Review – Bossed by Sloane Howell

Bossed Cover

Bossed by Sloane Howell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off. The right pitch will come, but when it does, be prepared to run the bases. ~Rick Maksian

When your heart is still racing and your pulse is pounding after you finished a book, it’s the highest of highs…the best feeling ever!!! When an author bats a book out of the park, you CHEER loudly and proudly!!! Sloane Howell has upped the ante, and brought his A-Game out to play in Bossed, his BEST BOOK YET!!! Fire-hot and feisty, Bossed blazes with a lethal dose of heat and heart, hitting one hell of a home run!

As if I were at a baseball game, Bossed CAPTIVATED and CLAIMED me from the start. This story stirred up a desire—a hunger for more—that surged through me as I raced through the pages like a fastball. I was CONSUMED as Bossed became my breath, making me breathless. The brilliant banter in Bossed, a fusion of heat and hate, was both my adrenaline and amusement, and I could not get enough of this feisty hero and heroine.

“What’s wrong? You can dish it out but can’t take it?”

“Oh, I can take it. I just prefer an entrée. Not an appetizer.” I shot a glance to his crotch.

“I can assure you, there’s plenty to eat down there. And it looks like you’ve been starving yourself for a while.”

I could not stop laughing at these lines that were the best fusion of laugher, loathing, and lust! My heart beat out of my chest as the banter took control of every part of me! Utterly BRILLIANT!

If beautiful Jenny Jackson had known that Ethan Mason was so arrogant and annoying, she would have reconsidered working at his company. If only her new boss wasn’t so hot and hard-headed. If only her new boss did not throw banter like baseballs, hurling balls of fire at her for her to throw right back at him. If only she wasn’t so attracted to Mr. Power Prick. If only she didn’t fantasize about his pr–…

Ethan Mason didn’t want to hire the sexy spitfire, this hot librarian-like woman, but Jenny Jackson calls to him from her smarts to her sex appeal in spades. He doesn’t want to want his employee, but can’t help the raging desire that burns when Jenny plays this cat-and-mouse game as well or even better than him. 

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Miss Jackson.”

Those words, filled with passion and power, infiltrated me where I tried to catch my breath as my pulse pounded like a drum, anticipating what would happen next.

Temptation is tough to ignore as there is a fine line between love and hate, and Ethan and Jenny are towing that line…

His mouth was on mine and my hands were pinned above my head. I moaned into his mouth and he swallowed it whole, along with my kiss. His chest slammed into mine and I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see anything, vision blurry.

Now THAT is a kiss, the kind that is a full-body, passion-permeating, intense, and intoxicating KISS!!! Ethan and Jenny have a fierce connection—body to mind—with combustible chemistry. Together, they are fireworks ready to explode!!!

This game is not over until lines are crossed from forbidden to more. Forbidden fruit has never tasted so sweet. Will the boss and employee risk getting burned? Will this game end in a shut-out where only one player comes out on top?

Smoldering, sweet, and swimming with sexual tension, Bossed is ROMANCE BLISS! The heated banter bled angst and amusement, an adrenaline-filled high. My heart raced, fueled by forbidden love and feels. I did not expect the tears that fell from my face, emotions entangling around me like a baseball glove, waiting to catch me as I fell. Intense and incredible, this blazing hot baseball-meets-office romance INTOXICATED ME where I felt a FURIOUS RUSH!!! Bossed is ELECTRIC, a story that sparks with heat and heart from start to finish!

Bossed OWNED every ounce of ME!!! Bossed owned me LIKE A BOSS! I LOVED every enticing minute! Sloane Howell batted Bossed out of the park in a book that BLEW ME AWAY!!! I can’t wait to see what curveball Sloane Howell throws at readers next! 

“When I look at you, I can’t stop.”

★★★★★ home runs


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He’s the boss. But she’s ready to take charge.

In this provocative and sexy* office romance, a cheeky new hire tempts a hotshot sports agent to mix business with pleasure.

Jenny: Job interviews are a bitch under the best of circumstances, but when your potential boss is the world’s biggest prick, that’s when you should simply walk away. It’s just that I need this job so badly—and I’m mesmerized by Ethan Mason’s piercing gaze. Men like him aren’t supposed to exist in real life. But under the tailored suits and GQ looks, Ethan simmers with barely restrained ambition. And no matter how hard I work to fight the attraction, I’m going to get burned.

Ethan: You don’t become a top agent without learning how to close a deal. I always get what—or who—I want, by staying cool and in command. Then Jenny Jackson walks into my office with her lush curves and “screw you” attitude and blows away my intentions of keeping things professional. All I can think about is exploring the perfect body hidden beneath those conservative clothes or shutting her saucy mouth with one hot kiss. Jenny’s worth breaking the rules over—if I can convince her to break the rules for me.

*By sexy, we mean sexy. Like, 18+ sexy.



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Bossed Excerpt Reveal

Review- His To Seduce by Stacey Lynn

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars

What an incredible ending to an amazing series. Stacey has proven time and time again that she is an outstanding writer. I feel complete after reading this book. 

Cam and David are both on different paths in Life, though they are both running from their own demons. Can spends his time working at his friends bar and he can’t keep his eyes off the beautiful but elusive Camden. He vows to never give up. 

Sparks definitely fly between these two and it gets hot and heavy. Cam can’t promise him more than a weekend though. Her mind just won’t let the past go. Its hindering her relationships and future.

Watching these two go through different struggles in life and ultimately tackle them together is EVERYTHING! These were two lost souls who found themselves in each other. Such a beautiful story.

His to Seduce by Stacey Lynn

Publication Date: March 21st, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Loveswept

An honorable man who’s lost his way . . . A career woman who hides behind her button-up suits. Unexpected romance is the specialty at the Fireside Grill as Stacey Lynn’s captivating series comes full circle.

