy, soulful, and significant, a story that stays for a lifetime.

We’re so close it’s like we’re fused; two atoms colliding, forever changed.

Every dark romance and young adult story lover MUST meet and feel Truly.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ truly worthy stars

Goodreads review:

The summer after senior year was supposed to be the best summer of my life.⁣⁣⁣
It was supposed to be full of adventure and self-discovery and making love under the stars.⁣⁣⁣
It was supposed to be about losing myself and finding my way.⁣⁣⁣
Only, it wasn’t supposed to start like this.⁣⁣⁣
I wasn’t supposed to go to that party.⁣⁣⁣
He wasn’t supposed to notice me.⁣⁣⁣
The hot jock with the trust fund and chip on his shoulder.⁣⁣⁣
My ex-boyfriend’s half-brother.⁣⁣⁣
Noah Tedesco is so far out of my league he might as well be playing a different game.⁣⁣⁣
Noah wasn’t supposed to look twice at a girl like me, but he did.⁣⁣⁣
Now that I’m on his radar, my life will never be the same.⁣⁣⁣
Truly is a dark, coming of age romance that explores themes like NON-CON DUB-CON, and happily ever after.


Review – Trouble In Hell by Alex Grayson

5 out of 5 stars

Alex Grayson stuns again! This is a must read that is emotional, dark, gritty and raw. It will consume you completely so that all you can think of is how quickly you can turn the pages because you can’t get enough.

Alex never disappoints and she owns me with her words that suck you a vortex so strong that there is no escape. Over and over again she proves why she is a must read author for me. I don’t even need to read the synopsis, I just know if Alex wrote it then I’m reading it!

You will feel every emotion that these characters go through. She pulls you into the story so you feel connected completely with the characters. Wow. Just wow. Thank you Alex for constantly blowing my mind every time!

Four men, irrevocably bound together by their horrifying past…

Trouble and his brothers escaped from Malus, Texas as kids. In the dead of night, they left behind a Hell so ominous, it made National news.
When they returned as adults, it was to seek revenge and justice. Malus is theirs now. They own it, they rule it, and they protect it. By any means necessary.
Trouble carries demons inside him. The need for blood and vindication runs deep in his veins, and nothing will stop the darkness within him from shining its evil eyes.
When Remi arrives, pregnant and in need of help, she has no idea she’s come to the one place she should have stayed far away from. Something dark surrounds the town. A malevolence she has no hope of surviving.
Will Trouble drag Remi into the dark pits of Hell? Or will she be the ultimate downfall of the devil himself?

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A whoosh-whoosh fills the silent room as soon as I touch the transducer wand to her stomach and a real smile forms on her face. I spread out the gel and wiggle it around, getting a good look at the baby, which is most definitely a boy. A very frisky one at that. A chuckle slips past my lips before I can stop it.

“What is it?” she asks, and I look at her. Her eyes run from me to the screen and back again.

I point to the screen. “You see this right here?” She nods. “Well, it seems your boy has started early in twiddling his diddle.”

She frowns, and her face scrunches in confusion. “I don’t—” She stops abruptly, and her eyes widen. “What the….” She tilts her head to the side and leans closer to the screen. “Is he…?”

“Yes. He’s flicking his wick.”

“Oh, my God!” she groans, and I laugh when she covers her red face with her hands. “My son is a pervert!”

“Nah, he’s just a curious little guy.”

Her hands drop to her sides and her pert nose wrinkles. “He’s a dirty little guy.”

I chuckle and move the transducer to get a good look at his heart. A steady rhythmic beat comes over the speaker at the same time it appears on the screen.

“His heartbeat is good.” I check over a few more things. “Everything seems to be fine. His measurements are spot on for thirty-four weeks. Would you like some pictures?”

“Yes, please.” Her smile is back in place, and it only makes her look prettier.

I slide the wand over her stomach, getting images at various angles. Just because I have a warped sense of humor, I make sure to get one of the little guy still dangling his diddle. I also manage to get a good one of his face.

While the machine prints off the pictures, I grab a tissue and wipe away the gel from her stomach. Unnecessarily, because she can do it herself, but I find I like to torture myself by touching her, I slip my fingertips beneath the waistband of her leggings and gently lift it over her stomach. When I lift my eyes to her, it’s to see her startling blue ones on me. Her chest isn’t moving, so I know she’s holding her breath. Because I just don’t know when to stop, I hold her eyes as I grab her shirt that’s still tucked beneath her breasts and pull it down. My knuckles graze the soft material of her bra, and I’m not sure if it was intentional or an accident. Either way, her breath hitches.

