All I need 5 stars 
All I need is Book 4 of the All in series and a book that does not disappoint, each book can be read as a standalone but if you’ve read Callie’s previous books then Ian will have tweaked your curiosity… 
Ian, dark, broody, arrogant and closed off from the outside world, has his world turned upside down curtesy of the sweet, innocent yet feisty Annie. 
The story pulls you in and feeds your thirst and curiosity about Ian, there are occasions you simply want to reach into the book and slap some sense into him and oh my Annie the grit and determination that lass has when dealing with Ian’s sarcastic charms makes her shine, as the story builds you can feel the chemistry start to burn between the pair and their pathways become more entwined and the character development alongside the storyline is perfect, add some spice and heat and the quite little mouse finds her voice to tame the beast…. Can Annie bring Ian back from dark? Will they get the HEA and put the past behind them? Grab your copy today and go All in….
This has been by far my favourite in the All in series. Excited to see what comes next from Callie. 


“It’s just a job, how hard can it be?”


I was hired by his father to become his live-in caregiver.

It sounded like an easy job. But the day I arrived at his broken-down Scottish castle I started to realize it might not be as easy as I thought.


I was not told that I’d be looking after a dark, brooding, rich man mired in a world of pain.


I was not told that this man would push all my buttons and test even my strongest limits.


I was not told that he was devastatingly gorgeous with a wickedly, sinful mouth.


I was definitely not told that what I’d end up feeling and what he would propose would drive me wild. But I’m Annie and this is my new job. And damn it, I’m not going to let anything, even him, that gorgeous, sinful, delicious man, stand in my way.


You believe me? Don’t you?


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Callie Harper writes hot, fun page-turning romances. She is powered by coffee, wickedly sexy bad boys, and all things funny, intentional or otherwise. Born on the East Coast where she learned the joys of fast-paced sarcastic banter, she and her family are now kickin’ it in the West Coast sunshine. On any given day there’s a good chance you’ll find Callie outdoors enjoying the gorgeous Bay Area, but if she’s indoors, she’ll likely be reading, writing or eating, preferably all at once.


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Review – Unscripted Love by Aimee Nicole Walker

Oh Aimee! You have thoroughly rocked my world with Chaz and Kyle’s story. I had been anticipating this for a long time, and it held everything I hoped it would. 

Finally seeing Chaz happy was the best. Even Kyle perked up. These two have such amazing chemistry and it was good to see their journey to get their happy ever after.

But Chaz is holding a secret that may end them before they even begin. Of course, I loved seeing Josh and Gabe have appearances. Once again, Aimee has delivered another 5 star read.


Road to Blissville Series, Book 1



RELEASE DATE: 07.11.17


COVER ARTIST:  Jay Aheer/Simply Defined Art

Kyle Vaughn had three goals in life: become a vet, find the man of his dreams, and start a family. He easily checked off the first item on the list when he took over his grandfather’s veterinary practice. Too bad he wasn’t as lucky in love.

Chaz Hamilton took a leap of faith when he decided to pursue a career in writing, but one best seller didn’t mean he could quit his day job. All work and no play threatened to make Chaz a very dull man when the only romantic action he saw was in the pages of his manuscript. Too bad he couldn’t write his own happily every after.

Circumstances pushed the two men together, and one magical kiss beneath fireworks and stars changed everything. Kyle knew his luck had finally turned around and Chaz found a man far better than any book boyfriend ever written. There was just one problem. Chaz has kept a secret from Kyle that could ruin their chance at a beautiful life together.

Kyle and Chaz learn that the best-laid plans often go awry, the heart has a mind of its own, and the greatest love is unscripted.

The books in the Road to Blissville series can be read either as standalone books or as part of the series. This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for mature adults 18 and older.



Chaz stared unblinkingly into my eyes for several awkward moments when I arrived. Our connection broke when he took a deep breath and shifted his features into a mask of cool professionalism, but not before I saw the hurt in his eyes. Hurt? What the hell did he have to feel hurt about? I was the one who put myself out there, and he ignored me.

    If asked, I would tell you that my greatest personality trait was my patience and my laid-back attitude was a close second. I rarely lost my temper, but I felt my blood simmering beneath the surface that day. My heart pounded in my chest as fury rose inside me. I had half a mind to toss him over my shoulder and carry him off so I could kiss a confession out of him. I hadn’t mistaken the desire in his eyes when he looked at me nor had I imagined the sparks that flew between us when our lips first touched. I just needed to find out why Chaz turned cold on me so suddenly.