Becoming an ER doctor had been David McGregor’s mission ever since he could remember. But after tragedy strikes at his hospital in Chicago, David runs away from the guilt—all the way back to Latham Hills, Michigan, where he takes a job tending bar at his childhood friend’s restaurant. That’s how he meets Camden Reed, and the way Camden refuses to give him the time of day should be a turnoff. Instead, he’s drawn to her tough, tightly wound exterior, and soon David realizes that he has a new mission: to see her tightly wound beneath him.

Camden’s fighting tooth and nail to resist the desire she feels for David. Growing up dirt-poor, raised by a single mother, she worked twice as hard to get where she is today, and she doesn’t have any patience for the kind of guy who’d give up a decent paycheck to sling drinks. But when the sexual tension finally combusts between the sheets, Camden discovers that people aren’t always what they seem. As David pushes her past her limits, Camden begins to loosen up—and to trust that, when she falls, there will be someone waiting to catch her.


“Please,” I whispered, and leaned into his palm now cupping my cheek. His hands were strong. Long, tanned fingers that had made me think of naughty things like this for months.

In the darkness, I saw a flash of his white teeth. “I like it when you beg. When you need me.”

Tonight’s need was selfish. A moment to forget the loneliness. A moment to take what I’d been too chicken to go after for months even though it was right in front of me.

He’d been right before my eyes, flirting relentlessly and trying to break me down. Tonight, I was tired of fighting the pull I’d felt for him despite how wrong I knew he was for me. This was one night. A moment of wildness I didn’t usually indulge in, but who didn’t enjoy getting laid at a friend’s wedding? It was almost a requirement.

His hands dropped to my knees, spreading them wide so he could step in between them.

His fingers teased my thighs, running up and down my bare flesh until I shivered from the softness of his touch.

My eyes were half-lidded when I forced myself to look at him. I saw only his lust for me, and my heart rioted against my rib cage.

Damn . . . he wanted me. It was as thrilling as it was terrifying.

One of his hands left my leg and cupped the back of my neck. He pulled me to him until our foreheads touched.

“I want this,” he said, his voice thick and gruff. “Tell me you want this.”

“I want it.”

“Tell me you want me.”

I couldn’t. A long time ago I swore to myself I’d never be vulnerable again. I certainly wasn’t about to make that admission when all I currently wanted was a night of pretending and forgetting.

“Camden, I want you to know that when I sink into you, when I push your panties to the side and run my fingers through your wetness, this isn’t a one-time thing for us. This is the beginning.”

I shivered again. From his words, his promise—something I so desperately craved but was too terrified to take hold of.

I shifted my hips, pulling him to me until his erection brushed against my center.

“Tonight.” I gasped as he rubbed against me in the perfect spot. “It’s all I can promise.”

He chuckled, moving his mouth against my cheek, down to my jaw and my throat. “We’ll see about that.”

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About the Author

Stacey Lynn currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and four children. When she’s not conquering mountains of laundry and fighting a war against dust bunnies and cracker crumbs, you can find her playing with her children, curled up on the couch with a good book, or on the boat with her family enjoying Minnesota’s beautiful, yet too short, summer.

She lives off her daily pot of coffee, can only write with a bowlful of Skittles nearby, and has been in love with romance novels since before she could drive herself to the library.

If you would like to know more about Stacey Lynn, follow her here:


Twitter: @staceylynnbooks 



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Review- One More Night by Sarah O’Rourke

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a short read with insta love and a demanding alpha, this book is for you. We had a feisty independent heroine, and a a filthy talking demanding alpha.

Shaw has been checking out Waverlee at work for a week determined to make her his. She did everything in her power to thwart all his advances. Then finally she tells him just one night. That turns into One More Night.

Waverlee has trouble committing because of being abandoned by her parents. Lucky for her Shaw is unrelenting and won’t stop until he can call her mine. 

Crenshaw Jacobson met the woman of his dreams…and he was determined to spend every night possible with her. But Waverlee Armstrong was leery of commitment, having been abandoned by her family at an early age. She knew that she loved Shaw…but can she learn to trust him and spend just one more night?   Instalove *** Novella *** Standalone

Written as part of Fiona Davenport’s Sex, Vows & Babies Kindle World!

Shivering against him as she parted her lips to speak, Waverlee moaned as his tongue swept forward, stealing the opportunity to deepen their kiss.  And holy moly, the man could kiss.  And not just any old kiss either. It was the-steal-your-breath-I-can’t-live-without-his-touch-because-nothing-else-in-the-world-matters kind of kiss a girl spends her life dreaming about. Their tongues danced together for long minutes as everything else faded away.  The people.  The noise.  Everything took a backseat to the fierce passion Shaw created with a simple touch of his mouth to hers.

Forcing herself to find her voice when Shaw lifted his mouth from hers to take a deep breath, Waverlee flashed a furtive glance up at his darkened eyes.  “Wow,” she breathed shakily, clutching handfuls of his light blue dress shirt in her fists as the world seemed to spin at warp speed, “I..I…don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that before,” she whispered, the words catching in her throat as his finger swept against her lower lip.

“Then you best hold on real tight to me, baby, ‘cause I’m just getting started,” he replied, dropping his head to steal another deep, wet kiss from her lips as he curved one big hand around her neck, wrapping her silky hair around his fist and tugging gently.

What is the Sex, Vows, and Babies Kindle World?

From sexy stories with married couples fighting against outside forces to keep their happily ever after in the Sex & Vows series to unexpected pregnancies that lead to happy marriages in the Yeah, Baby series… the Sex, Vows & Babies world is full of over the top alphas, sassy heroines, insta-love, wedding bells, and growing families. Although the wide cast of characters in both series have managed to find the loves of their lives, there’s bound to be plenty more out there who could use Sex, Vows & Babies in their lives.  A creation of the fabulous Fiona Davenport, the Sex, Vows & Babies Kindle World is filled with creative stories from amazing authors who pay homage to the original books!