I clear my throat. “You’re all cleared and free to continue your trip to Colorado. Although, I would suggest taking it easy and making sure you’re well prepared. There’s long stretches of Texas where there aren’t many places to stop.”

When she stays quiet, I look over my shoulder at her. She has her thumb at her mouth, biting her nail. When she spots me looking at her, she drops her hand.

“Uh, about that. It looks like I’ll be staying a while.”

“Why?” The question comes out a bit harsher than intended, but I do nothing to set her at ease when I see her jolt.

She’s sitting up on the bed now with her hands planted on the top of her rounded stomach. I feel like a jerk when she speaks next, because there’s no mistaking the hesitancy in her voice.

“The mechanic said it would take a while to get the parts for my car. Apparently, there was more wrong with it than just my AC.”

A muttered curse slips through my lips, and her eyebrows jump up. I roughly rake a hand through my hair. “I’ll talk to Mick and see if there’s anything he can do to get it fixed sooner.”

The woman needs to leave Malus, and she needs to do it yesterday. She’s been here long enough already. With The Finishing tomorrow, she definitely doesn’t need to be anywhere near here. Citizens aren’t allowed near The Finishing, but it makes me really uneasy knowing an outsider is in town. If she were to get wind of it, there’s no way we could let her leave here to alert the authorities.

Protecting the town and its inhabitants is our top priority, no matter the cost. The pretty pregnant woman would have to be dealt with. The premise behind Malus is to ensure the innocent stay innocent and safe, by any means necessary.

“Can you really do that? I mean, will he listen to you?”

The question is almost laughable. She obviously has no clue how this town is run. This is my brother’s and my town. The townsfolk don’t necessarily fear us, but they do listen, because it’s us who provides the protection they crave.

“He’ll listen.”

By the tone of my voice and the hard look on my face, Remi has no choice but to believe me.

“Okay. Thank you. As nice as it’s been here, I’d really rather get on my way to my brother’s.”

“Expect a phone call from Mick this evening.”

She nods and makes a move to climb from the bed. Seeing her struggling, I walk over and grab her elbow to help her down. Once she’s on her feet, a lock of hair falls in her face. I lift my hand to push it away, but before I get a chance, she blows it away herself. My hand falls limply by my side.

I take a step back from her, because I’m way too close and her scent is driving me mad. Remembering the sonogram pictures, I reach over and grab them from the machine and hold them out to her.


Her face lights up beautifully as she looks down at the images. She flips from one to the other, until she comes across the one of the baby’s face. Something dark momentarily wipes away the contented look. I want to ask her what’s going on in her head, but it’s not my business.

When she gets to the picture of the baby playing with himself, a laugh escapes her lips. She holds the picture closer to her face before looking at me. Mirth twinkles in her eyes.

“I already can’t wait to show this to his future wife,” she says with a giggle.

I chuckle and shake my head. “I feel sorry for him.”

She shrugs. “He’ll live. It’s a rite of passage for parents to embarrass their kids.”

The smile slips from my lips, and I turn away from her toward the door. Having normal parents is one thing I wouldn’t know about.

Pulling the door open, I turn back. “Mick should have the parts in a couple of days. Have a safe trip.”

She opens her mouth to say something, but I’m already walking away. The more time I’m around the woman, the more my body reacts to her.

Thankfully, this visit is the last I should see of her.

Alex Grayson is the bestselling author of heart pounding, emotionally gripping contemporary romances including the Jaded Series, the Consumed Series, and three standalone novels. Her passion for books was reignited by a gift from her sister-in-law. After spending several years as a devoted reader and blogger, Alex decided to write and independently publish her first novel in 2014 (an endeavor that took a little longer than expected). The rest, as they say, is history.

Originally a southern girl, Alex now lives in Ohio with her husband, two children, two cats and dog. She loves the color blue, homemade lasagna, casually browsing real estate, and interacting with her readers. Visit her website,, or find her on social media!










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When You Became Mine by A.S. Teague

5 out of 5 stars

OMG! I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for another A.S. Teague book. I absolutely love her writing. This book just further proves why I love her love her writing so much.

A childhood crush that finally gets to play out years later, this book takes you on a journey through the years and how true love can overcome anything. I absolutely love Lawson. He stole my heart. I wanted to see him get his happy ending so badly.

