Review – Mine to Have by Jade Sinner 

I have a frequent ADDICTION and the name is Jade Sinner. This spicy set of authors makes me want to sin HARD after reading their forbidden fantasies that are coming HARD and often on my e-reader. Did I say HARD?!? My mind is on my new and hot book boyfriend that this story delivered to me. Holy hot! 

Deliciously dirty, a bit dangerous, and oh so daring, Mine to Have is the ultimate forbidden fantasy. From the first few words, Mine to Have dives straight into the good parts. No background. No fluffy stuff. Nothing else needed. Just pure passion and heat. Heat poured from the pages right to me. Breathing bated. Thighs trembling. Body blazing. I’m was in serious sizzle land and I did not want to leave.

Oh Max! Six foot four of pure muscle and heat with dark blond hair and dark eyes. Sex on a stick. I cried Uncle a lot! 

“I had a life. A playboy reputation and money to burn.”

Max Bishop’s family perished in an accident and he got custody of his niece, Lacy. Blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful, and 11 years younger, Lacy is all grown up at nineteen with curves that would make Marilyn Monroe jealous. Max can’t help but notice that little Lacy is all grown up now.

“Macy’s an adult and right under my nose, almost literally. No longer a girl, she’s a woman with sexy curves and a way of taking over my every thought.”

Max wants a bite of the forbidden fruit. Did I mention that Lacy is also a virgin?!? Not only does Max want a bite, he wants to pop the cherry of the forbidden fruit. Wrap your head around that. Mine to Have is the ultimate tantalizing taboo, so twisted and so turbulent.

“I know that it isn’t just mine, not just my dick that wants to slide into her warm, wet cunt, because I can smell her desire.”

Holy HOT! Max’s dirty talk is delicious. I’m burning so much my body is on fire from this tantalizing tale. 

Forget the rules, Max is making this game and Lacy his, starting with her tempting body.

“Lacy gasps as I bury my face in her pussy, my tongue searching in and out, lapping her juices while they coat my chin.”

Lacy lusts for Uncle Max too though knows it is definitely tainted territory. 

“Having his tongue buried inside of me was better than any book or the way my own fingers feel.”

Now that Uncle Max has Lacy screaming Uncle, he needs to convince her to be his. 

“I know it isn’t right—she calls me uncle—but then again…maybe it is time to give me what I want. After all, she was given to me. She’s mine to have.”

Two romance authors bled into one power pack called Jade Sinner. Who is this Jade Sinner who’s hit the romance world like a storm with spicy and seductive little numbers that work quickly to penetrate with passion and pure pleasure?!? These short and sexy stories that Jade Sinner writes are automatic aphrodisiacs and my hubby reaps so many benefits after a book by these super star authors. This dynamic duo has banged out a short sizzling story full of forbidden fantasy fluttering in feels, and it would be a sin not to meet this team’s wonderful work. 

4.5 forbidden and fabulous stars

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I didn’t ask for any of it. I didn’t want any of it.

I had a life. A playboy reputation and money to burn.

But then it happened…all the things I didn’t want…

Most of my family gone—taken by a distracted driver.

My father’s multi-billion-dollar conglomerate thrust upon me.

And her, Lacy, my niece (sort of), in need of a guardian.

Here’s the moral of this story (the only one): life doesn’t give us what we want.

Or does it?

Three years later…Lacy’s an adult and right under my nose, almost literally. No longer a girl, she’s a woman with sexy curves and a way of taking over my every thought. I know it isn’t right—she calls me uncle—but then again…maybe it is time for life to give me what I want. After all, she was given to me. She’s mine to have.

**These characters are not really related.

Warning: This is a fun, dirty book about forbidden love with a predictable HEA. If you like that sort of thing, it’s guaranteed to make you grin. There’s no cheating, and it’s embarrassingly hot. We took a storyline that everyone has heard and pushed it beyond its limits. Then again, this quick read might not be for you, but if it is, we promise not to tell your secret.

If you decide to give Mine to Have a try, know you were warned!