Check out all of the books in the Sex, Vows, and Babies Kindle World >>>

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About the Authors

Sarah O’Rourke is actually TWO besties who live three states apart and write at all hours of the day and night! Born and raised in the Southern United States, they are overly attached to their one-click accounts, can’t make it through the day without copious doses of caffeine, and spend way too much time on the phone with each other.

Between them, they have four children and twenty-four years of marriage.   They hate empty chocolate wrappers and writer’s block, love to talk to readers…and oh, by the way, they write about strong, kick-ass women and hot alpha heroes!

Contact Sarah today….she loves to chat!

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Review – The Storm by R.J. Prescott

The Storm by R.J. Prescott

Oh my gosh. My heart is SO FULL. And yes! Those are tears flowing from my eyes. Do I care? No. I don’t, because, this book, The Storm was just beautiful. So heartwarming and breathtaking. Full of heat and emotion. It was just fantastic and fully deserving of 5 stars.

“True love ain’t the passenger train that pulls up at the station so that you can board when it’s time. It’s the freight train that ploughs into you when you least expect it.” 
And that’s what The Storm did. It ploughed into me and stole my heart. I said after reading The Aftermath that I was desperately awaiting Kieran’s story and what a story it is. I’ve been on a one way train to Swoonsville and I never wanted to get off. Kieran was even more than I expected him to be. So fierce and raw. So passionate and loving. Everything about him just meshes together and results in one hell of a delicious, swoony, dirty alpha. Also, he’s HOT. Like WOAH MAMA kinda hot. *fans self*

His connection with Marie sent shivers through me. They are simply stunning. Loved them together. Their sweet and sexy worked for them oh, so well. They were just written to perfection. 
What I loved most though? Being back with the boys. Undoubtedly RJ has wrote quite literally one of the best bromances ever. Con & Kieran and their whole friendship, knocked my socks off. The loyalty and devotion they each possessed flew out of them in spades and just solidified my love for the Hurricane and the Storm. The time in the ring nearer to the end… FEELS OVERLOAD!!! 

And Tommy! Oh my gosh! I NEED his story. DESPERATELY. 

I genuinely loved being back in this world RJ Prescott has written so vividly. My heart and soul are wrapped up in it all. I never want to leave!

Marie Kelly is a survivor who doesn’t know when to quit. Against all odds, she’s living a life she never dreamed she could have. It was enough… until a stubborn boxer makes her want more. 

Irish charmer Kieran Doherty has been a fighter at Driscoll’s Gym for most of his life. He’s been content to let his best friend take the spotlight, now it’s his turn to make a name for himself in the world of heavy weight champions. Falling in love is the one thing he vowed never to do, but meeting Marie changed everything. 

It’s easy to imagine a happy-ever-after when the sun is shining. But when the storm comes, and all hope seems lost, they both learn that if you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to fight for it. 

The Storm is a full length boxing romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger and no cheating. Mature content means that it is intended for readers aged 18+.

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Review – Her Best Friend’s Dad by Penny Wylder

Her Best Friend's Dad

Review graphic

I was so looking forward to this story! Penny Wylder is certainly becoming the master of the forbidden and taboo… and I’m loving everything that she’s written. This is her first full length novel, and it did not disappoint. It was steamy, a lot dirty and just an all around fun read!

Lia is a starving artist and after losing her studio has to come home to live with her beloved father and wicked stepmother. Her saving grace is her very best friend Tasha. She’s her light in the darkness but then there’s Tasha’s father. The delicious and totally forbidden Beck Huntsworth. He is everything that Lia wants and simply cannot have. She’s always crushed on her best friend’s dad and now that school girl crush has become a grown woman’s desire. Still, Lia made a promise to her best friend to stay away from Beck… and that promise is getting harder and harder to keep.

Beck Huntsworth has watched Lia grow up to become a beautiful young woman. Smart, talented and in need of someone to love her and care for her. He knows that it’s wrong to want her. After all this is his daughter’s best friend! Totally forbidden but a temptation he cannot stay away from. He wants her, HAS to have her no matter the consequences.

When Lia is given the opportunity to work for Beck in his company, can they resist temptation and their growing feelings?

The attraction between Lia and Beck is so steamy! Beck is one sexy silver fox with such dedication to his daughter. But Lia calls to him in a way that he never dreamt possible. Lia may be young – maybe TOO young for Beck – but she knows that she could never have what she has with Beck with anyone else. I admired her love and devotion to Tasha. For so long they only had each other, but love cannot be stopped. Lia and Beck want each other and that want could leave a lot of people hurt.

This was a great afternoon read! The story is wonderfully paced with juicy love scenes with two strong willed and determined characters. There were moments of heartfelt angst and even some belly laughs! The secondary charaters made this book even more fun to read! Penny has created a truly fantastic book!

5 Forbidden Love Stars!




I’m falling for my best friend’s dad.

Moving back home was never my plan. Except here I am, struggling under my evil step-mom’s crushing thumb while I look for work. I feel just like Cinderella, but I never expected my best friend’s DAD to be my prince.
He’s just as hot now as he was when I was a teen; maybe hotter. He’s also rich and powerful, and when he offers me a job working under him at his company… I can’t say no. I don’t WANT to say no.
All our flirting is bad enough–we can’t get caught, my best friend would hate me–but then we go too far.
Hiding our relationship was one thing…
How the hell do I hide a baby?