    “Jazz is running a few minutes behind,” Chaz coolly said as if he spoke to someone who hadn’t experienced the pleasure of his tongue in their mouth. “Please help yourself to a beverage and a magazine while you wait in the reception area.”

    That little imp was dismissing me, and I wasn’t about to… My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of heavy work boots walking across the polished hardwood floor of the salon. It wasn’t a sound I associated with the classy salon, so I turned to see who was wearing them. My mouth dropped open at the sight of the sexy stud approaching Chaz and me, but I don’t think he even noticed I was alive because he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes off of Chaz. Was this guy the reason Chaz didn’t answer my calls or return my messages.

    My eyes raked over the tall, dark stranger with bulging biceps and perfect pecs straining the fabric of his white T-shirt that was three sizes too small. His tool belt hung low over jeans much too tight to wear while constructing anything but wet dreams.

    “Hi Andy,” Chaz said cheerfully. “How’s it going?”

    I didn’t care if Andy constructed orphanages in third world countries in his free time; I hated his fucking guts because of the way he looked at Chaz and the way Chaz returned his interest. Andy leaned artfully against the high counter of the reception desk and smiled at Chaz.

    “It could’ve been better,” Andy said. “A certain someone could’ve joined me for a drink like I asked.”

    Chaz laughed uneasily and darted a glance in my direction to judge my reaction. I thought the soft blush that bloomed across his cheeks was adorable and wished that I was the one who put it there. His eyes widened when they met mine, and he licked his bottom lip nervously. Could he sense how angry I was right then? Was anger even the right emotion? It felt more like… jealousy. I could feel that I wasn’t the only one who had ideas what Chaz could do with his sexy tongue. I turned to face my new nemesis.

    “I don’t believe we’ve met yet,” I said to the newcomer. “I’m Dr. Kyle Vaughn.” Even to my own ears, I sounded a bit pretentious, but I couldn’t take it back once the words left my mouth. I extended my hand to him, which he accepted in a vice-like grip.

    “Andy Mason,” he told me. “Carpenter.” I could tell he wasn’t impressed by my title and didn’t like the possessive gleam he saw in my eyes. I narrowed my eyes as the beefcake squeezed my hand harder instead of releasing it.

    “Guys,” Chaz said, trying to interrupt the standoff between us. We ignored his attempts and continued to stare one another down like two MMA fighters at the press conference before fight night. “Andy.” The flirty way Chaz said Andy’s name penetrated the carpenter’s brain and he jerked his attention back to Chaz.

    “Yeah?” He asked, sounding hopeful.

    “What’s the real reason you came downstairs?” Chaz asked, his flirty tone replaced with a professional one. “As flattering as it would be, I’m pretty sure you’re a man on a mission.”

    “I’m a multitasker,” Andy boasted.

I am a wife and mother to three kids, three dogs, and a cat. When I’m not dreaming up stories, I like to lose myself in a good book, cook or bake. I’m a girly tomboy

who paints her fingernails while watching sports and yelling at the referees.

I will always choose the book over the movie. I believe in happily-ever-after. Love inspires everything that I do. Music keeps me sane.






Bookalicious Babes Blog Exclusive Cover Reveal – Thirty Days: Part Three by BT Urruela

Bookalicious Babes Blog is proud to present the exclusive cover reveal for BT Urruela’s final installment in the SwipeDate Novella series!

THIRTY DAYS: PART THREE will release on August 4th!


Cover designed by Cassy Roop for Pink Ink Designs

Formatting completed by Champagne Formats

Editing completed by Jenn Wood for All About The Edits


When it rains, it pours.

Gavin is nearing the end of his thirty-day bet with Bobby, but finds himself in trouble, fighting against a mess of issues from both his past and present. Circumstances that threaten not only winning the twenty-five-thousand-dollar challenge, but also the relationship with a woman unlike any he’s ever met before.

With the help of Dr. Thresher, Javon, and Bobby, he’s finally rebounding from the mental illness he’s struggled with for years, but will these recent incidents cause him to relapse? Will the ghosts of his past rear their ugly heads and bring down all the progress he’s made? Or will he be able to push through the darkest parts of his life, and finally have the happy ending he’s always felt he didn’t deserve?

Find out in the emotional conclusion of the SwipeDate Novella Series.

Add Thirty Days: Part Three to your Goodreads TBR

TD3 full wrap


Preorder for Thirty Days: Part Three now available!

Haven’t read Thirty Days: Part One and Part Two yet? One-click now to catch up!
**Also available on Kindle Unlimited**

Thirty Days: Part One (A SwipeDate Novella)
Release Date: February 28, 2017






Gavin is a struggling writer with a complicated past, who’s reeling from the loss of the only woman he’s ever loved. More than a year after the breakup, he’s still suffering major heartbreak and a serious case of writer’s block. In an attempt to help him out of his funk, Gavin’s best friend and fellow writer, Bobby, sets up an account for him on the new dating app SwipeDate.