Max will have you calling UNCLE!

Review – Trinity by M. Never


Review graphic

Trinity. Is. Stunning.

From page one to the delightful epilogue with all the juicy off the charts hotness inbetween, this book held me in the palm of its hand. And it never let go. I couldn’t set my kindle down for long nor did I want to! The story amazed me. Who would have thought that three strangers meeting for the first time in a dive bar could have such a perfect chemistry and an instant emotional connection? I can say I felt a whole lot like Jenn, Chase and Shane. I never saw this story coming either. And even now I am still stunned.

Jennifer doesn’t have much but she does have Pops and the Corkscrew. The run down bar gave her safety and sanctuary while the man running the business gave her love and a sense of belonging. But a new developer has plans for the restaurant on the beautiful New Jersey shoreline and he is determined to get what he wants no matter who he has to step on. With Pops so sick and with liens against the property, Jenn still refuses to sell. She won’t back down and she won’t give in.

Jenn never expects for her life to change the night that she closes the bar to celebrate the impending marriage of two of her best friends. Dark and light. Bossy and beautiful. Shane and Chance saunter up to the bar and into Jenn’s life. She feels a certain vibe from these two. She suspects that they are together – she knows that they are. But she never expected to feel such a raw sexual pull between the three of them. They never expected to finally find the one that would complete their relationship – their “prideful little pixie.”

I have never read such intense and intimate love scenes! The sex between these three… wow. I’ve warned other readers they’ll need towels, fans, an ice block or two and a significant other by the end of this book. I’ve never read MMF before this book and what an introduction it was. Shane and Chance were just… mind blowing. But these boys have a secret that could lose them everything they’ve always wanted. They work for the man determined to destroy Jenn. Can the Jenn see her way to being with them in spite of this? Can she get past what society may say about her taboo arrangement?

The story is short but M manages to pack so emotion, so much energy, so much hot and sexy in a just a few chapters. This little wonder shows her readers just how diverse M is and I, for one, can’t wait to see what other literary tricks she has up her sleeves. I’m a Jett girl, Marissa… but I certainly can be converted!



Five very well and truly earned stars!

Trinity wanton teaser


Two seductive strangers.
One scandalous night.
A trinity of temptation.

It was only supposed to be a single encounter. A night stripped of sexual inhibitions.

We were never supposed to become romantically involved.

But they were alluring and irresistible.

They were also the enemy.

Their company wants to take the one thing that means anything to me.

Now, I’m navigating a dicey path. Loving two men who can destroy me in a multitude of ways. They can shatter my heart, wreck my dreams, but worst of all, demolish the only place I’ve ever called home.


Trinity numbers teaser


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Review – Defending Hayden by L.P. Dover

Defending Hayden by L.P. Dover

After many months hoarding L.P. Dover’s books—promising myself I would read them—I was excited to finally meet this author’s work. With sports romance being one of my two favorite genres and football my top sport to watch, I was thrilled to pop my L.P. Dover cherry with the fast-paced and fabulous football love story, Defending Hayden. There is nothing like a sports romance to get my adrenaline flowing fast with fascination.

I lost myself in Defending Hayden as this tender and touching tale grabbed me, wrapping itself around my heart, where I did not want to surface until the very end. Pulse pounding. Eyes tearing. Heart breaking. Feels flowing. Heart healing.

“Time didn’t heal all wounds. The pain was still there, simmering under the surface.”

These words cut me like a knife as my heart bled for Derek McLaughlin, the NFL football linemen who lost his fiancé, his first love, and top cheerleader. I felt the pain pour through the pages straight to my heart as Defending Hayden captured all of me: body, heart, and soul.

I’m in love with Derek McLaughlin. This baller has a big heart. Add gorgeous looks to the sweet man and it makes for one perfect package. Auburn hair. Blue eyes. Tall, muscular, and a body built to perfection. Tortured from tragedy, Derek had his life shatter, literally, before his eyes after losing his fiancé, a cheerleader for his team, to an awful accident.