Penny Wylder’s first full length novel! It’s all the fun and filth you expect, just a lot more of it! This story has a romantic core and a happily ever after that will make you melt.

beautiful sexy couple. gorgeous blond woman and handsome man


It isn’t proper for me to want my daughter’s best friend, a woman I’ve watched grow into an astonishing beauty. There is just something magic about Lia, something that makes my whole body throb with the need to get closer. She could easily become addictive. I know I should resist any temptation affecting me this strongly, but then I had to go and hire her.

What the fuck was I thinking? I am going to lose my mind, or at least my promise to myself to never sleep with an employee. Maybe that’s why the second thing I did after Lia left was call Jean last night. If Lia is my employee, I can do my damnedest to keep my rule. It would give me a buffer against the feelings that are already going well beyond lust and into a dangerous territory from just one encounter. Lia makes me hungry. It is more than lust; it is the hunger to provide for her, not in a paternal way, but to see that all her dreams are made reality. I know that Jean is not the nicest to her and never has been, and if it wouldn’t make things worse, I would throw my weight around as Jean’s boss to fix that. Jean is a great member of the R&D team, but not so much that I would be sad to see her go if it meant making Lia happy. It’s an employer’s market right now with more applicants than jobs. She would be easily replaced.

It is a dangerous move, I know, to bring Lia in as my secretary. I know she is the forbidden fruit, and that maybe this is my mid-life crisis starting to hit me, but I want her. “I need her,” I tell my reflection. “I have to have—”

“Mr. Huntsworth, your new office assistant has finished with human resources.” My chief of security sounds amused as his voice plays from the speaker on my desk.

She’s on her way up. The thought repeats itself in time with the aching in my cock.

“You wanted me to call you when she was being shown her way to the executive office floor.” The line goes silent. My fingernail catches on the red disc of a call button beside the vanity in my bathroom. I press it, wait for Brian to answer, and then thank him for the notice. There’s no time for me to get my libido in check, so the best I can do is sit down at my desk to hide the reaction Lia evokes from me.

I wait at my desk—one minute becomes two, and then it’s soon five minutes before I hear muffled voices outside of the security clearance down the hall. I try to focus on the paperwork in front of me. The chirp of a badge being swiped lights up a blue LED on the panel beside my phone, giving me a warning that someone will be entering. Only a handful of people have clearance to get in here, and most of those require the security guard in the hall or someone inside to buzz them in. I look up.

Lia stands before me, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “Hi.” Her voice trembles before she steels herself and repeats it more surely. “Do I call you Mr. Huntsworth?” She has her head tilted down, and she looks up at me through the sweeping edge of her bangs. Her lips part, and the tip of her tongue glosses over them. She’s nervous, and I selfishly hope it’s because of me.

“Beck is fine unless I happen to be in a meeting. ‘Sir’ works too,” I tease.
Lia blushes before rolling her eyes. She even does that artfully. “Thank you for the job,

The way she says my name makes my cock throb. “I should be thanking you for accepting it, Lia.” I stand and offer her my hand. Her fingers are cool as they slip into my palm, and the shake we share is anything but innocent despite the chaste touch. I want her grip to be lower and firmer, and with the quick dropping of her eyes, I sense that her thoughts are moving in the same direction.

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A USA Today Bestselling author and #1 Amazon bestselling author, Penny Wylder writes what you’d expect– wild romances. Happily Ever Afters are always better when they’re a little dirty, so if you’re looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places, jump right in and leave your panties at the door!




Review – Hero Hair by Rachel Robinson 

Hero Hair by Rachel Robinson 

Holy Moly. I don’t know how Rachel Robinson does it? Hero Hair was nothing like I’d thought it would be. I wasn’t expecting my heart to pound as hard as it did. I wasn’t expecting my mind would spin as much as it did. I wasn’t expecting the halts in my breathing. I was not expecting to FEEL as many different emotion that I did. 

In Hero Hair the player gets played. And I’m not even talking about the hero. The heroine is as big a player as our lead guy. And I LOVED that!! It was refreshing to have two characters who were exactly the same, in life, with love and at playing the game.

The dynamic of our lead character’s relationship is set out flawlessly. I couldn’t have asked for better. The whole story line flows so perfectly that I was swept away in a blossoming romance that was light and fun but oh so freaking hot. I mean, HOLY WOAH! Macs & Teala are hotter than the burning flame. Their connectivity and intensity blasts out the pages and just catapults itself all over your body, causing heat prickles and tummy sloshes OF THE BEST KIND. They are filthy, dirty, raw, smutty creatures and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT! 
At 66%, something flipped in the story and my love for it solidified. Don’t get me wrong, I was already in love with Hero Hair but at this point, at 66%, I fell head over heels, into deep, intense love with it. 

This was also the point where Rachel flipped everything on its head and just made it MORE. All of a sudden it was even more consuming, I mean it killed me to stop reading to update my Goodreads progress! All of a sudden everything was more intense and more heart poundingly, brilliant. The suspense and rawness of what was happening held me on the edge of my seat. Everything in my body flamed hotter, my tummy continued its onslaught of even bigger sloshes and my emotions WERE A MESS. 

Hero Hair took me on a brutal, breathtaking adventure. One that caused me to shut everything else out because I literally couldn’t drag myself away. Everything was executed with perfection and brilliance. Everything was executed with passion and sincerity. Hero Hair was EVERYTHING. I can’t rate higher than 5 stars but if I could, Hero Hair would definitely take 10!

Everyone knows there is no “I” in team, but to Macs Newstead–orgasm-gifting, muscle-filled Navy SEAL hero–there are more important words than team. Words like victory and vanity and selfishness. People say those words like they are a bad thing, but to Macs, they’re simply tools in his highly effective arsenal. When a man’s entire existence revolves around the necessity to end lives, silly, mundane things like second dates or monogamy seem worthy sacrifices. 