After a few unsuccessful dates, Bobby challenges him to thirty more dates in thirty days. If Gavin can complete the challenge, Bobby will give him a check for twenty-five thousand dollars.

Does Gavin have what it takes to complete the challenge? Or will the trials and tribulations of modern dating prove to be too much?

Find out in Thirty Days…


Thirty Days: Part Two (A SwipeDate Novella)
Release Date: May 9, 2017

A week into his thirty-day challenge, Gavin has unexpectedly found himself interested in two women he’s met through the SwipeDate app. As he continues with his best friend Bobby’s twenty-five thousand-dollar proposition, he finds himself drawn to both Sami and Megan, each unique and intriguing in her own way. While interest grows with the two of them, he’s becoming increasingly annoyed by the daily first dates, and the disruption they’ve brought to his life.

Despite the annoyance, Gavin finally sees progress in his recovery from mental illness and discovers a hope he hasn’t felt in years. An unexpected run-in with his past will test this newfound hope and threaten to crush the foundation he’s worked so hard to build. Can Gavin find the balance he yearns for, and a woman to love, while the circumstances he’s struggling with are still so fragile and raw?

Find out in Thirty Days: Part Two








BT Urruela was an infantryman in the US Army from August 2004 until February 2011. At the end of a year long tour to Baghdad, Iraq, his vehicle was hit by two roadside bombs, which took his right leg below the knee and the life of his commander. He was awarded a Purple Heart for his wounds, an Army Commendation Medal, and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He medically retired from the Army in 2011 and moved to Tampa, FL where he currently works as a Director and Brand Ambassador for VETSports, a veteran community sports nonprofit he co-founded in 2012. He also conducts motivational speeches, works as a cover and fitness model and he’s a personal performance trainer. He co-wrote the novel ‘A Lover’s Lament’ with author KL Grayson in 2015. He released his first solo novel, ‘Into the Nothing’ in June 2016, ‘Wicked Little Words’ with author Stevie J. Cole in October 2016, ‘Alphas & Fairytales: A New Year’s Eve Anthology’ and ‘Into the Blood’ in December 2016 and ‘Thirty Days: Part One’ in February 2017. He lives in Tampa with his dogs, Kiko and Scout, and is writing full-time. (Author photo by Christopher John of CJC Photography)

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Review – SIN by Emma Hart

SIN by Emma Hart 

Sexy, sinful, seduction….

Every single page of this book seduces the reader, seduced me, to a place filled with intensity and passion. Lust BURNS through this book so hot. Sin is raw and sexy and I powered through this book, highly addicted to the words laid out so visibly, so perfectly. 

Emma is a master at writing formidable alpha males. But she’s also a master at writing formidable alpha FEMALES! All of Emma’s heroines are always strong, sassy, independent women who can hold their own over a dominating, powerful man, and Dahlia was no different! I loved her sass and her spark, I loved her honesty and her wit. She rocked this book and rocked Damien’s world! 

Damien of course was just PERFECTION. A total a-hole but a loveable, cocky, sexy one. He made my heart go pitter patter and made my stomach feel like it was a club dancefloor. While I needed a trip to the Arctic to cool down from his dirty, DIRTY month. *sighs* He was perfect!!!!

Damien & Dahlia together are FIYAH. I cannot even begin to describe just how HOT these two are. Imagine a HUGE bonfire. Now add loads of fuel until it pops, bangs, grows and then explodes and THAT will only be half of it. It’s not even just the sex that’s hot in this book. it’s the rip-roaring connection the characters have that ramped this read. It was the INCREDIBLE, banter that made me sweat and swoon and that stoked my fire hotter. It was EVERYTHING! 

SIN, was SENSATIONAL. A sexy  seductive treat wrapped in the most delicious of packages. 

5 SINful stars!

New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart, brings the heat and heart in a brand-new series of sexy standalone novels, starting with SIN

Damien Fox lived up to his name.
Cunning, sly, and dangerous, fifty percent of Vegas’ strip clubs were his.
Whatever he wanted, money, attention, women, he got.
And now he wanted to buy my bar, no matter the cost.
I wanted him to go to hell on a first-class ticket.
He played a dirty game, and I followed his rules. I let him think he would win.
Despite our differences, it was clear to see that we were no more than two broken hearts colliding in the darkness.
Closed off, sexy, and holding a pain that would crush a lesser man, he was the ultimate sin.
One I couldn’t deny myself, even though I knew better than to trust a fox…

(SIN is book one of the Vegas Nights series. Each book in this series is a standalone novel.)