Derek now fights a war of demons, mustering the strength to win. He numbed the pain with lots of liquor and ladies, anything to try to forget if even for a little while. After Derek spiraled for many months on a path of destruction, it’s now time for redemption and rebuilding his life.

I had to believe anyone could be redeemed, and I was going to make damn sure I worked hard to achieve that for myself.”

During a chance encounter one night, Derek collides with a beautiful veterinarian, Hayden Hunter. Dark hair, green eyes, and a body made for sin, Hayden has been burned by love and does not want an encore performance.

Everything happens for a reason.

One chance encounter is a coincidence.
Two chance counters is fate.
Derek and Hayden meeting by chance again and again is destiny.

Like the flicker of a flame, Derek and Hayden’s passion permeates. A slow burn of a buildup. Strangers to friends to more.

“I wanted him to kiss me, and I knew he wanted it as well by the look in his eyes.”

Hayden and Derek swear they will just be friends as more is too complicated. Though their combustible chemistry may be the biggest complication of all. They can’t fight destiny because they will lose.

“What do you want from me, Hayden?”
“You. Just you.”

Oh. My. Swoon. I melted into a pool of goo, swooning all the way.

Love is sometimes a battlefield. The war for Hayden has begun with another player racing for the touchdown. Derek needs to realize that he deserves Hayden, then fight like hell to keep her before he loses the biggest game of his life: love.

“The world closed in around me and I could barely breathe. I’d never thought my heart could be broken twice, but it was split wide open.”

Defending Hayden is not your typical sports romance. It’s refreshingly raw and real. It’s a story of heartbreak and healing. It’s a tale of redemption. Spellbinding, sweet, and suspenseful, Defending Hayden blazes the body, hits the heart, and sends the soul soaring straight to a touchdown.

Defending Hayden held on to my heart, hitting it hard, and never letting go. This story infiltrated me with feels from beginning to end. Defending Hayden is a sports romance wrapped in sweetness and soul that stole my heart and soul. This game may be over, but the sensational season of L.P. Dover stories has just begun, and I can’t wait for my soul to soar with more of this author’s evocative and emotional writing.

4.5 soul-soaring stars

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No one’s tougher than Carolina Cougars linebacker Derek McLaughlin. But when a fatal car accident claims the life of his girlfriend, Derek finds himself caught in a destructive spiral of drugs, alcohol, and meaningless sex. But not even a string of one-night stands can ease the hurt. Football is all he has left. Then fate leads him back to the scene of the crash, and into the arms of a kind, gorgeous woman who sees past his façade to the man he once was . . . and can be again.

When a chance roadside encounter brings Derek into her life, veterinarian Hayden Hunter isn’t fooled by his bad attitude: All bark and no bite, he’s hiding a wounded heart beneath that gruff demeanor. And Hayden wants to be the one to kiss it all better. Soon they both find that a dose of passion is potent medicine. But when a hidden enemy lashes out at Hayden, Derek steps up to do what he does best: put his body on the line in the name of love.







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Review – Everything by Erin Noelle



Follow the second star to the right and keep flying and you will be transported to a place of pure magic. Pure magic written brilliantly by Erin Noelle.

Everything is a rock star romance with a forbidden twist. It’s filled with seductive, deep, intense angst, sexy scenes of love, lust and romance that just sizzles and pops from the pages..

Everett and Belle are a match made in heaven. From their initial meet they are explosive.. Everett is so sexy, so swoony, a sinful alpha and just WOW!!

I love rockstar romances. I love forbidden romances. Mix these two together and I’m a super happy bunny! I love Erin and all her books and this one is no different!


4.5 seriously sexy, better than good stars.



Music was was part of my DNA, pumping hard through my veins, resonating deep within my bones. Not surprising, considering my dad was a global rock star and my mom had the voice of a fallen angel.

With my twin sister by my side in our indie-rock duo, Singed Wings, we were ready to finally see our name in lights when we opened for the hottest act to sell out stadiums – Jobu’s Rum Summer Reunion Tour.

The life I’d always wanted was finally within my reach. All I had left to do was finish out my last semester of high school.