Piper never noticed Lawson growing up. She had eyes for his brother, but he had eyes for Piper’s brother. Can you say oops? Lol. They stayed best friends and roommates until one day fate finally steps in and gives Lawson the chance to finally get his chance.

You will fall in love with these characters immediately and you will be glued to your kindle until the last word. Another amazing book by A.S. Teague! I highly recommend this one!! ❤❤

I was twelve years old when I fell in love with Piper Kelley. Even at the age of eight, she was everything I wasn’t: brave, bold, and beautiful.

The night of my college graduation party, I finally made my move, but Piper only had eyes for one man—my younger brother.

With a battered heart, I left for Vegas, determined to put her behind me. But eight years later, fate proved once again that it had never cared about my plans.

Now, I’m back home, and determined not to fall into the same trap I spent the majority of my adolescence trying to escape.

But when Piper finds herself at the risk of losing her medical license, I realize just how far I’m willing to go to protect her.

I was twelve when Piper Kelley became mine.

It’s time I let her know.

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About the Author:

A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.





When You Became Mine by A.S. Teague

5 out of 5 stars

OMG! I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for another A.S. Teague book. I absolutely love her writing. This book just further proves why I love her love her writing so much.

A childhood crush that finally gets to play out years later, this book takes you on a journey through the years and how true love can overcome anything. I absolutely love Lawson. He stole my heart. I wanted to see him get his happy ending so badly.

Piper never noticed Lawson growing up. She had eyes for his brother, but he had eyes for Piper’s brother. Can you say oops? Lol. They stayed best friends and roommates until one day fate finally steps in and gives Lawson the chance to finally get his chance.

You will fall in love with these characters immediately and you will be glued to your kindle until the last word. Another amazing book by A.S. Teague! I highly recommend this one!! ❤❤

I was twelve years old when I fell in love with Piper Kelley. Even at the age of eight, she was everything I wasn’t: brave, bold, and beautiful.

The night of my college graduation party, I finally made my move, but Piper only had eyes for one man—my younger brother.

With a battered heart, I left for Vegas, determined to put her behind me. But eight years later, fate proved once again that it had never cared about my plans.

Now, I’m back home, and determined not to fall into the same trap I spent the majority of my adolescence trying to escape.

But when Piper finds herself at the risk of losing her medical license, I realize just how far I’m willing to go to protect her.

I was twelve when Piper Kelley became mine.

It’s time I let her know.

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About the Author:

A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.





Review – More of You by A. L. Jackson

More of You Cover

More of You by A.L. Jackson

My rating: 6 of 5 stars

When you begin and end a book in tears, you know it’s one that spoke to your soul. More of You by AL Jackson spoke to my soul. Sang to my soul. Shattered my soul. Slayed my soul. This story was my soul. So STUNNING! I LOVED IT!!! Second chance romances are my weakness, and More of You was my KRYPTONITE. PURE ROMANCE GOLD.

”You are beauty looking back at me.”

More of You is so much more than a romance. MORE of EVERYTHING. It’s poetry—dreamy lyrics that come to life. It’s a story of regret and retribution, sacrifice and selflessness, and faith and forgiveness. It’s an emotional journey of fated friends and forever soulmates who lost their way. It’s a stunning, suspenseful, and soulful second-chance romance that grabbed me from the first page and never let go. I never let go.

”You took my heart when you left.”

“And I left mine with you.”

This is the story of two fractured and fated soulmates who became lost along the way until a collision of past and present brings them together. Jace and Faith. Beauty and Beast. So perfect together. So meant to be. Faith is an old soul who has lived a thousand years, so gorgeous and so giving, a beacon of light in the dark. Jace, I fell for this broken and big-hearted man right away, a beautiful beast with a vulnerable side that shows as he finds his light, his Beauty. I felt the forever love of Faith and Jace. I felt the pain of these characters as if it were mine. A broken hero and heroine that broke me yet melted me. Again and again.

I’d been lost for years. And with her in my arms? The only thing I could think was that I’d been found. Rescued.

The element of suspense fused with the feel-worthy writing makes this story a force to be reckoned with—UNFLINCHING and UNSTOPPABLE. You’ll hang off the emotional edge. This tender and thrilling tale tears your heart wide open and shakes every emotion out of you until you’re exploding. An EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION. Your heart will shatter into a million pieces and slowly be pieced back together again—maybe a few times. You can’t help but be ALL IN. More of You makes you feel every word in a story that’s everything you’d want in a romance. Heady. Hypnotizing. Heartfelt.

