Review – Fastball by A.M. Hargrove & Terri Laine

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Fastball by Terri E. Laine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Life is a baseball game. When you think a fastball is coming, you got to be ready to hit the curve.” ~Jaja Q

Sitting in the stands watching your favorite baseball team play is a high that dives off the diamond straight to you as the energy engulfs the air. The fans are engaged and intently watching the players with baseball greats in tight pants an added bonus. Adrenaline courses through your veins as you hope your team wins. You can’t help but feel alive. Fastball, the new baseball book from A.M. Hargrove and Terri Laine, made me feel alive and oh did I love this rush of a romance!

Fastball began with a blast of heat—a bang to my body—that had my body clenching and my heart racing after just three pages. I was captivated. I was claimed. I was caught. This Fastball swiftly shot me with a dual dose of desire and delight—emotions emerging like a ball knocked out of the park—where every ounce of me was engaged. I WAS ALL IN AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Beautiful Gina Ferraro is independent, a bada$$, a bit crass, rides a Harley, and doesn’t do relationships. She is a no-strings-kind-of-gal. When she needs a man, it’s a bang-and-bolt deal. Except one hot night she banged the panty-melting pitcher for the Carolina Cougars, Ryder Wilde, and then bolted. She doesn’t want to still want Ryder but she does.

“We had sex. It was good. I’m not interested in more.”

“You know what I think? I think you want me to f^@k you again because you can’t get enough. I think you’re afraid you might get addicted to my d#@k.”

This short and spicy story has already spellbound me. I could not help but devour every decadent word. The heat poured from these pages straight to me as I melted me into a pool of mush. I fell in insta-love with Ryder; his deliciously dirty mouth was icing on the cake.

“What? I can f^@k you, but I can’t kiss you?”

“Something like that.”

“Not in my world.”

Women throw themselves at Ryder like spiraling baseballs, fast and furiously. He has never wanted to get to know any of them beyond one steamy night. None of these women mattered…until the sassy and sexy Gina turned his life…his world…upside down.

“This will never work.”

“What do I have to do? Screw your brains out until you get it through your thick scull that we are going to do this?”

Fastball Teaser 2.png

BOOM. I’m a goner. I’m in LOVE WITH RYDER. A quarter into the book and my insta-love has turned into mad love. Just like that, my steam turned into swoon as this hot man with a huge heart now made me sigh softly over his sweetness. THIS MAN IS PURE PERFECTION. Ryder is so perfect that Gina thinks he’s too perfect for her.

Ryder knows Gina feels that combustible chemistry surging through them. Gina is strong, witty, natural, beautiful and speaks her mind, and Ryder can’t let her go.

“What do you want from me?”

Gina’s painful past has scorned her, making her seek constant control. Guarding her heart from the pain is the only option for survival.

“I would gift you the stars just to see them twinkle in your eyes because you’re more than this, Gina. More than the sum of your experiences.”

Fastball Teaser.pngI swooned. I cried happy tears and sad tears. This sexy baseball book bled into so much more.

A painful past pours down on Gina like a storm, haunting her head and threatening her future. A relationship may only be a dream as she only knows how to guard her heart; not open it to risk and risk it all.

“The only thing I doubt right now is that I might have let the best man who ever entered my life walk out my door.”

Fastball is a fire-hot and fresh romance full of feels. This sports sensation seduced me from the start with an amusing and addicting storyline, raw and real characters with whom I could not help but fall in insta-love, and a fastball of feels I never expected. I laughed, smiled, and cried both happy and sad tears as my emotions entangled into this tender tale. THIS LOVE STORY IS THE WHOLE PACKAGE.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH FASTBALL. What started as a fun and flirty romance filled with heat became one that hit my heart hard where my feels flowed all over the field. Fastball hit a home run in a story that belongs in the big leagues. I’m not ready for this game to be over.

“You have to hit the fastball to play in the big leagues.” ~Ted Williams


4.5 delicious and dazzling diamonds (because baseball)

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Our relationship starts off like a bad joke.

A gorgeous guy walks into a bar and says to me, “Do you want to F#ck?” and damn if I don’t say yes.

And that should have been it—the punch line.

We never should’ve seen each other again.

Only we do.

Turns out sex on a stick, Ryder Wilde, is more than an orgasm-giver. He’s a player. Not just any either. A Major League Baseball pitcher. And damn, I want to be his catcher.

Except he doesn’t want to play any games or follow my rules:
No relationships.
No falling in love.

Because he’s used to winning … and wants to claim me as his prize.

His mission is to own me, body and soul, no matter how much I push him away.

Powerless to stop him, I can only hope my heart isn’t another casualty of his fastball.


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