But there was one problem: Ms. Sloan, the new art history teacher.

The same Ms. Sloan I’d met as Belle, the sexy little pixie who’d captivated me at a New Year’s Eve concert last year.

The same Ms. Sloan who’d owned nearly every one of my thoughts since that night.

The same Ms. Sloan whose class I was in danger of failing.

With my dream gig dangling just on the other side of that cap and gown, all of my focus should’ve been on my school work and improving my music as I prepared for my big shot to rock the world…

But I never expected her to rock mine first… and to change everything.

Everything is a standalone novel. It is a spin-off from the Book Boyfriend Series.



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Review – You & Me by Veronica Larsen



OMG!!! I loved this! So much! I have only one problem, it’s just not long enough!! I want more! I absolutely adored this super sexy, quick read!

As a huge fan of Veronica Larsen’s books I was really excited to see her release these fun, bitesized romances. These short reads seem to be more and more popular at the minute and this one is definitely one of my favourites!

Samantha and Jackson are incredible! From the first meeting a fierce connection sparks that infiltrated me as the reader.
The chase that happens between these two is seriously seductive. Seriously HOT.

Know what I loved most about this? It thrilled my inner Greys Anatomy Geek. For a book to incorporate super sexy romance and a dirty, delicious Doctor I felt like I was in heaven!

As I said at the start of my review, my only problem was that was just not long enough. I NEED more of this delicious, sinful story. More of the fierce, funny banter that lights up this story. More of the red hot romance that sparks the hottest flame from these two. Just more!
I loved these characters, I loved this book, I loved Veronica’s words and emotions that make up her books. I loved it ALL.


4.5 sexy, perfect for summer stars!



It all started in the pouring rain. His wet shirt plastered to his hard body. My drenched hair strewn across my face. 

We bantered. He held the door. I found out his name.

And for a half a second, I fell hard.

Then the record stopped. Forget his quick wit, those biceps, and insanely disarming clear blue eyes. The sexy sonofabitch proved he’d be just another mistake. 

But Jackson won’t give up that easily. He’s determined to show me that opposites can not only attract, they can ignite.

Can he and I become an us? Or did any chance we had at a future already get washed away?




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Review – Unbelievable by Callie Harper



Unbelievable by Callie Harper is in fact unbelievable… how Callie makes each book she writes BETTER, HOTTER, MORE INTENSE I have no idea? But she does. Incredibly well.

I’m totally loving the full standalones as a pose to the volumes, Callie packs a punch with her writing and is fast becoming one of my top authors.

In Unbelievable we meet Colt. OH EM GEEE! He’s strong, powerful, passionate, a master of seduction and hello, holy hot alpha hero! He’s delicious, sinful, and super swoonworthy.

What Callie does perfectly is match these impressive alpha hero’s with sexy, sassy women and Caroline is quite possibly the best woman to match with Colt. The tension that brews between these two from the start is electric, intense and oh so sexy. From start to finish hilarious, witty banter causes an explosive, sexual tension to build that totally lit a fire inside me, pulling me deep into the story.

All this, paired with great adventure and suspensful twists, sees Unbelievable tick all the right boxes, push all the right buttons and illicit all the best feelings and emotions.


A stunning, sexy, intense 5 star read!



Throw together a billionaire CEO who always gets his way and a feisty environmental activist set on shutting down his latest real estate development, and you know there’s going to be sparks.

We all know opposites attract, but the kind of heat between these two is next level. Only an unbelievable set of circumstances could let loose a passion this hot. Like if the two of them got marooned on a breathtakingly gorgeous, uninhabited tropical island…

That spark? Now it’s a blazing fire…

NOTE: Unbelievable is a standalone hot adult romance. It’s the fourth story in the Beg for It series about the dominant, alpha males in the Kavanaugh family and the strong, sexy women who make them finally meet their match.