”What do you see in me?”


There’s beauty bound to the words AL Jackson pens to life, the kind that makes you take deep breaths and tear up with not just the sad words but all the words. Words that take my breath away. Words that hold all the emotion. So powerful. So passionate. So poignant. I get all teary-eyed when AL Jackson’s soul-clenching words fuse with my heart and soul; I can’t help myself. I read her words with tears of sorrow and swoon. Poetry on pages with the power to touch every emotion. Oh did More of You touch me so much!

”You’re ruining me. Ruining every single thing I’d forced myself into believing.”

“You ruined me a long time ago.”

More of You is so beautiful, so broken, so breathtaking, and so brilliantly told. This book broke me in the best and most beautiful of ways. Toward the end, I felt each word through the tears. Words that stole my soul, stomping on it with each breath My heart bled for this book. My heart beat out of my chest. My heart was hit so hard, it spun right into my soul. Sweetness and sorrow. A story that shattered me, made me swoon and swept me away into its world. A.L. Jackson has written another stunning and soul-shattering romance that shoots sparks straight through the heart. More of You, with its meaningful and memorable characters, is a story that stays with the heart and soul long after the last page. Sheer brilliance from beginning to end. So heartbreakingly beautiful. So EVERYTHING.

”I think I’ve loved you since the day I met you.”

Another TOP 2018 & LIFETIME READ from the amazing AL Jackson!!!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 but worth all the beauty and beast stars

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My daddy warned me never to fall for a boy like Jace Jacobs . . . 

The second I saw him walk through the door, I knew he was trouble.

A gorgeous rebel with a bad attitude and a huge chip on his shoulder.

My heart warned me. I didn’t listen. I saw something protective and good beneath the fierce, tough exterior.

I fell hard and fast.

He promised we’d be together forever, and then left me with a broken heart.

Now, ten years later, Jace Jacobs is standing at my door.

Sexier than he’s ever been.

Provocative and commanding.

Successful and powerful.

The man I always knew he would become.

But I promised myself I’d never lose my heart to him again.

Even time couldn’t dim our chemistry. One glance of his intense eyes, and I become weak. One brush of his hand, and he brings me to my knees.

Little do I know, Jace holds the key to everything I’ve lost and everything that threatens my future.

Now he will either save me, or he will break me all over again . . .

More of You – a Confessions of the Heart second-chance, stand-alone romance



Are you ready to be soul-struck and swept away?

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More Of You Teaser

Audio Tour – Someone To Call My Own by Aimee Nicole Walker

5 out of 5 stars

Aimee strikes again with another 5 star read that captures your heart and soul. We’ve met these characters in the Curl Up And Dye series, and, as with all Aimee’s book, you fall in love with the secondary characters and are ecstatic for them to get their own story.

Two broken souls on a winding road on the path to each other. The only problem is they both have to be on board for a relationship to work. We get to go on the rollercoaster of emotions as we watch this romance evolve. It’s worth every single second!

I have both read and listened to the audio book. I have to say, that the book is excellent to read, but the narration really brings the story to life. The he narrator can make or break an audio book, and it’s safe to say Joel Leslie nailed it as always!


Road to Blissville Series, Book 2





COVER ARTIST: Jay Aheer/Simply Defined Art

NARRATOR: Joel Leslie

Listening Length: 8 hours and 49 minutes


Psychic Emory Jackson and former black ops specialist Jonathon Silver are men from two completely different worlds with one thing in common: heartbreak. Emory still mourns the loss of his husband five years prior, and Jon is reeling with grief from the recent death of his twin brother.

Sparks fly when mutual friends introduce them, but it’s so much more than basic attraction. There’s an undeniable awareness and a sense of belonging that neither man can deny. Despite Emory’s premonition of a future with Jon, he has vowed never to love again. Jon is convinced that his tainted soul is the reason he will never have someone to call his own. What if they’re both wrong?

Maybe these broken men with their jagged edges could somehow align perfectly to form something whole and beautiful. But will that realization come too late for them?



“What are you doing here, Emory?”

“I think you know.”

“I have a pretty good idea, but what has changed since I left Blissville forty minutes ago?”

“Nothing,” I answered honestly. “I don’t love you, Jon.”

