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A Letter to my Readers

Rape. Just typing that word makes my gut tie up in knots. And that’s part of the problem.

Because it’s so uncomfortable, we don’t want to talk about it. So it gets buried at the bottom the newsfeed or forgotten altogether, like the backlog of untested rape kits.

Last March, I released Quiet Angel in which the heroine is a survivor of childhood sexual assault. A few weeks later, my husband became gravely ill, and we spent the rest of the year (5 long hospital stays and 4 long surgeries) fighting to regain his health. As I sat in the hospital chair next to his bed night after night, I got messages from women about how my book touched them. Some shared their reasons, and others didn’t.

I came to learn that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. How could I not know that? just released a book on the very topic. Yet I didn’t see one post about it on any of my social media accounts.


Early this year, I began writing Layers of Her with the intent to spread awareness and donate of April’s profits to charity. I was nervous when I started, and I still am. I mean, how much the profits be? Will readers assume I’m a survivor or I know one? Will I do the topic justice?

Why am I doing this? It’s a whole lot easier to stay silent. But that’s the whole problem, isn’t I work in a field, in the genre of fiction, that is mostly comprised of women, where sexual assault is one of the most common tropes. And with each passing page, we pull for our broken heroes and heroines to heal, find love, forge a new path. That’s all we want for them. We need to do same for the real life heroes and heroines, those brave souls who fight the real fight every single day. So join me this April in making some noise to raise awareness, not only for the survivors but for those who love them.


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People always say it’s what’s on the inside that matters. If that’s the case, I’m screwed. On the outside, everything looks put together — blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and lean. By society’s standards, I’d be considered attractive. But f*ck society, I know what I am. I know what I’m made of. The recessive genes that reared their heads and created a decent looking package on the outside don’t make me who I am. What about all the evil lurking inside? What about all the other parts of me that aren’t so easy to see? Some of the most beautiful animals are also the deadliest. Take the polar bear, for example. Cute and cuddly on the outside, but it’s really a predator that will bite your f*cking head off. That’s a dangerous combination.

And that’s exactly like me, exactly who I am. Bad — and once you go bad, you can never go back.

WARNING: This book deals with the harsh reality of rape that could be upsetting for some readers.

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“What made you come for me?” she asks.  I tell her my theory about men making decisions based on one of three body parts — head, heart, dick.  “So which led you to my house tonight?” she asks.

“Let’s just say two out of three ain’t bad.”

Her giggle fills up the room.  “Stone?”


“Don’t let me forget.”  

“Forget what?”

“How good I feel right now,” she says.

I know exactly what she’s feeling.  She doesn’t think she deserves to be happy.  It’s a constant waiting on the other shoe to drop so you can prove to yourself that all the bad shit you fill your head with is true.  That you’re bad, and that’s why bad things happen around you, or to those you love.  Dealt with that myself when Tate got her diagnosis.  Who am I kidding?  I still fight those demons, knowing she’s suffering because of my mistakes.  Self-blame is a bitch.  Self-hatred is even worse.  Guess I’ll just have to teach Campbell to love herself as much as I love her.

Yeah, yeah, it’s fast.  But how long does it really take to fall in love with someone?  A minute?  An hour?  A day?  A year?  For me, it took exactly one kiss.  The moment her lips touched mine in that hospital room, I was gone.  

Besides, what do you really have to know about a person to love them?  Not a damn thing other than how they make you feel when you close your eyes at the end of the day with them wrapped in your arms.

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Prescott Lane is the author of First Position, Perfectly Broken, and her new release, Quiet Angel. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and graduated from Centenary College with a degree in sociology. She went on to receive her MSW from Tulane University, after which she worked with developmentally delayed and disabled children. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren’t enough happily ever afters in real life.

Happily Ever Afters Guaranteed

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Blog Tour & Review: Hook by Elisabeth Grace



Sexy, mysterious, suspenseful, Hook is not your ordinary love story. It’s the love story of a hooker and a business man. Neither searching for love, but both finding it unexpectedly in each other.
This was my first read of Elisabeth Grace’s work. The blurb had me intrigued from the moment I read it and the cover had me wanting it even more! Grace did not disappoint with Hook!

♦ Read my full review here:


Meet Marco Valenti in Hook by Elisabeth Grace!



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Women loathed me without even knowing my name.

Men coveted the very idea of me.

Escort. Call girl. Prostitute. Hooker. Whore.