Review – Reckless Hearts by Melody Grace

Reckless Hearts by Melody Grace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” ~Erin Hanson

When I read a Melody Grace romance, I know it is going to be a special story. One that makes my feelings flutter. My pulse pound. My soul soar. A romance where my heart both hurts and heals its way towards happiness and that much anticipated happily ever after. Reckless Hearts is ALL THOSE THINGS. Spellbinding, smoldering, and sweet, Reckless Hearts is story of fast and fierce love that latches on hard and never lets go. A little bit reckless, a lot romantic, and oh so right.

Reckless Hearts embedded itself deeply in my heart from the very start, never releasing me until the end, where I did not want to let go. Passionate. Poignant. Powerful. Perfect. From the very first page of Reckless Hearts, I was transfixed. Transformed. Totally smitten.

I lived and breathed this soul-wielding and sensational story. The words are so detailed that they painted a vivid picture. I saw the quaint waterside small town. I smelled the ocean. I melted like a hot summer day. The characters’ chemistry and love radiated from them to me. I felt every word I devoured as this book, Reckless Hearts, breathed life into me.

“I am a modern woman, hear me roar.”

Deliah Morgan is a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed, and curvy spitfire who dishes out sass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She is strong and smart, and so fiercely independent. I LOVE HER!!!

One night while on business in New York, she meets a gorgeous dark-haired, hazel-eyed, tall, and muscular stranger who saves her from a disastrous night. A real-life Prince Charming rescuing his Cinderella. Impulsively, Deliah kisses Will Montgomery, a kiss she still tastes long after it is over.

“He’ll always be the gorgeous guy who helped out of a rough spot—and who kissed me on a rain-soaked street corner so hard, I forgot my own name.”

That kissing scene on the city street in the rain with Will and Deliah, strangers with sizzling chemistry is straight out of a Hollywood classic romance movie. Swoon! My heart pitter pattered with the rain.

“From the moment I saw her on the sweet that night with her whip-smart mouth, teasing blue eyes, and infectious laugh, it’s felt like we were always going to meet. It’s inevitable. And totally unforgettable.”

Sometimes you have to live for the moment. Grab life by the balls and shake it up. Will uprooted his life for a woman he helped on the street, a stranger, but whose kiss still lingers. Will is impulsive, intense, and invigorating…and I love it and him.

“The hottest man I’ve ever met just up and moved halfway across the country—for me?”

Deliah doesn’t do relationships and is thrown for a loop when Hurricane Will sweeps into town for good, threatening to sweep Deliah off her feet if she doesn’t keep them firmly planted on the ground.

“I was right there on the edge, ready for a push. And man, did Deliah make me fall.”

Oh. My. Swoon. Barely into Reckless Hearts, and I’m claiming Will. What man would uproot his life for a stranger he met on the streets of New York for mere minutes?!? I’m smiling as I’m swooning.

“The man’s a walking temptation—and I’m a girl with zero self-control.”

Control is slipping away for Deliah. The walks around her heart are crumbling as Hurricane Will is breaking them down, piece by piece.

“When you’re ready for a real man to show you what it feels like, you just let me know.”

Oh how is Will raw and real. As much as Will’s beautiful words shot swoon darts straight to my heart, his dirty words awakened lower places, causing some seriously involuntary thigh clenches.

“Oh baby, you’re going to have to beg a whole lot louder before I let you come.”

Oh dirty and delicious Will, I need you now too.

“You want me to talk dirty to you, sweetheart? Because I can do it all day long. How my cock’s going to own every inch of you, fill that sweet pussy until you don’t think you can take it anymore. But you will, baby, believe me.”

I’m. On. FIRE!!! Scorching from head to toe, Will’s words awaken my wanton woman.

“You’re going to be mine.”

I’m DONE!!! Those five words are the most poignant and possessive, so dominant and daring. I want to be owned by Will. SWOON. SCORCH. SMILE. 

Deliah is done too. Hot Hurricane Will has swept her up in his vortex, the tunnel of love. This handsome man with a huge heart and a magical mouth has turned Deliah’s carefully carefree life upside down.

“Just a taste isn’t enough. I need all of him. And I’ve never needed anyone before.”