“Yet,” he corrected. “You don’t love me yet.” He reached for my hand and slid his fingers in between mine. “If you walk across that threshold with me, I’m going to push you up against the nearest surface and fuck you. Probably more than once. Can you live with that?”

His words sent an electrical current racing through my body. My dick hardened fast and almost painfully beneath my tight briefs. No one had ever talked dirty to me or tried to dominate me, but it ignited something inside me like he was holding a lit match near gasoline fumes. In Jon’s eyes, I saw the raw need that burned through him just as strong as it did me.

“Take me inside.”

Jon didn’t ask me if I was sure; he gripped my hand tightly and pulled me up the broad, stone steps to the front porch. I expected him to drop my hand to unlock the front door, but he hit a few numbers on a keypad with his left hand before twisting the knob to let us inside.

I had caught a brief glimpse of the living room beyond the foyer before Jon turned to me. He didn’t even bother shutting the door before he backed me up against the foyer table. Jon’s hands immediately went to my neck to loosen my tie while he swooped down and captured my lips in a hard, demanding kiss. He released a torrent of emotions he’d repressed since we met, and I tasted each one on his tongue.

I am a wife and mother to three kids, three dogs, and a cat. When I’m not dreaming up stories, I like to lose myself in a good book, cook or bake. I’m a girly tomboy

who paints her fingernails while watching sports and yelling at the referees.

I will always choose the book over the movie. I believe in happily-ever-after. Love inspires everything that I do. Music keeps me sane.





Joel Leslie/Narrator

Joel Leslie is a UK transplant, growing up with American parents in a British commonwealth. A classically trained actor with an MFA in theatre from USC, he is often cast for his unique ability to deliver native, authentic combinations of American and British sounds. His great range and ability to bring characters to life with honesty, wit and versatility delights producers and listeners alike.

He is proud to have a strong following with m/m listeners and an ongoing relationship with some of the finest writers in the genre. He loves that every day he gets to share these beautiful, inspirational and empowering GLBT characters with the world.

His authors have praised him as “a narrator among narrators, a man whose ability to create different characters rests on the power of his voice and his impeccable delivery,” and a “true delight…” “his professionalism, good humor, and charm make him a dream to work with,” “Anyone else would only be second best”.

Joel has consistent access to his home studio for all production needs. When not in the booth he spends his time chasing after two loquacious wiener dogs.

Review – All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

”If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim.”

Sometimes you read a story that knocks you off your axis, so unbelievably amazing that you’ll never be prepared for the force of feels that strikes from this journey you’ll forever feel. All Your Perfects is a book I never expected to knock me off my axis, but one that hit my heart so hard as it struck my soul. Colleen Hoover takes a deep dive into marriage territory with All Your Perfects, a book so broken, so brutally honest, and so beautiful that it nearly brought me to my knees. All Your Perfects broke me in the best way and BLEW ME AWAY!

Emotionally rich and relatable, All Your Perfects connected to me from the start, one that tore at my heart with words that stole my soul, stomping on it with each breath. I was ENRAPTURED with this story! I WAS RENDERED POWERLESS to All Your Perfects’ power—this force of feels that awakened everything inside of me. My heart both raced and ached, beating so hard yet breaking so hard too. I wanted to hug someone. I wanted to punch someone. I wanted to sob for everyone. I cried for everyone. I felt it all.

It’s strange how I can miss a person who is still here.

No marriage is perfect. Through All Your Perfects, Colleen Hoover shines a light on the imperfections, struggles that many couples face, and brings an emotional depth that it is so real that it’s sometimes hard to read. Told through a struggling wife of a heroine, All Your Perfects shows the imperfections of marriage—the ups and downs, and the storms under the umbrella of love—and makes you feel every emotion this couple endures. All Your Perfects is so achingly honest and personal that it feels like an invasion upon reading. Deep. Dynamic. Devastatingly beautiful.I could not help but feel every emotion that this hero and heroine did. Their marriage became mine too.

”I hate you right now.”

Ironically, my husband of almost 24 years, my teenage love, and I had a fight shortly before I picked up All Your Perfects to read. The fight wasn’t major but it still was meaningful. Reading this story, though the particulars are different, emphasized both a struggle and a triumph I already knew: Marriage is your home that’s sometimes hit with hurricanes. You have to do your best to weather those storms, putting everything you have into saving your home. That’s what All Your Perfects is about: weathering those storms while holding onto and fighting for your home—all while remembering the foundation of your home and the glue that holds you together. Without the rain, there wouldn’t be rainbows. The imperfects make the perfects more meaningful … more real … more everything.