I’d heard it all. Done it all.

Over the years I’d felt a lot of things about my occupation…but not regret–never regret. I had my reasons for doing what I did and nothing and no one had ever made me question them.


He’d changed me and I’d naively fed into the fairy tale.

But Marco wasn’t my Prince Charming.

He had secrets of his own.

Secrets that would eventually rip away everything I held dear.



Marco leaned into me, his breath fanning across my face, causing goosebumps to race across my skin. “You’re very stubborn for someone who’s paid to provide me pleasure. É una fortuna che mi piacciono le sfide.”

“What was that?” I asked softly.

“Good thing I enjoy a challenge,” he replied without blinking.

I cleared my throat, uncomfortable with the level of attention he was giving me. “Why don’t we get on with what I’m here for,” I suggested in a sultry voice.

His eyes narrowed. “As you wish. Your madam says you are like a…” He looked off toward the ceiling. “The animal that changes color.”

“A chameleon?”

“That is the one.” He smiled widely, showcasing a dimple in his left cheek, made more pronounced by the dark stubble on his jaw. As sudden as the ferocity had flared up inside of him, it quickly disappeared.

“It’s true. I can be whatever you want,” I replied in a seductive voice. I closed the distance between us, placing my hand on his chest. He flinched at the contact like I’d scorched him. Not a lot, but enough that I noticed.

Looking up into the depths of his dark eyes, I said, “Why don’t you tell me what you’re looking for, and then we can discuss any extras in my payment.”

The smile dropped from his face and he reached for my wrist, pulling my hand from his chest. “What I want from you will be very different than most men.”

My eyes widened and I sucked in a breath. This ought to be interesting. I’d had all manner of things proposed to me before, but the fact that Marco felt the need to warn me set off alarm bells ringing in my head.

“And what is it you want from me, Mr. Valenti?” I whispered.

“Call me Marco.”

“Alright, Marco.”

He traced his thumb along my hairline and stared down at me, intensity pouring out of his gaze like a waterfall. My breathing hitched, and I found myself wanting to lean into his caress to further close the distance between us.

Then the hum of his cell phone vibrating from his pocket broke our connection. He reached into his pocket, glanced briefly at the screen, and stepped back to take the call.

“As always, your timing is impeccable.” The corners of his mouth dipped, and I had the distinct impression that he wasn’t pleased with whoever was on the other end of the line.

Marco listened for a moment while staring out the wall of glass down to the strip below. His hand holding the phone flexed around it for a second at something the other person had said.

“Give me five minutes,” he bit out.

Another pause.

“Well, if you want it to happen tonight, you have no choice but to wait.” Without a goodbye, he ended the call and placed the phone back into the breast pocket of his suit jacket.

With his hands on his hips, he remained facing the window for a moment, drawing in deep breaths of air.

“I must go.”

Not what I was expecting to hear. “Okay…”

He turned and stalked forward until only mere inches separated the two of us. His large hand came to rest at the swell of my hip before he leisurely dragged it across my waist and brushed the side of my breast with his palm. My nipples tightened inside my lace bra.

Marco dropped his hand and leaned into me. My heart picked up pace inside my chest as I waited for his lips to touch mine. He stood solid and still before me while I waited, my anticipation like a live wire setting every nerve ending in my body on fire.

Just when I thought he’d close those final few inches, he brought his face alongside mine and his low voice sounded in my ear, “I’ll get you your money.”

His words were like a bucket of cold water, and I stepped back as if he’d slapped me. It pissed me off that he’d left me wanting.

He stalked back over to the bar and returned a moment later with an envelope. I eyed the cash inside before placing it in my purse. It seemed ridiculous to me that I’d be paid for having a conversation in the man’s room for such a short time, but I wasn’t about to argue with him about it.

“It’s been a pleasure, Mr. Valenti.” I made sure to use his last name since he’d asked me not to. I had a tendency to lash out when I was upset.

An amused grin formed on his face, but he said nothing. I strutted around him to the suite door.

As I unlocked the dead bolt then slid the chain across, Marco’s hand landed on my ass, skimming over it a few times before his other hand pulled my hair to the side to expose my neck.

I hadn’t even heard him come up behind me.

He pressed a kiss to the base of my neck and I shuddered, shivers racing up my spine. I felt his smile against my skin before he removed his lips and stepped away.