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Review – Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon

My rating is 5 out of 5 Stars

I loved every bit of this story, beginning to end. Jessica immerses us in a world of friends to lovers, exes who have damaged the other, sweetness and angst. I held my breath for the last few chapters. I had to know how things were going to work out. It turned out perfect and all the angst to get to that place was perfect.

Jackie’s ex husband cheated on her and she has pretty much sworn off men. She has become best friends with Vince after his failed marriage as well. When this perfectly hot male specimen runs by her office window everyday, Vince encourages her to ask him out. This is his way of getting his shot with her, by picking up the pieces.
Vince agrees to coach her through dating as his own way of creeping in there and taking up residence in her heart. The plan could very well back fire but he takes his chances.
This was overall a great book, and I look forward to more by this author.

Jacqueline: As an adult woman–and the vice president of a marketing firm–I shouldn’t be waiting by my office window to ogle the mystery man who jogs by every morning at 11:45. Sure, he’s a gorgeous, perfect specimen of the human race, but I can’t bring myself to hit on a total stranger. However, my best friend-slash-colleague Vince Carson thinks I should do more than talk to the guy. In fact, he’s borderline obsessive about “getting me laid.” (His words.) But the more time we spend together, the more it’s clear: The one I’m falling for is Vince.
Vince: Jackie Butler’s got it bad for some pompous, over-pumped A-hole who struts his stuff past her window. That doesn’t bother me. I know she deserves nice things. What does bother me is that she friend-zoned me big-time last year, so I can’t ask her out myself. But what if I set her up with Mr. Steroids? Then, when he breaks her heart, I can swoop in and save her like the nice guy I am. Everything’s going according to plan . . . until we share a ridiculously epic kiss. And suddenly anything is possible.







A former job-hopper, Jessica Lemmon resides in Ohio with her husband and rescue dog. She holds a degree in graphic design currently gathering dust in an impressive frame. When she’s not writing about super sexy heroes, she can be found cooking, drawing, drinking coffee (okay, wine), and eating potato chips. She firmly believes God gifts us with talents for a purpose, and with His help, you can create the life you want. 



Twitter: @lemmony

Review – When I Need You by Lorelei James 

When I Need You by Lorelei James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is nothing more exciting as meeting a new or new-to-me author’s words for the first time. It’s a HUGE HIGH like no other! Lorelei James’ writing is a fierce fusion of sugar and spice. CAPTIVATING and CHARMING, When I Need You hits the heart and blazes the body where you can’t help but MELT.

Jensen is PERFECTION!!! He is one HOT Swede who I pictured as Thor!!! His delicious dirty mouth is HEAVENLY!!!

“I am very, very good with my hands.”

This football star is an all alpha with a huge heart. You can’t help but FALL HARD for Jensen!

“I look at you, but I don’t always see you, Rowan.”

I found it hard to breathe.

Rowan is a strong heroine, so beautiful and brave. This single mama is a warrior woman: selfless and sweet. She is the perfect complement to Jensen.

The chemistry between Jensen and Rowan was palpable. This couple was on fire! Together, they were MAGNETIC!

I tasted the soft feminine flesh that glistened just for me. I demonstrated what every shudder, sigh, and gasp meant.

When I Need You is a SLOW BURN, a simmer of smolder, sweetness, and swoon. This sports romance made my heart dance! When I Need You is a tender and touching football fairytale. You can’t help but feel this story’s spell while reading.

“Now that I’ve had a taste of you?” I want more. I want it all.”

💋💋💋💋 sweet and simmering kisses 

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Rules are tossed aside when a pro football player join forces with a spitfire cheerleading coach in New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James’s brand-new romance…

Heir to Lund Enterprises and ladies’ man Jensen “The Rocket” Lund has three conditions when it comes to dating: 

1) No single mothers

2) No cheerleaders

3) No medical personnel

So it makes no sense that he’s wildly attracted to Rowan Michaels, who breaks all three.

Rowan Michaels didn’t pass the rigorous requirements to become an athletic trainer and Vikings cheerleader in the hopes of landing a pro athlete: been there, done that, and she has a young son as proof that football players and fidelity don’t go hand in hand. When Rowan learns her new neighbor is Jensen Lund, the smoking-hot tight end who takes being neighborly to a whole new level, she’s grateful for the team’s strict “no fraternization” policy because the sexy man defines temptation. 