Will has willed his way into Deliah’s life. Her head. Her heart. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been cheering so hard for this crazy couple. Though as much as my heart soars, oh does it fall.

“It takes two seconds. Two seconds for my new beginning to shatter, and the life I’ve been building here to crumble to ash.”

My heart is wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket and it is pounding with pleasure as Reckless Hearts has stolen it and every ounce of swoon from my body. Reckless Hearts hit my heart, striking me like a lighting bolt: fast, hard, and straight to the soul.

Melody Grace’s warm and wondrous words cast a magical glow, bathing me in a warm bath of nostalgia as they lit up the story with love, hope, and happiness. I LOVE how Melody connects her books of the past to those of the present, giving readers a reunion, a gift of former greats. This author’s stories always pull me into a vortex of intoxicating and immense swoon and satisfaction. Melody Grace’s powerful and poignant writing is memorable and magnificent, and all of her books from Beachwood Bay to Oak Harbor spark ALL THE FEELS. Simply unforgettable.

5 soul-soaring stars

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“When you’re ready for a real man to show you what it feels like, you just let me know.”

 It should be the offer of a lifetime: sexy craftsman Will Montgomery wants to rock my world, and boy, does he know what to do with his hands – and that filthy, delicious mouth of his…

Only problem is, I don’t believe in relationships. And Will has ‘boyfriend material’ written all over his chiseled, hunky abs. He was supposed to be an impulse fling, but now he’s shown up in Oak Harbor, NC, to put down roots, and he’s determined to make me com…mit.

I’ve been hurt before. Love always ends in tears and tequila, but Will seems different. He’s charming and funny, and did I mention that miraculous mouth of his? Despite all my better judgment, I’m falling. Hard. But can something this good turn out to be true? Or will old scars keep us from building a future together? For the first time ever, maybe I want to be proven wrong…

 A sexy, heart-felt stand-alone with a guaranteed happy ending from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

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Blog Tour- Into The Fire by Meredith Wild

Into The Fire by Meredith Wild

Genre: Contemporary Romance

********OUT NOW********

The Bridge Series follows Cameron, Darren, and Olivia Bridge, three siblings living in New York City. Desperate to break away from the crushing expectations of their wealthy and privileged and equally broken family, they carve out a new path together. But can they find real love along the way? 
Each book follows a different sibling’s journey and can be read as a standalone.
Darren Bridge is living a bachelor’s dream. When he’s not running into burning buildings with his crew, he’s training the flavor of the week at his brother’s gym. Few women have ever been off limits…until Vanessa. Smart, beautiful, and legs for days, she’s unlike anyone he’s ever met. Too bad he’s sworn to leave her alone.
Overworked with no end in sight, Vanessa Hawkins hasn’t had a vacation in nearly two years. When Cameron and Maya’s destination wedding takes her out of the office for a much-needed break, she finds herself struggling to resist her attraction to the best man. Darren is dangerously good-looking with enough charm to make any hot-blooded woman want to drop her panties and enjoy the ride, no matter how long it lasts.
When they return to the city, Darren realizes the single life has lost its glimmer. But with everything else on her plate, Vanessa doesn’t have room in her life for a man, let alone a player. Can Darren find his way into her heart and convince her that he’s worth the risk?
The Bridge Series follows Cameron, Darren, and Olivia Bridge, three siblings living in New York City. Desperate to break away from the crushing expectations of their wealthy and privileged and equally broken family, they carve out a new path together. But can they find real love along the way? 
Each book follows a different sibling’s journey and can be read as a standalone.

About the Author

Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of romance. Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband and three children, she refers to herself as a techie, whiskey-appreciator, and hopeless romantic. When she isn’t living in the fantasy world of her characters, she can usually be found at

Other Books in the series:

On My Knees (The Bridge Series #1)

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Review Tour – Dirty Sexy Cuffed by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

CUFFED cover

Review graphic

Oh Levi…

This has been, for me at least, the most anticipated book in the Dirty Sexy series. Levi was also the mysterious Kincaid brother. Quiet. Intense. Very self controlled and self contained. He was a beat cop. He had no vices that we saw. No drinking, no drugs, nothing that would label him the inked bad boy or the revered saint. But it’s the quiet ones that can get a girl into the most trouble.