Without a backward glance, I turned the door handle and left the suite.

The warm feeling that had invaded my chest remained, but my stomach fell into a nauseous churning. Somehow my body knew what I didn’t already. Marco Valenti would be the springboard in my life that caused everything to change.


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About the Author:


USA Today Bestselling author, Elisabeth Grace, has a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males! She currently lives outside Toronto, Canada with her hubby and two small children. Life is busy, but never to busy for a good story and to share her love of reading and writing with others.







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Dual Review: Redesigning Fate & Resurrecting Her by AM Wilson

Resurrecting Her


Love. Angst. Suspense. Resurrecting Her had it all and more! Whoa! What a phenomenal, mind blowing conclusion to Marlena and Elias story! Wilson outdid herself with this one! The torture that Marlee endured. The turmoil that Elias went through. It was all heartbreakingly and beautifully written.

This story picks up where Redesigning Fate left off. It begins with Marlee reading a passage from Travis’ journal and reminiscing about Travis, the man she once loved. About how he isn’t the man she thought he was…..and the type of man he’s turned in to.

“He wasn’t even remotely the man I knew. His past was a chaos of secrets and overgrown lies that years of perfecting deception had groomed. He was an illusion. And I had fallen for it since the first act.”

Marlee and Elias seem to finally be happy. After enduring so much in their short relationship already, they deserved it. There were times when Marlee tried to pull away from Elias, out of fear of rejection mostly. Elias stood steadfast and strong, unbreakable in his love for her. He wouldn’t give up without a fight.

“I’m not letting you go. You hear me? You can’t make me let go. Five minutes ago I got the best glimpse of my Marlee that I’ve had in a month. She’s in there, fighting. Don’t think I’ll ever give up on trying to resurrect you from the hell he left you in. You’re mine and until I’m no longer breathing, that’s not going to change.”

….SWOON! That, is one of my favorite lines in the whole book! I love Elias and his bad boy, dominate alpha male, but I adore the sweet, sensual, caring, protective side that Marlee brings out in him

…..but it’s always calm before the storm. And boy does the storm come blowing through like a hurricane in this book!

There are so many twists and turns! Threats were everywhere! They were on constant high alert. On the lookout for “G’s” mean and Travis. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, turning page after page! I.COULDN’T.PUT.IT.DOWN!

We get a glimpse in to the tragic life of Travis as a little boy. We come to understand why he is the way he is and why he does some of the things he does. His childhood is truly heartbreaking. I don’t feel for him as an adult. I feel for that little boy. The little boy who had to endure the pain of losing his mother so young. The pain of a little boy who was abused for being a kid. Pain for the man the monsters of his childhood turned him into.

Resurrecting Her was utterly phenomenal! Wilson took me on a emotional, suspense filled ride that I would be happy to jump on again! You don’t want to miss this EPIC conclusion to Marlee and Elia’s story! I can’t wait for Sin and Shel’s story, Unleashing Sin! It’s bound to be as magnificent as the rest!



5 Heartbreakingly Beautiful Stars!!!


Marlena Aldrich
Travis is still out there. I don’t think I’ll ever be free. He’s not going to stop until I’m his. Elias and Sin may be protecting me, but I’ll never be safe. Not with all the secrecy and lies I’ve been told. But I have a secret of my own this time, and it’s destroying me slowly from the inside.

Elias Brooks
I made a mistake by exposing Marlee to my world, but I won’t stop until I make it right. It’s too late to go back now. She’s mine. I’ll let her unravel every thread. Disclose every single half-truth until I can breathe life back into her. What’s done is done. I put her in danger before but never again.

We made ourselves vulnerable with our carelessness. We’re both to blame. When the threat comes to our doorstep, will we fight through it together or let it tear us apart?


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Redesigning Fate


Redesigning Fate was a phenomenal beginning to a series I’ve already fallen in love with! This book captured my attention from page one…..Wilson had me hook, line, and sinker. I couldn’t put it down!

This book kicks off with a bang, introducing us to Marlena and Travis. They’ve been in a 3 year relationship that is full of love in the beginning, but turns into an physicaly and emotionaly abusive one. Marlena has lived with so much heartbreak, people who “love” her walking away. All she wanted was someone to be there and not walk out on her…..and she found that in Travis.

Until she didn’t have it anymore.

After an extreme incident of abuse occurs, and Travis cheating, she grows the backbone that she needs to walk away. She moves away to start over. Marlena wants to build herself up without having to rely on anyone…especially a man.

