Review Ratings & Requests

Review Rating Scale 

6 STARS – JUST WOW! It was exceptional, exceeding expectations, in every possible way

The six stars of superiority rating is reserved for special books or series, stupendous stories that surpass our expectations. These romances rock our world in every way with captivating, compelling, and creative plots; impeccable writing; unforgettable and captivating characters; and an engaging and extraordinary experience. These books blow us away. Off-the-charts amazing stories that are top reads for the year and/or ever. These are stories that we must own and ones every romance lover must read. Just WOW!

5 STARS – It was amazing

These stories are ones we absolutely adore, meeting every expectation we’d desire in a romance read. These stories immediately catch us, captivating from beginning to end. The writing is well-developed, the plot is perfect, and the characters are charismatic and compelling. Many of these five-stories are ones we would re-read, have to have on our shelves, and are likely to make our top reads list for the year and/or ever.

4.5 STARS – It was great

These books we love and cannot put down, and are almost perfect. Some small thing was missing whether little errors such as grammar mistakes, more descriptive writing, more passion, more feels…just more. We would have these on our shelves, re-read and definitely recommend to other romance readers.

4 STARS – It was very good

These stories we really like, but don’t love because some area (or possibly more) needs slight improvement such as a stronger plot, more compelling character development, additional dialogue, more detailed writing, etc. Overall, we are entertained and enjoy these stories. We would recommend these stories to friends, would likely have them on our shelves, and may re-read them.

3.5 STARS – It was good

These books we deem above average and enjoy overall, but they need improvement in either one major area such as writing, plot or character development or there are smaller but multiple mistakes in several areas. We can continue reading and overlook most of the errors as we are still drawn to the book whether due to compelling characters or an engaging storyline. We may recommend these stories to friends and may have them on our shelves, but would not likely re-read them.

3 STARS – It was okay

These stories are just average. We are only somewhat engaged. There are some elements of the book we enjoy, but notice significant shortcomings such as a too predictable or mostly weak plot, characters lacking in strength, compatibility, and more where we could not form a connection, and writing that was just average but needs improvement to detail, style, grammar, fluency, eloquence, and more. We likely would not recommend these stories to friends, we would not have them on our shelves, and would not re-read.

2 STARS – It wasn’t worth the read

These books are a struggle to read, but some small element or little part we enjoy engages us enough to forge through the story. Overall, though, there is very little driving us to continue reading. Multiple major elements are missing and the others are average or barely average: plot is poor, writing is flawed, characters are underdeveloped, etc. We would not recommend these stories to friends, we would not have them on our shelves, and would not re-read.

1 STAR – It was so bad that it couldn’t be finished

These are stories we loathe, so poor in every way that we almost always don’t even finish the book.

Review Requests

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING REVIEW REQUESTS as we are overwhelmed at this time with our workload.