Sarah Robins has had her fair share of hard times. Losing her entire family in a house fire. A childhood filled with abusive or emotionally distant foster homes. Bad relationship decisions based on past pain lead to a relationship that put her in danger. Now she was on the run working a dead end job at a convienence store and living in a disgusting pay by the week motel. The one bright spot in her life – Officer Levi Kincaid. Sarah finds herself drawn to the handsome cop and she was sure he felt something for him too. One night will change everything for them. But no matter what Sarah knows that she has to leave Levi behind and leave Chicago before it’s too late.

He has to be in control, has to stay in control – even in the bedroom. Levi Kincaid is certainly very alpha and very sexy. Some of the dirty things that come out of Levi’s mouth! Wow! But as the relationship progresses, Levi has to learn to trust and let Sarah lead. He finds that he doesn’t want to lose her. At the same time, Sarah has to learn to trust Levi with her heart and all the pain that she has endured from childhood. This is the story of two damaged souls searching for a way to heal each other. They shared a similar past – the loss of family, the drive to be the “good one” so they wouldn’t be taken away. It was heartbreaking seeing just how the past effected their budding relationship but just as amazing to see two find solace with each other. And boy, was it STEAMY!

This series has been the best reading experience! Three sexy brothers… the responsible one, the bad boy and the silent one. If Carly and Erika wanted to end the series in style, then they certainly could have. But then, there’s that epilougue and a cliffhanger that set this reader on her ear! I cannot wait for Sexy Dirty Sinner.

FANTASTIC, Carly and Erika!


5 Absolutely Incredible Kisses!

Dirty Sexy Cuffed teaser 1


As a cop, Levi Kincaid is all about discipline and control . . .in the bedroom, and out of it, and he’s always been very careful about choosing women who abide by his rules.  Hot sex and intense pleasure?  No problem.  Emotional commitment and forever promises?  No way.  But he never anticipates falling for a blue eyed angel who makes him want to cuff her to his bed and do dirty, sexy things to her.  And that control of his?  It doesn’t stand a chance against Sarah Robins, the one woman he can’t resist . . .


Dirty Sexy Cuffed teaser 5


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Review – Stripped Bare by Emma Hart




This book!! OMG!! I LOOOOOVE Emma Hart, her books are like the world’s best baked cupcake. So beautiful, so delicious, so AMAZING. Each and every time I read a book of Emma’s, I fall in love, super hard!

Stripped Bare, is now probably my favourite book of Emma’s. The whole journey is electric. Full of feels and sexy sensations that just come to life. Jump out, off the page and play out, clear as day, before your eyes.

Words, phrases, sentences, Emma’s comedic whit, and deliciously dirty talking characters just MAKE THIS BOOK! Seriously, everything gels together. Everything flows. Everything makes sense and I just loved being able to float away and get lost in this book.

West and Mia.
OMG. The connection. The chemistry. These two are so hot and super, SUPER sexy! While reading Stripped Bare these two lit a fire so bright I burnt up. I was left gasping. I need more, I want more. I don’t think I’d ever get enough.
From the first time these characters meet to the very last page these characters devoured me and practically held me hostage. Stealing my love from me. 

Once again, Emma proves why she is a Bestselling author! And I’m sure this book will be another hit!


5 sizzling, sexy, stripper stars!!



What do you get when you mix a bachelorette party, the queen of dating disasters, and a stripper so hot he was forged from the fires of hell? Screwed. You get screwed….

Cocky. Commanding. Powerful. Relentless.
Those four words all summed up West Rykman perfectly.
So did filthy, dirty, sexy, and addictive.
He was supposed to be my one night stand…not my new marketing client.
He was definitely not supposed to be back inside my pants, not that anybody told him that.
I knew one thing: What West Rykman wanted, West Rykman got.
And he wanted me.

What happens in Vegas… might just make you stay.



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