I’m not sure anyone had ever made me feel as beautiful as he makes he feel when he looks at me.

No one writes complex relationships in the most raw and real of ways—messy love at its best—like Colleen Hoover. No one. A deep dive into marriage territory that tackles tough issues, All Your Perfects is about as real as you can get. It’s so believable, so broken, and so breathtaking that I couldn’t put it down. It may just be my favorite book of this author’s to date. Colleen Hoover has truly outdone herself in All Your Perfects, a tear-jerking journey of marriage that shines an honest light on the perfects and the imperfects, and stamps a forever mark on the heart and soul. All Your Perfects is EXTRAORDINARY, an EMOTIONAL JOURNEY that has left a lifelong mark on my heart and soul.

”I love you. I always have. No matter how much you wish I didn’t.”

This soul stunner of a story turned me into a bawling baby where I sobbed so hard that I shook like an earthquake. I seriously cried straight up UGLY TEARS, tears that touched my kindle. All Your Perfects is ALL THE THINGS! It wowed the woman in me. It wrecked the wife in me. It’s gripping. It’s gut-wrenching. It’s messy. It’s moving. It’s meaningful. It’s broken. It’s beautiful. It’s so raw that it feels real. All Your Perfects is a Category 5 hurricane that hit my heart so hard that I felt every word of this emotional journey, one that wrecked me in the most wonderful of ways. I felt everything in a story that’s everything. All Your Perfects is EVERYTHING!!!

”I promise I will love you more during the storms than I love you doing the perfect days.”


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 perfectly imperfect stars

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Quinn and Graham’s perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that could save them might also be the very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

All Your Perfects is a profound novel about a damaged couple whose potential future hinges on promises made in the past. This is a heartbreaking page-turner that asks: Can a resounding love with a perfect beginning survive a lifetime between two imperfect people?





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Review – Billionaire Wake Up Call Girl by Annika Martin

5 out of 5 stars

Annika Martin has done it again. Her versatility of switching between dark and romcom is amazing. She’s one of my favorite authors and she proved why with this book.

You will laugh, cry, get angry, and so hot that you need a cold shower. I love the way Theo and Lizzy banter back and forth and slowly builds into full blown explosions!

He is determined to find the mysterious wake up caller, but she can’t let him know who she really is. Lucky for us Theo is the ever domineering alpha who ALWAYS gets what’s wants. And what he wants is that “operator. ”

This is another absolute must read from Annika Martin! You’ll be glued to your kindle until the end.

When my manager assigns me the task of finding a new wake up call service for our CEO, I think, how hard can this be?

Answer: practically impossible. It turns out that no wake-up call company in the world will take him on as a client. They’ve all had enough of his surly personality.

So in an effort not to lose my job, I secretly start making the calls myself, every day at 4:30 am sharp. OMG yes you read that right—four freaking thirty in the morning.

Confession: I’m not the nicest wake-up-call girl at that hour. Hello! Who wakes up before the roosters are even crowing? Luckily he doesn’t seem to mind my get-your-ass-out-of-bed attitude.

Day by day we’re becoming closer, and the calls start turning hot, like pay-by-the-minute hot and oh-so-wild. Snuggled under the covers with the moonlight streaming in the windows, we divulge our secrets to each other, but the one thing that he can never find out is that the sexy vixen who wakes him up every morning is just the lowly assistant who wears frumpy dresses. I can only imagine his disappointment.

Now he wants to take me out on a date and he’s scouring Manhattan to find me. He’s an overachieving billionaire bent on a mission. How much longer can I keep up this charade?

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Lizzie hasn’t even met Mr. Drummond yet, but she can already tell you all about him:

I’ve never met the notorious Mr. Drummond, but evidence of his assholery is all around.

The employees here are fearful, as though they’re expecting to be fired at any moment, or maybe beheaded. The environment is sleek gray marble and steel, like an elegant and slightly futuristic prison. No outside decorations are allowed, not even in the deepest recesses of your cubicle.

Even the outside of the building is unforgiving—a mod gray concrete bunker with rectangular windows arranged in straight rows. A study in harsh geometry.

Mr. Drummond doesn’t like decorations, my manager Sasha told me once. Vossameer is about lifesaving solutions, not party streamers.