But Jensen is intent on rushing straight to the goal line to prove to Rowan he’s much more than just a player…on and off the field. (less)








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Review – Stubborn as a Mule by Juliette Poe

Stubborn as a Mule by Juliette Poe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I finally met Author Sawyer Bennett’s alter ego, Juliette Poe, and oh was this a different side of Sawyer! Where Sawyer Bennett’s books are hot and heated, Juliette Poe’s are more sensual, soft, and slow. Juliette Poe’s latest sensation transports you to the sweet, small-town South where tradition, history, grace, manners, and more rule. Stubborn as a Mule is SASSY and SWEET SOUTHERN GOODNESS!!!

Beautiful Meli is a wealthy New Yorker relocates to a small North Carolina town to chase down her past and slow down her life. I loved her smartness and sass!

Meli never thought she’d encounter a roadblock and very unwelcoming party in the form of hot, Southern man candy, Lowe. I could not help but chuckle at their heated and humorous banter. Meli and Lowe are Yankee ice meets Southern heat who MELT together!

What’s not to like about a man who shuts a woman up with his lips?

These opposites can’t help but attract, and oh did connection ignite like fireworks! 

“What are you interested in?”

“Not what,” he says without pausing in his stride or looking back at me. Yet, his words are meant only for me as he adds on, “Who.”

Lowe, this Southern gentleman, made me both blush and swoon! I LOVED Lowe!!! I could not help but read his lines with a Southern accent, one way stronger than my slight one.

Stubborn as a Mule SWEPT ME AWAY! I LOVED the softer side of Sawyer Bennett writing as Juliette Poe. ENCHANTING and ENDEARING, this love story is the perfect Summer romance! Stubborn as a Mule is a SLOW BURN of SASSY and SWEET SOUTHERN GOODNESS!!! This Southern gal approves!!! ❤️

“I don’t question what we’ve got, only what we’re going to do with it. And I’m here to tell you, we’re going to do something with it.”

💋💋💋💋 sweet Southern kisses

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Down in Whynot, NC, there are three things that hold true: 1) life moves just a little bit slower, 2) family means everything, and 3) you don’t mess with history.
 When his family decides to sell a home that’s been part of their history for over a century, Lowe Mancinkus is madder than a hornet. To add insult to injury, the woman who purchased it is some fancy pants, city girl looking to fix it up and sell it off. Doesn’t matter that she’s sexy as hell or that just being near her gets his blood racing like never before. That home belongs to his family, or at least it did until she came to town.

Well that just won’t do, now will it?

From the moment that she laid eyes on the historical home in rural North Carolina, Melinda Rothschild knew Mainer House was something special. The perfect escape from life in New York City, Melinda signed the papers and set to work restoring the house to its natural beauty. That is until an angry Lowe showed up on her doorstep one day. With a scowl on his handsome, chiseled face. And a shotgun in his strong, muscular arms.

Is it getting hot in here?

Melinda’s about to get a lesson on life in the south, but Lowe is about to learn a lesson of his own – this city girl doesn’t back down from a fight.

The booming sound coming from downstairs causes me to sit straight up on the mattress that is placed in the middle of the master bedroom floor. I’ve yet to get a good night’s sleep because there’s a damn train that runs parallel to the town. It’s just two blocks over from the Mainer House, and it feels the need to blow its whistle around two AM each morning. This isn’t that big of a deal to most of the residents of the small town of Whynot, but to me… it chafes just a little because, well… I love my sleep.

I’ve been assured by the nice lady who runs Sweet Cakes, the bakery right across the street from Mainer House, that I’ll get used to it, but I seriously doubt it. Even the noise of New York City never penetrated my sleep the way a train whistle does, and I get a totally empathetic look from her when I stagger in for some coffee and a cheese Danish each morning.

I think I’ve slipped into a pattern at night where I now anticipate being woken up by that stupid train, so I’m not even able to get into good REM sleep. It’s probably why I shot straight up in bed at the banging that’s going on downstairs, although I can’t quite pinpoint from where it’s coming. A glance at the alarm clock sitting on the floor shows it’s 5:30 AM. It’s still dark outside, and I’m slightly—okay, greatly—confused. I struggle to process since it’s been almost two weeks since I came to Whynot and I’ve not had a decent night’s sleep since then.
Then it penetrates… someone’s at my front door.


At 5:30 AM.

Immediate anger flows through my veins, heating me up from within. Without any further consternation, I know it’s Lowe Mancinkus causing all that noise. It must be him because there’s no one else in the entire world who has ever been such a thorn in my side.