Downward facing dog or doggy-style–it’s all the same to Teala Smart, a whip-smart yoga instructor. She owns her studio like she owns her life–with focus, positive energy, and pure devotion. That devotion, however, does not trickle into her love life (or more accurately, her lust life.) Relationships are a roadblock to her success. They get in the way and tangle up emotions more than the lotus pose tangles up limbs. Men are best kept just for a night and then released into the wild before feelings get too messy. 

HERO HAIR, the second novel of International Bestselling Author Rachel Robinson’s THE REAL SEAL SERIES, is the account of an life-altering journey detailing the awakening of two hollow hearts, both set on taking their own pleasures without any emotional attachment. The ruthless SEAL finally meets an enemy he can’t defeat, and both Macs and Teala find, against their wishes, and despite atrocious circumstances, a chemistry so explosive it leaves nothing but deconstructing love in its wake.

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Review- Unforgiven by Ruth Clampett

My review is 5 out of 5 stars

This was my digest book by this author. Since M/M is my favorite genre I jumped right in this one. Ruth did such an amazing job bringing these characters to life.
I don’t want to give much away so this review will be a little different than normal. It’s on a whole new level of awesome. It’s emotional, heartbreaking, heart mending, and don’t forget hot.
Facing these demons made fall and fall hard. Thank you for putting such beautiful words to paper Ruth. Absolutely incredible.

Unforgiven, an all-new sexy and emotional M/M love story from Ruth Clampett available now!!
Unforgiven by Ruth Clampett

Publication Date: March 9th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Would you live a lie to hold onto the one you love?
Dean and Jason are best friends, like brothers since boyhood, now architecture students and college roommates. They’ve always had each other’s back, but when one walks in on the other with another man, everything changes. How do you explain to your best friend that he’s the one you’ve always wanted, that until now your life has been a lie? 
Desperation and shame are two dirty words that run through Jason’s veins. He carries the scars from a wayward priest who stole his innocence and left him shattered. Meanwhile for years he’s watched Dean pursuing woman after woman, as his own heart slowly breaks.
When their world blows apart, they learn the powerful bond between them has more fire than either understood. Can two broken souls find the light in their darkness and come together to make a whole, or will sins of the past be forever unforgiven?
“What started all of this tonight? First I walk in on you having sex with yourself … then you grill me about having sex with Ramon … and then you suggest we have sex.” He rakes his fingers through his hair. “You’re making me crazy, dude. How much did you drink anyway?”

“Enough to loosen up and let my mind go places it normally doesn’t.”

His eyes light up. “I’ll say.”

“Hey, I’m really curious now. Will you let me fuck you? I promise I’ll follow what you want and take it slow.”

“Oh Jesus. Are you serious? So more experimenting, huh?”

“I think it’ll help me understand more about you.”

“You know when I said I needed more, this isn’t exactly what I meant. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of you fucking me is making me hard as hell, but it’ll just complicate things even more.”

“It doesn’t have to complicate things. Is it really so crazy to just want to make each other feel good?” I pause for a moment. “Come on, JJ.”

Lifting myself off the bed, I slowly approach him. As I get closer, I press my naked body into him so he’s up against the doorjamb, then I boldly rub my palm over his hard cock that’s trapped in his pajama bottoms. 

I take a sharp breath because I’m shocked I’m even suggesting fucking my best friend. This is crazy, but feeling myself against him and imagining him naked under me is turning me on like a rocket with a sparking fuse. 

He stands frozen, every part of him perfectly still, and then he gasps for air. “Please, Dean, please tell me you aren’t toying with me.”

I press my face into his neck. “I’m not toying with you, man. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I have all these confusing feelings and my curiosity is through the roof. I’ve been so damn restless lately, and suddenly I have a feeling that if I turn a corner, I might find myself right where I need to be.”

Jason slides his arm along my lower back and curves his fingers around my side, then pulls me closer. “Don’t make me hope for something, and then crush me. I wouldn’t be able to take it. Our friendship means everything to me. It’s why I’m still standing and fighting for a future, when for a long time I wasn’t sure if I deserved one.”

I pull my head back so we can be face to face. It guts me to see so much pain in his eyes. Why the hell didn’t I see all of this before? He’s my best friend, dammit. I should have known he was hurting.

He shakes his head. “I can’t lose you, Dean. I can’t. Tread carefully, man.” His eyes are glazed like he’s fighting back tears.

I take his hand and guide him into my room. “You aren’t going to lose me. Maybe this whole thing of me learning your secrets happened to bring us closer.”

“I want that,” he whispers, and then more softly he murmurs, “I want you.”

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Ruth Clampett, daughter of legendary animation director Bob Clampett, grew up surrounded by artists and animators. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, she has been VP of Design for Warner Brothers Studio Stores and taught photography at UCLA. Today she runs her own studio and as the Fine Art publisher for Warner Brothers Studios has come to know and work with some of the world’s greatest artists in the fields of animation and comics.
Ruth lives and works in Los Angeles, strictly supervised by her teenage daughter, who helps plan their summer around their yearly pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic Con.
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Review – American Prince by Sierra Simone

American Prince cover

Review graphic

When I finished American Queen, the only word that I could use to describe how I felt was stunned. Utterly and completely stunned. And then I waited with anticipation to learn would come next. What would be the outcome… the next act in this tragic love triangle between a queen, her king and her prince.

As I finished American Prince at 3:07 this morning, the only thing that I felt as I read the last words of this emotionally riveting, brilliantly written epic was… devastated. I am absolutely devastated. Seeing this unconventional, socially unacceptable relationship through Vice President Embry Moore’s memories – his hopes, his pain. The lies, secrets and misdirections. The masks that he had to wear in public that fell and cracked so easily in the light of the truth behind closed doors and in the privacy of the Presidential residence. His all consuming love for Greer and Ash. His sacrifices for that love. Watching all that bleed into the present and feeling the impact of decisions that had to be made.