I’d brought a giant tub of home-baked frosted cookies to share my second day, and people nearly fell out of their chairs. It turns out we can’t bring treats to share. Ever.

This is a workplace, not a potluck, Sasha said.

I’ve gotten good at sensing the jerky DNA of Mr. Drummond’s statements, and I’m pretty sure that was one of them. Same with the party streamers comment. It’s something about the sheer jerkiness of it, and also, how Sasha changes her voice to sound breathless and intense.

Everyone here is obsessed with Mr. Drummond. They seem to regard him the way the ancients regarded the gods that controlled the weather and plagues. Angry and vengeful, yet glorious. Never to be spoken ill of.

Also, nobody talks about Mr. Drummond without using the word “amazing” at least once. Maybe that’s in the employee manual somewhere.

Sasha’s obsession goes way further—more into awestruck love territory.

She speaks his name like she’s whispering hallowed secrets to the Greek oracles atop Mount Olympus—Mr. Drummond this, Mr. Drummond that. Amazing Mr. Drummond.

“Mr. Drummond is not the most sociable person in the world,” Sasha breathlessly informed me the day I started. “He has extremely high standards—for himself and for his employees—but his amazing breakthroughs save lives every day. The work we do to support him makes that possible.” And then she’d looked me deeply in the eyes and said, This is the most important job you’ll ever have.

I’d just nodded while making a mental note to stay away from any brightly colored liquid.

Meet the Author:

Annika Martin loves fun, dirty stories, hot heroes, and wild, dramatic everything. She enjoys hanging out in Minneapolis coffee shops with her writer husband, and also likes birdwatching at her bird feeder alongside her two stunningly photogenic cats, especially when she should be writing. She’s heavy into running, music, saving the planet, taking long baths, and consuming chocolate suckers. She’s worked a surprisingly large number of waitressing jobs, and has also worked in a plastics factory and the advertising trenches; her garden is total bee-friendly madness and her most unfavorite word is nosh or possibly fob. A NYT bestselling author, she has also written as RITA award-winning author Carolyn Crane.

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Review – The Proposition by A.M. Salinger

4 out of 5 stars
This novella was just one scorchingly hot read! From the prologue to the end, you’ll be consumed by the lust set off when these 2 best friends finally take the jump and get down and dirty.

Rhys has been pining over his straight best friend for 12 years! To cover his feelings and tge fact that he is even gay, he spends his nights with random men to scratch the itch. He has no idea that Wade is hiding his own secret!

When Wade stumbles drunk into Rhys’ apartment one night he sees Rhys masturbating and screaming out his name. To say that he is shocked is a gross understatement. He is pissed that his best friend has been hiding this secret from him all these years, but finally he can’t take it anymore. He takes matters into his own hands rather forcefully. You can imagine Rhys’ shock when he finds out that Wade knows his secret.

The rest is mind blowingly hot sex, but Rhys does have his insecurities that I can’t blame him for. How can his straight best friend truly be interested in him? Wade has to be the aggressor to get past these insecurities, and it’s hot as hell!

They call me the Charmer. My best friend Wade tells me it’s because I’m suave and mysterious. But he doesn’t know my secret. The one I’ve kept hidden from him for twelve years. The one I will never reveal to him — Rhys
They call me The Brute. Probably because of my physique. And, let’s face it, because I’m a total dick at times. So Rhys likes to tell me anyway. Thing is, there’s something Rhys isn’t telling me. Something I’m dying to hear from his lips. His sinful confession. You see, I know Rhys’s secret — Wade

Rhys Damon has spent most of his adult life watching Wade Tucker bed woman after woman, his dark desire for his best friend and business partner a secret he is determined to take to his grave, since he knows it will never be reciprocated. With their design firm thriving across two continents, Rhys finds himself content burying his heartache in a string of meaningless, casual sex arrangements. Until the night everything changes.

When Wade Tucker stumbles upon his best friend calling out his name as he pleasures himself, he knows his relationship with Rhys will never be the same again. A year later, the memory of what Wade saw is still branded in his mind and his feelings for Rhys have evolved into something he never anticipated. As tension mounts and the relationship between the two business partners becomes increasingly strained, things finally come to a head the night Wade follows Rhys and discovers him with another man.

