Review – Resisting Roots by Audrey Carlan 

 5 Gumdrop Stars!!
I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what kind of story this was when I first picked it up. It was a story written by the amazing Audrey Carlan. I didn’t need to know anything else to know I would more than likely fall in love with this story…the characters within. Resisting Roots, I didn’t know what it meant, until I dove in and read. Resisting Roots indeed. This is a story of two people, from very different walks of life who resist being tied down for different reasons. It’s a story of finding yourself. Hearts and heads are at war, in this non-stop, spine-tingling, pulling heartstrings, emotional, sexy book.
Genevieve is a 24 year old yoga instructor, hair stylist, and “single mom” to her brother and sister. She’s given up her dreams in order to take care of her own after a heart wrenching accident leaves them alone 3 years prior. Vivvie doesn’t have time for anything except her siblings and work. She’s put in a position most people aren’t put in at her age. I felt for this poor girl who had everything in front of her, to only have it ripped in such a sad, poignant turn of events. This girl is the epitome of strong, smart and beautiful! She took what had she was dealt and didn’t back down. She took on the role of mother and man-of-the house with no complaints. Family comes first.

Trent. Oh Trent, what can I say about him? He’s a wicked hot and cocky superstar baseball player. Every girl dreams of having him, even if for only one night. Trent’s happy to have it that way. He beds women for one night never having to see them again after, never settling down……Resisting Roots. A torn hamstring lands him in the hot-seat since his contract is almost up. He has a choice, work hard and recover before the new season starts, or risk not being signed again.

Genevieve =Yoga Instructor Trent =Injured Baseball Hunk

When Trent is recommended Yoga as a healing method, he is hesitant about going, unsure if Yoga will even help him. After all, Yoga is for women right? Ha!

That is until he comes face to face with Vivvie. The hotter than sin bombshell instructor. The moment their eyes meet you can feel a connection. The chemistry between them is hotter than hot. The sexual tension builds between the two during their daily sessions.

“I rubbed his head, temples, down the sides of his neck, into his shoulders, while dream Genevieve physically molested the baseball player in a private room, where I showed him another version of deep relaxation.”

“Genevieve, has anyone ever told you how ridiculously beautiful you are? It’s almost hard to look at you without reacting inappropriately.”

Trent never expected to grow attached to anyone, let alone their siblings. Genevieve is not like all of the other girls he’s bed. She’s kind and caring, doesn’t care for his money and doesn’t like to accept help. Genevieve takes their relationship for what it is. She doesn’t expect more that a fling because of his known reputation of having a different woman on his arm every night. She doesn’t expect it, but it doesn’t mean she can’t……hope.

As the story grows you can see the pull in both characters. The tug-of-war between head and heart.

“In that moment, as Trent kept me close within the confines of his safe embrace, I fell a little in love with him, even knowing he could never truly be mine.”

Yoga. Yoga plays a huge role in this book. Every chapter, there is a new pose and description of what that pose is meant for and how to do it. This book made me feel like I need Yoga in my life. It. Was. That. Good. If felt as if reading about the yoga and all of the benefits, and seeing how it helped the characters, that it could do the same for me. I’m not sure if this is what Carlan meant for it to do, but it made me want to sign up for the next class I could find!

This story had me all in from page one. I was immediately attached to the characters and their stories. I couldn’t put it down. There are ups and downs, highs and lows and I wanted to be right there with them going through their happy times, their turmoil. I wanted to be a part of it all. Carlan truly has a gift with her unique and beautiful writing style. This was my first read by Carlan and she did not disappoint! She was able to give me all the feels! The sad, the happy, and the hot and steamy! I can’t wait to dive head first into the next one!

“Like a tree that had taken root, my essence delved into the earth and found a home.”

Reviewed by: Denae