I am so gutted and so speechless. So speechless.

I was drawn in from the first word. Captivated and breathless. There were moments in this book that were so filled with angst and pain that I felt it all over. Embry is so troubled at times, so clear in others. He is wounded to his soul but is so completely enamored with Maxen Ashley Colchester that his whole world, his whole being is the President. Ash was his best friend, his commander, his truest love. His King. The same could be said of his love for Greer. She was his connection to Ash, the glue that bound them. Still she was more. She was a fire in his soul. She bought out his dominant alpha side that commanded her total obedience with her beauty and grace, but she also brought about his tender, nurturing nature. She was his light, his lover… his to protect at all costs. His queen.

Just as Embry is enthralled with Ash, I was enthralled with Embry. Completely. The white hot addictive chemistry between him and Ash curled my toes. The scenes between them are raw and sensual, but heartbreaking and soul shattering. His moments with Greer are just as powerful except he seems to hold the control in the dynamic even if in the end it is Max who holds the ultimate power over him and Greer. Embry needs these two the same way you need air to breathe and water to drink. Sadly though, he can see the bigger picture. Their future is something that Embry cannot control, but he knows his role in it. He wants nothing more than to belong to Max and cling to Greer. I have never felt such a connection to a character and hoped so much for his happiness only to know it’s not in the cards for him. And there’s nothing that can be done. In Embry’s painful words, “It’s better this way.”

What an incredible read! Angsty and heart gripping, this is an emotional roller ride spanning 14 years filled politics, war, denial and the most intense love I have ever experienced in a book. There’s no words for this. No way to explain how affected I was by this beautifully written epic tale. Amazing. Truly breathtaking. American King has much to live up to. Sierra, your talent is astounding. This is way more than six stars. It is one of the BEST of 2017!

Utterly fantastic! Let the anticipation begin.

Six Patroclus Stars!




I’ve been many things.

I’ve been a son and a stepbrother. An Army captain and a Vice President.

But only with Him am I a prince. His little prince.

Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me. But men like me aren’t made to be happy. We don’t deserve it. And I should have known a love as sharp as ours could cut both ways.

My name is Embry Moore and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States…for now.

This is the story of an American Prince.



In an instant, he was on me, straddling my thighs, one hand yanking my head back so I had to look up into his face.  “Don’t play games with me,” Ash warned in a low voice.  “Not tonight.  Not after what you did.  You don’t even want to know the things I’m thinking about right now.”

I could barely breathe.  Pain sang out from my shoulder and hunger sang out from my thickening cock.  I was at the mercy of a monster—in the hands of an angry god, as they say—and I’d never felt more alive.  It was like kissing his boot, like that first moment I’d been shot at in the trees—the whole world came to life, the forest thrumming and the leaves rustling and my blood and heart all part of this incredible symphony of magic and music that was playing all the time, if only I had the ears to listen.  Being with Ash was like my battle high, the fragility of life so apparent, the thrill of surviving it so exhilarating.  Surviving him.

“Take it,” I said, my fantasies from all those years ago coming back and making me stir underneath him.

“What?” he asked quietly.

“Take what you’re owed.  Take what you deserve for saving my life.”

His lips parted, his eyes hooded, and he pulled my head back even more, exposing my throat. “And what exactly do you owe me?” he asked.  “What exactly do I deserve?”

I met his eyes, which were almost black in the dark.  “Whatever you want.”

“What I want will have you flat on the ground with tears in your eyes.  You think you want to give that to me?”

“No.”  I swallowed.  “I want you to take it from me.”

He went still.

“Let me thank you,” I begged.  “Let me make you feel better.  Use me.  Use me how you need.”

“Oh, that’s what you want, is it?” he breathed.  He leaned in, his thighs on my throbbing erection, and I felt his own, an iron bulge pressing into my stomach.  It was massive.  He’d tear me apart with it.  “You won’t let me have you any other time, not with kisses or love letters, but when you’re bleeding and I’m furious, that’s when you’ll open yourself to me?  That’s when I get to have this?”

How could I make him understand?  That it had to be like this?  That I had to be conquered, not wooed?



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Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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Twitter: @TheSierraSimone

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Review – Every Little Thing by Samantha Young

ELT Cover

Every Little Thing by Samantha Young

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is not much more exciting as a reader and/or blogger than meeting a book you’ve been dying to read or an author whose work you’ve wanted to meet for a while. The giddy delight I get when I meet a new or new-to-me author’s words is BOOKWORM BLISS! That rush during that initial read is off-the-charts incredible! I finally popped my Samantha Young book cherry after embarrassingly hoarding her books for years…yes…YEARS!!! Oh what a beautiful and brilliant book Every Little Thing was from beginning to end!!!

Maybe because it’s because I grew up going to Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware beaches. Maybe it’s because the setting of this story at a Delaware beach hit home. I could picture myself walking the boardwalk in Every Little Thing because I’ve walked the boardwalks in Ocean City, Maryland, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This story stirred my senses because I’m a beach lover who takes in everything while there. Through this book, I smelled the salty air, felt the waves crash into me, watched the tides of the ocean swing back and forth like a pendulum, and tasted the seafood fresh from the water.

I fell in INSTANT LOVE with Every Little Thing, an achingly addictive love story that held me hard, humoring me…heating my body…hijacking my heart…HIJACKING ME. The entertaining and enticing writing was delicious…a delight to devour. I devoured Every Little Thing as if it were my drug, so ALLURING, AMUSING, and ACHINGLY ADDICTIVE. This was a book that I could not stop breathing.

Bailey Hartwell, the fire-red haired beauty with green eyes and a sassy mouth, was THE BEST HEROINE! I LOVED HER!!! Hilarious and blunt as can be, this gal has no filter and oh was she refreshing and real! She is brazen and not afraid to call people or things out as she sees fit with her quick wit.