After an explosive confrontation, Wade makes Rhys a proposition he can’t refuse: that they try things out for six weeks. Six weeks of exploring a side of each other they never knew before. Six weeks of torrid kisses and sultry touches. Six weeks of screamingly good, scorching hot sex. Six weeks of utterly losing themselves to one another.

But as the end of their proposition looms in sight, can Wade persuade Rhys that he wants more? Or will Rhys’s deep-seated fears stop him from fully surrendering his heart and soul to the one man he thought he could never have?

Discover Rhys and Wade’s wickedly intoxicating story in this sixth novella in the hot, contemporary romance series Nights by A.M. Salinger.

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That was when Wade heard it.

A moan.

The sound had frozen his feet to the ground. Heat had flooded his face in the next instant when he realized Rhys had someone with him. Someone he was evidently having sex with. Wade was berating himself for being an ass and had decided to leave Rhys’s apartment and go back to his own place when the moan came again.

It was louder. Breathy. Sensual. And most definitely male.

Awareness slammed into Wade with the force of a speeding train. He knew that voice. Had known it for sixteen years.

He moved then, his feet taking him unbidden toward golden light spilling on hardwood floor, his racing pulse sending blood thundering in his ears. As the hairs rose on his arms and his mouth went dry, Wade ignored the internal voice screaming at him that this was a bad idea, that he didn’t have the right to do this.

To watch his best friend have sex.

But overwhelming curiosity fueled by alcohol clouded his better judgement and Wade found himself standing in front of Rhys’s bedroom in the blink of an eye. The door was slightly ajar. He saw his own hand rise and push it open a few inches as if in a dream.

Wade swallowed as he acknowledged a staggering truth to himself in that split-second before he looked up. He needed to see. Was desperate to see who had elicited such a sound from the refined man he had come to know and respect. A man Wade had never been able to fully figure out, despite over a decade of friendship.

The sight that met Wade’s eyes had his breath locking in his throat and his heart stuttering in his chest.

Just like the rest of the apartment, Rhys’s bedroom was an elegant mix of grays, blacks, silvers, and whites. Dominating the stylish space to the right and visible through the gap in the doorway was a large, charcoal, modern sleigh bed which Wade knew faced a floor-to-ceiling glass wall overlooking a terrace and the city at the opposite end.

Everything blurred out of focus as Wade stared at the man lying atop the gray sheets. The naked man who was very much on his own and masturbating while he pushed a large, flesh-colored dildo up his ass.

Sweat beaded Rhys’s forehead and upper lip as he dug his heels into the mattress and thrust up, his hips undulating in time to his busy hands as he squeezed and rubbed his glistening, engorged cock while driving the lubed love stick between his thighs in and out of his body.

A tortured sob left Rhys’s lips as a spasm of pleasure shuddered through him.

The sound traveled down Wade’s body and straight to his groin. Wade stared, entranced, as Rhys writhed on the bed and pleasured himself. There was no shame. No guilt that what he was doing was wrong. That watching Rhys in this state was a vile transgression of his friend’s privacy. Instead, only one thought filled Wade’s mind as Rhys’s movements grew more frantic, his voice unrecognizable as he moaned and cursed and groaned out in rising ecstasy.

Rhys Damon was as sexy as fuck.

Rhys suddenly stiffened on the bed. He let go of his cock, grabbed the headboard behind him in a white knuckled-grip, and rammed the dildo into his ass once, twice.

Rhys climaxed on the third violent thrust, his spine arching off the mattress in a deliciously tense curve, his toes flexing in the sheets while pulses of cum jetted out of his flushed dick and struck his golden, sweat-slicked chest and stiff nipples.

Rhys’s breath hiccupped in his throat a second before he cried out, his face crumpling as he surrendered to pure pleasure.


Shock blazed through Wade at the sound of his name on Rhys’s lips. It brought him back to life in an instant, jolting him out of the hypnotic daze he’d found himself in. He stepped back from the door, turned, and headed rapidly out of Rhys’s apartment, more sober than he had ever been in his entire life.


Ava Marie Salinger is the pen name of an Amazon bestselling author who has always wanted to write scorching hot contemporary and erotic romance. In 2018, she finally decided to venture to the steamy side. NIGHTS is the first of several sizzling series featuring sweet, sexy men and women with dark pasts and a whole lot of love to give to the ones brave enough to fight for their hearts. When she’s not dreaming up hotties to write about, you’ll find Ava creating kickass music playlists to write to, spying on the wildlife in her garden, drooling over gadgets, and eating Chinese.

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