Flipping the blanket back, I roll off the mattress and wince as my knees hit the floor. Almost three decades of sleeping on a mattress, box spring, and a frame, and I can’t get used to being only a few inches off the floor. I’ve held off on buying any furniture for the house until the remodeling is complete.

Pushing first to my hands and knees, I manage to lurch upright and stagger out of the bedroom. Down the rotund, sweeping staircase to the main floor. I don’t even bother to look out the leaded glass panels on either side of the heavy wooden door—so convinced I am that it’s Lowe on the other side—that I fling it open without an ounce of worry.

“What in the holy hell are you doing?” I snarl as the breeze generated from the doorway swinging open so fast actually blows my hair back.

Lowe stands there in mid-bang, fist raised high and a diabolical glitter to his eyes. His eyes lock onto mine for just a moment before they drop and casually run down the length of my frame. I look down at myself and cringe as I realize I’m still in my pajamas, which in the sweltering South consists of a cotton tank top and sleep shorts that are really short. My hand falls from the doorknob, and I cross my arms over my chest as Lowe looks back up at me.

And why does he have to be so damned gorgeous? In ordinary circumstances, this man pushes all my girlie buttons. Tall, just enough muscle to be strong but not freakish, and that dark chocolate hair with bright hazel eyes that are every woman’s fantasy. I always have to remind myself he’s a nasty SOB who I wouldn’t give the time of day to… in ordinary circumstances, that is.

“I’m here to start work,” he says casually as he pushes past me into the main foyer.

“It’s five-freaking-thirty in the morning,” I grit out, not moving from the open doorway. I expect him to be walking right back out again.

Instead, he ignores me and moves down a wide hall beside the staircase that goes to the kitchen. With a growl of frustration, I slam the door shut and then stomp off after him. “It’s completely rude to show up here at this hour.”

He doesn’t respond and as I turn the corner into the kitchen, I find him rummaging through the cupboards. “Where’s the coffee?”

“I don’t have any,” I snap at his backside since he hasn’t bothered to give me a second glance since he barged in. “And I don’t like you ignoring me any more than I like you barging into my house.”

“Get some decent clothes on, and I wouldn’t be forced to look through your cupboards for nonexistent coffee,” he replies calmly, moving onto the next cabinet even though I’ve told him I have no coffee.

In fact, I have hardly anything at all here. A mattress, pillow, sheets, and blanket in the bedroom, some orange juice in the fridge, and towels in the master bathroom. Those are the only creature comforts at this point, and they’re enough to get me through the remodeling. I’ve been eating out almost every meal and this is not a hardship as that’s pretty much what I do when I’m back home in New York. One, however, can only eat so many grits and collards, although I’ll take them over fatback and pickled pigs feet any day.

“I would like to remind you…” I say in a voice that comes off far too rancid and nowhere in control. “That this is my house. I can wear whatever I like to bed, with the assumption I won’t have visitors until a decent hour.”
“I’m not a visitor,” he points out, back still to me. “But because you couldn’t take a little joke and had to run crying to Judge Bowe, I now have to work for you. I also have to keep my own business running, which means I have to work early and late. You need to suck it up, buttercup. This is your life for the next few months.”




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Juliette Poe is the sweet and swoony alter ego of New York Times Best Selling author, Sawyer Bennett.

A fun-loving southern girl, Juliette knows the allure of sweet tea, small towns, and long summer nights, that some of the best dates end sitting on the front porch swing, and that family is top priority. She brings love in the south to life in her debut series, Sex & Sweet Tea.

When Juliette isn’t delivering the sweetest kind of romance, she’s teaching her southern belle daughter the fine art of fishing, the importance of wearing Chucks, and the endless possibilities of a vivid imagination.






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Review – Well Built by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

Well Built cover

Review graphic

Ohhhhhh, mercy! This series just gets better with every single book. I cannot say that enough. Well Built was just incredible. This is the second chance love story for a love that should have been all along. It’s angsty, full of misunderstandings. It’s sexy and sinful. How can anyone deny that Kyle Coleman is absolutely divine? Ella Fisher certainly cannot. I devoured this sensational story!

Kyle and Ella were high school sweethearts. They had siblings who were very much less than perfect, causing a rift between the the Colemans and Fishers that ran way deeper than anyone ever imagined. When forced to take sides, Kyle chooses Chicago and Ella chooses her father. Fast forward ten years and the successful Kyle Coleman has returned to make his mother’s dreams a reality – at the cost of Ella’s. One thing hasn’t changed in ten years though – these two have unfinished business. There’s no being just friends with these two. There’s no mending the fences and just being neighbors. These two are a smoldering coal ready to go full flame. Kyle left once and no way is he leaving what’s his again.