This feisty and fierce heroine is used to calling the shots, being in control…until Vaughn Tremaine moves into her beach town. Tall, dark, and handsome with grey eyes, Vaughn is pompous, an implant from New York, a successful business owner, a know-it-all. He lives for control too and can’t help but stir up the spicy red-haired siren.

For years, Bailey and Vaughn walk a fine line between friends and enemies, frenemies, with an emphasis on enemy. The banter between them was a fusion of heat and hate. This book BURNS with BANTER and BLEEDS ANGST, and I could not get enough! 

“Always so complimentary, Tremaine. It’s a wonder you don’t have a trail of panting ladies following after you. Oh, wait a second. It’s not.”

“I’m single because I want to be, Miss Hartwell. Unlike you, I’m strong enough to be alone rather than settle for mediocre. But then like attracts like, doesn’t it.”


Bailey and Vaughn, together, are a lethal mix of fire and ice…AH-MAZING…EVERYTHING! I LOVED the combustible connection between Bailey and Vaughn, enticing and emotionally-charged. Opposites who definitely attract.

Vaughn looked at me like he wanted me. I knew there was power in my smile but wow.

I giggled and glowed, and ached in need. Vaughn made me a wanton woman. Oh did I LOVE THIS ALPHA!!! 

“I bet you’ve thought about it. F**king the hostile Princess of the Boardwalk into submission.”

“You have no idea.”

His mouth slammed down on mine, his kiss hard, punishing, almost painful.

For once, the Princess of Hartwell wants to relinquish control to Ice Man, Vaughn.
That kiss is HOT!!! That kiss is years of pent-up passion that exploded, fast and furiously, where I could feel its impact through the pages. That kiss is molten lava, which melted me from head to toe. That kiss sparked a fire that never may be extinguished between Bailey and Vaughn. 

I felt like he could see into my soul and that I could finally see into his.

The beauty in these words touched my soul where I SWOONED so much!!! 

“I like you at a distance.”

The problem is…Vaughn doesn’t do relationships. 

In that moment, I almost hated him.

Bailey wants the happily ever after with Vaughn. She may have finally found a man who’s her equal, who takes her fire and cools it off with ice. 

“I’m not the one running scared now, princess.”

The push and pull…the back and forth…the hot and cold…this prince needs to get his act together and finally claim his princess before she flees like Cinderella at the ball.

Every Little Thing swept me up like an ocean breeze, where I felt the ocean air, and smelled the salty water. I was immersed into a small town of intimate characters who quickly captured my heart. This enchanting and entertaining story set in a small town awakens all of the senses in a love story brought to life. Samantha Young flawlessly transports you to a small beach town with characters that come to life, immersing you so deep that you’ll blend right in with the locals, and your heart will belong to Hart’s Inn.

Every Little Thing is a smoldering, scintillating, and sweet enemies-to-lovers romance that makes your heart dance and your soul swoon. I SMOLDERED and SWOONED while MY SOUL SOARED HIGH and my heart was hit like a big wave by this beach town romance. This story OWNED EVERY OUNCE OF ME! Every Little Thing DELIVERS BIG TIME!

Every Little Thing is the best vacation without leaving your home! This romance was my beach escape in a book. Like the beach, Every Little Thing was my HAPPY PLACE, and it felt like heaven and home. I’m still dreaming of a little Delaware beach town called Hartwell where the waves are waiting and the characters are calling me home. Dreamy and delightful, enthralling, and exquisite…Every Little Thing is MAGIC, and I’m still melting from its spell.

Samantha Young Quote

5 sweet and steamy princess crowns


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Hartwell, Delaware—the perfect place to get away from it all, and find what you never knew you needed…

Bailey Hartwell has many reasons to feel content—her successful business, a close circle of friends, and her steady boyfriend…even if their romance feels staid after ten years without a serious commitment. The only challenge in her life comes in the form of sexy businessman Vaughn Tremaine. She thinks the ex-New Yorker acts superior and that he considers her a small-town nobody. But when Bailey’s blindsided by a betrayal, she’s shocked to discover Vaughn is actually a decent guy.

Vaughn admires Bailey’s free spirit, independence, and loyalty. As his passion for her has grown, his antagonism toward her has only worsened. Every little thing Bailey does seduces him. But when Vaughn’s painful emotional past makes him walk away in fear he will hurt her, it opens an old wound in Bailey, and she uncharacteristically retreats.

Once Vaughn begins to realize he’s made the biggest mistake of his life, he has no choice but to fight like he’s never fought before to convince Bailey that the love they’ve found together only comes around once in a lifetime.


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Review – Throne of Truth by Pepper Winters

Throne of Truth Cover

Throne of Truth by Pepper Winters

My rating: 6 of 5 stars

If two people are meant to be together, they will always find their way back.

Have you began and ended a story in tears? The first, last, and so much of the middle of the book render you a wreck, where the tissues are a lifeline, controlling those feels that flow like a river. Emotions are entangled so deeply where you feel EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

I began and ended Throne of Truth in tears, my emotions on edge, entangled and engulfed in this story, where I felt every EVERYTHING. Throne of Truth by Pepper Winters hit my heart hard and sank itself into my soul. ALL THE FEELS flowed fast and furiously, where I was immediately bound to this devastatingly beautiful book, where I would likely remain.

I dove into Throne of Truth, barely surfacing for air. This book was the drug and I was the addict. I shut out the world while Throne of Truth became my world. Dark bled with light. Wrong bled with right. Throne of Truth BECAME ME. This story swiftly was my air…my ache…my anguish…my addiction…my ALL. I was quickly lost in Throne of Truth and did not want to be found…EVER. I already knew that this story was MY EVERYTHING.