When I started this one, there was no way to put it down. No way not to be drawn into this fantastic second chance. Kyle and Ella have grown up but haven’t moved on. They have tried to move past what they felt as kids but watching them recapture first their friendship and then their love was just amazing. Both are so devoted to family but with a two very different approaches, and who can’t love a man so devoted to his mother’s total happiness? I fell so hard. How could I not? This was another dynamic book by Carly and Erika. Now to see what Connor gets into…

Fantastic, ladies. Again.

Five City Boy Stars!


Well Built city boy teaser


When it comes to women, sexy, well-built Kyle Coleman has always been a lover, not a fighter. His one exception? The sassy, tempting, smart-mouthed Ella Fisher. Her family and his are sworn enemies, which make the two of them off-limits—despite the fact that she’s inspired some of his dirtiest, most erotic fantasies for years. But when the lines between animosity and lust become irrevocably blurred one fateful evening, their one night stand leads to a very unexpected consequence—that changes everything between them forever.

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As they stared at one another and Ella’s smile faded away, Kyle reached out and dragged the pad of his thumb along her soft cheek and didn’t hold back what he was feeling. “Is it selfish of me that I’m glad that you’re stuck in the city and here with me right now?”

​”No,” she whispered, not bothering to hide the longing and desire shining in her eyes. “Is it selfish of me that I want you, even knowing it can only be for this one night?”

​Another bold and daring invitation that was wreaking havoc with his dwindling willpower. “Ella . . . ” His voice was gruff as he watched her tongue shyly skim across her full bottom lip. “You’re making it so damn hard to be good.”

​”I don’t want you to be good. I really want you to be bad. With me.”

​She lifted her hand and touched the cool tips of her fingers against the hollow of his throat, then slowly, gradually caressed them down the middle of his chest, along his abs, and followed the thin trail of hair that led to the waistband of his boxer briefs and the hard length of his eager cock.

​He groaned, his chest heaving, and before she could cup him in her hand, he grabbed her hips and hauled her body up against his. She gasped, her eyes widening, but not in shock. No, they were fucking triumphant because she’d finally gotten what she wanted.

​Then again, when it came to Ella, she’d been his greatest weakness, and he’d always given her whatever she desired. Why had he thought this would be any different?

​He backed her up, and when her ass hit the edge of his dining table, he lifted her so she was sitting on the flat surface. Holding her gaze, he pushed her thighs wide apart and stepped in between, making sure she could feel every fucking inch of his aching dick pressing against that sweet spot between her legs.

​He buried his hands in her hair, gently tugging on the roots to tip her head back so she couldn’t look away. And Jesus, the need in her eyes, all for him, nearly slayed every last bit of his control. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, because he didn’t want her to wake up in the morning with regrets.

​She was already unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing, revealing the soft, delectable curves of her breasts, her smooth, flat stomach . . . “Absolutely sure,” she breathed huskily. “Just this one night, Kyle. Please.”

​It was that last word that shattered his resolve and had him crushing his lips against hers in a hungry, endless kiss while she desperately shrugged out of his shirt until it pooled around her on the table. His tongue swept over hers, the connection turning hotter, deeper, as he angled her head so he had full access to every part of her mouth. Jesus Christ, he wanted to fucking own her.

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Carly and Erika

Meet Carly Phillips:
Carly Phillips is the N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 50 sexy contemporary romance novels, including the Indie published, Dare to Love Series. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, the mother of two nearly adult daughters and three crazy dogs. Carly loves social media and is always around to interact with her readers.

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Erika Wilde (aka Janelle Denison) is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 contemporary romances for multiple print publishers.

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Review & Exclusive Excerpt – Elusive by L.A. Fiore 

Elusive by L.A. Fiore 

Earlier this year I read the works of a new to me author, her book blew me away and I cursed myself for not reading her books sooner. Since that point I’ve waited, not so patiently, for her next book. When L.A. Fiore revealed she was writing a book on Pirates, I was intrigued and also a little worried. I knew that there would be romance, but I imagined more along the lines of “fantasy”. What L.A. actually delivered in Elusive was a stunning, sensual story. A story that was SO REAL and blew all my expectations out the water. L.A. delivered a story so intense, so passionate, so EVERYTHING, that I fell deeply in love with it and never wanted it to end.

Noah & Willow are a phenomenal couple. From the very first time these two meet, an undeniable connection bursts from the pages. That connection builds hotter and hotter through every page. Individually Noah and Willow were complete opposites but fantastic leads in their own right. Both broken, yet both so strong. I loved Willow, she made me smile and believe and hope. Noah was just something else entirely. I mean, he’s BAD BOY, TO THE MAX! This dirty pirate was sexy, sinful, raw, gritty, passionate. An all round amazing alpha male, written to PER-FEC-TION.

Elusive is angsty and has a slooooow burn that I constantly seek in my books. The way the story unfolds and builds over so much time worked perfectly and built an insanely, vivid picture, so believable. Everything felt real and hit me deep.

LA, broke my heart with this book, she made my heart pound with this book. For every breath she stole, she breathed life back into me in stunning words and feelings. She made my soul shatter and yet, it was singing. LA’s words are brutal and breathtaking. They are also BEAUTIFUL. Every second spent reading this book was an escape. An adventure that I truly got lost in. LA writes like no other. Elusive is a book like no other. It’s a stand out read of 2017. A top favourite. A truly phenomenal read. 

6 “sail away with me” stars.

I didn’t set out to be a pirate.

Life for me was about surviving the ugliness that people knew existed but didn’t talk about.

I lived in hell.

Then I saw her. 

I knew I couldn’t keep her, but for just a little while I had found heaven.

Eight years later, I can’t get her out of my head.

It is a mistake sailing to her island. 

It is a mistake reaching out to her.

She doesn’t recognize me. Or maybe she does.

Closure, it is all I’m after.

Then my past comes back to haunt me.

She’s thrust into my ruthless world. An angel.

A romantic who has a journal that leads to a shipwreck and a lost treasure. 

She’s wants to find the ending to a love story that is over two hundred years in the making.

I want to help her find it.

I didn’t set out to be a pirate.

I didn’t set out to fall in love with an angel.

I did both anyway.

Elusive Excerpt

Text copyright © 2017, L.A. Fiore

All rights reserved.

    My eyes moved to his tattoo visible on his forearm. “It covers the scars.”


    “Can I see?”

    It was only the slightest hesitation before he worked the buttons and pulled his shirt off. The tribal design moved up his arm to his pec and around to his back. I had to look closely for the circular scars, one on his shoulder, two on his arm, one on his side, one near his collarbone and one dangerously close to his heart. It wasn’t a conscious thought when I pressed a kiss to each one. His muscles flexed under my touch then his body went very still.

    I couldn’t hold back the tears when I looked up into his face. “You could have died.”

    There was an intensity about him when he said, “You earned my admiration when you bought a pineapple for that little girl. You stole a little piece of my heart when you let me touch you that night on the ship and you got my respect putting yourself between my friends and a shark, but baby you just sealed your fate by kissing my scars.” He curled his spine to look me in the eyes. “You’re mine.”

    He let those words linger before he started for the door, pulling his shirt on as he did. I called to him right before he walked out. “I know you’ve seen the worst in people, that your experiences have

hardened you, but there are good people in the world. You’re not so hardened though, because you carry around my necklace, you carry that stone. Showing me that, you sealed your fate too. I claim you

right back, but please don’t break my heart.”

    He stopped for a second then disappeared, but I knew he had heard me.







Review – The Bars Between Us by A.S. Teague

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars

What a read. It’s almost like solving a mystery. You can’t put the book down because you need to know if you’re right about what comes next. Everytime I thought I had it figured out, it changed. I loved every minute of it. 
I love the fact that Grace is a strong independent woman despite the hand she was dealt in life. She is also the most kind hearted person ever. When her job takes her to a new location, she never expect hurricane Bronnson to head her way.
Bronn has had a tough life. He played the bad boy, wild child card for years. Then he grew up and was trying to change his life around. Then….boom. Here comes Grace.
These two have fire ans passion. They love fiercely and fight fiercely. They are about to be put through the biggest test ever when their worlds are turned upside down. 
That’s all I’m saying because you dont want the book ruined before you have a chance to read it. It was another 5 star read from A.S. Teague.

Today we have the blog tour for The Bars Between Us by A.S. Teague!! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!!

Title: The Bars Between Us

Author: A.S. Teague

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Bars Between Us:

I don’t have a damn thing in common with the beautiful rich girl who walks in to my bar. She’s southern class, fancy cars, and designer shoes.

I’ve got a drunk for a mother, a cheater for a father, and a reputation for trouble I’ve more than earned.

I look the other way, pretending I don’t notice how perfect she is. She wouldn’t give me the time of day anyway. Until she shatters that first impression and shows me she’s so much more––everything I never thought I deserved.

After a lifetime of being a disappointment, I want to prove to her that I’m better than my past.

We have one tragic thing in common, and the thread that binds us together will tear us apart as it unravels.

Are we strong enough to break through the Bars Between Us?

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A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.

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