Beautiful blonde and blue-eyed Noelle ‘Elle’ Charlston has lived a fairy tale of a life with a caring father, powerful position as a young and wealthy CEO of her family’s retail company, and everything she’s ever wanted. She thought she found love but realized it was a lie. Now she doesn’t know who to trust. Who she though was a friend is now a foe. Now Elle must simply survive.

She gave me life, and she took my life.

Penn Everet is tall, dark, muscular, and handsome. Hero and villain. Angel and monster. Saint and sinner. Penn is a man of many layers and lies, but underneath the layers is a heart is gold, and oh did he hold onto my heart.

The truth shall set you free. Elle wants the truth and Penn is sick of the lies. Penn must reveal himself, as he has been a man of mystery, to Elle or she will flee forever. 

“How can I tell you? How can I make you see what you don’t want to see?”

THIS DARK HERO WAS MY DRUG…and I could not drink the dominant and delicious Penn enough. 

I was no longer a girl masquerading as a woman. I was all woman.

Elle was a girl in Crown of Lies but she’s a woman…a warrior…in Throne of Truth. She must protect those she loves along with herself. Like a butterfly, Elle has sprouted wings and is soaring high. So bold and brave, this confident and controlled woman is PURE POWER, and oh did I love this metamorphosis…this grown-up Elle. 

Her passion and affection electrocuted my heart. She gave me the power to keep fighting.

Fight is what Elle must do…fight for her freedom…fight for Penn’s…just FIGHT like the warrior woman she’s become.

Penn and Elle are PURE PERFECTION together. The fusion of hot and cold perfectly blend into magic that melts like molten lava. You can’t help but feel their chemistry-clad connection, two powerful people powerless around each other perhaps brought together by fate.

He exploded as if he’d ultimately die if he didn’t have me that very moment. We kissed until we were breathless.

Penn and Elle’s kisses are molten lava that melted me from head to toe. Their chemistry is combustible, but their connection is EVERYTHING!!! This is not just lust but so much more! I felt their passion through the pages. 

“It was you, Elle. I fell for you the second I met you.”

This saint and sinner made me SWOON, as I floated on Cloud Nine. This is a new side of Penn, one where is heart is no longer frozen but free.

Crown of Lies was the dinner, but Throne of Truth is the dessert. Crown of Lies was Penn’s show, but Elle owned the hell out of Throne of Truth. Elle went from meek princess to fierce queen, a queen who still wants Penn…her king. This is a tooth and nails fight for love! 

“I’m giving you a way out, Elle. Say the word, and I’ll let you go. It will f**king kill me. You’ll rip my heart out…Leave me, Elle. Don’t let me get away with stealing yet more of you.”

Penn’s past erupts, exploding around him like fireworks. To protect Elle, he must set her free. 

My heart cracked open, dying, gasping.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because for the first time in my life, I need to do the right thing.”

Throne of Truth revealed itself, baring its soul to me, while stealing mine. This story stole my soul like a thief in the night, and all I could was submit to its power….its passion…its promise of more. INTENSE and INTOXICATING, I was indebted to every word…every page…every emotion that escaped, entangling around every part of me.

I felt every word I read in this pulse-pounding UNPUTDOWNABLE soul-searing story. I FELT EVERYTHING!!! This story struck my emotions like a match, setting them on fire where every feel was a burn. Throne of Truth took my tears, tears permanently etched in my eyes while reading. Throne of Truth nearly brought me to my knees where I WEPT from words that penetrated me with passion and power…heartbreak and hope.

Throne of Truth is deliciously dark, passionately poignant, and breathtakingly beautiful. Throne of Truth STOLE MY BREATH in a book that bled beauty and angst. I was ENRAPTURED by heart-wrenching and heartwarming tale.

I LOVED THIS STORY SOOOO HARD! Pepper Winters outdid herself again as I…gasp…loved Throne of Truth even more than Crown of Lies! Throne of Truth is easily one of my top February reads and 2017 best books too!

This book held my heart in its hands, where my heart bled and beat with every word. I’m still bleeding from Throne of Truth, a book that BROKE ME IN THE BEST WAY!!! Throne of Truth BLEW ME AWAY!!!

Throne of Truth is over but I am still basking in UTTER BOOK BLISS!!! My soul is sliced open and my heart is racing where I still feel Throne of Truth thrashing through me. My body, heart, and soul are still on fire…feels in flames…as this tale of truth has imprinted itself on me…perhaps forever.

Romance. It wasn’t paint-by-numbers or color within the lines. It was messy and scribbly and up to us to draw it how we wanted.

★★★★★★ ‘but worth 10’ gut-gripping gold crowns


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Since my life changed for the second time and not necessarily for the better. Two years since I traded prison bars for streets and hunted a runaway who I’d met in an alley.

Since I forgot how to lie, woke to fists, and chased after the girl who’d been stolen from me.

To save her, rescue her, keep my lies intact. She looks at me full of hate. I look at her full of confession.

For our relationship to switch from mutual dislike to floundering with unknowns. I’ve hurt her. Now, she’s hurt me. I guess we’re even.

For her to listen, to see, to finally know who I am. The answer comes with hardship. The answer isn’t what she wants to hear.

For me to walk out the door.

For it all to be over.


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Pepper Winters is a multiple New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today International Bestseller.

After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She’s an multiple #1 iBooks bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Erotica Thriller. With 19 books currently published, she has hit the bestseller charts twenty-six times in three years.

Pepper is a Hybrid Author of both Traditional and Self-published work. Her Pure Corruption Series was released by Grand Central, Hachette.

Her books have garnered foreign interest and are currently being translated into numerous languages, including already released titles in Italian and Turkish. Audio Books for her entire back-list will be available in 2017.



Twitter: @PepperWinters

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