Marlena lands a job at a law firm within weeks of being in her new town and new home–its one more step to supporting herself without anyone’s help.

Until…..Elias unexpectedly blows into her life! Elia’s is a sexy, well built, blue eyed Alpha Male. Everything about him screams dominant. They both have an immediate, undeniable chemistry. Try as they might, neither one can resist the other.

Unexpectedly Travis show’s up in the same town as Marlena. He’s determined to get his woman back. No matter the cost. Elias swears to protect her from Travis. Travis vows to protect her from Elias.

….Travis has another agenda. An agenda for Revenge! Nothing will stop him from achieving it. He steaks his claim on Marlena. She’s his.

….but Elias has secrets. Secrets that run deep. Finding out those secrets could mean the difference between life and death.

Who’s the better man for Marlena? Elias? Or Travis? Both have want her. Both have secrets. Which one is the good guy? Is there even a good guy?

Redesigning Fate was filled with edge of your seat suspense that had me spell-bound! Truly a captivating story, Wilson pulls out all the stops! Wilson is a gifted author who knows how to spin a magnificent tale to keep the reader hanging on!



5 Jaw Dropping Stars!!!


I left everything behind in order to be free. I should have known better than to think it would be so easy. All it took was one day at my new job.

He came for me.

I used a stranger to deter him, and in doing so, realized my heart began to beat again. Elias Brooks put me back together after Travis Dawson tore me apart. Travis makes it everybody’s business that I belong to him, including Elias, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

He’s stalking me.

I’m afraid he’s come back to hurt me again. He promises he’s not.
Travis pleads he’s only trying to keep me safe from none other than Elias.

Who do I trust?
Fate led me down the wrong path before. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?


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Book Tour – Marry Screw Kill by Liv Morris

msk book tour

msk now available


Marry Screw Kill by Liv Morris is NOW LIVE!

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marry screw kill cover



There are two men in my life. I’m marrying one, want to screw the brains out of another, and by the time this story is over you may want to kill someone.

The choices are still pending…

A NO CHEATING standalone you need to read sitting down.

msk teaser rb 2


“Harlow, Harlow,” he murmurs in reverence, as if my previous profession of love has brought him to his knees.

He takes my hand and brings it to his lips. His gentle kisses make me drift to a memory from a couple hours ago when Sin’s lips brushed over my knuckles. I felt everything then. My senses hummed. Now, I feel nothing.

I try to ease my hand from his, but his grip holds me in place. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to hear you say these words?” He places another kiss on my hand. “I forgive you for tonight.”

I do need his forgiveness, because his lips aren’t the ones I want on me. The ones I want belong to the man driving the car behind us. The fact that he’s James’ nephew makes me feel even more ashamed. What is wrong with me?

“You say you love me, but I need you to show me your love. Erase what I saw.” He releases my hand and I can guess what he wants: sex. It’s how he communicates.

“Unzip your dress and remove your bra,” he instructs, his voice rough.

I don’t want to upset him more, so I work myself out of my dress and bra. The air conditioning blows across my bare breasts and my nipples harden. I’m tempted to cover them with my hands, but he wouldn’t approve, so they stay at my sides.

Eyeing my exposed body, he licks his lips, pleased with what he sees. He reaches over to touch the side of my breast, cupping it with his hand. His thumb finds my nipple and strokes over it, pinching it hard. I inhale a sharp breath at the assaulting sensation.

“You’re utter perfection. Feel how hard you make me.” His fingers leave my breast and grip my hand. Placing my hand over his bulging erection and curling my fingers around him, I close my eyes.

“Now, unzip my pants and put me in your hot mouth.”



About the Author:

liv morris bio

USA Today bestselling author, Liv Morris, was raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. She now resides on the rock known as St. Croix, USVI with her first and hopefully last husband. After relocating twelve times during his corporate career, she qualifies as a professional mover. Learning to bloom where she’s planted, Liv brings her moving and life experience to her writing.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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Review – The Heart by Kate Stewart




“You knocked the wind out of me”

The Heart by Kate Stewart is the sensationally stunning, sweet and oh so sexy new release in the Reluctant Romantics series.

I’ve very quickly fallen in love with Kate and her books. Kate’s stories evoke so much emotion. Each and every word is filled with tender love and passion that is wholly addicting. And once again Kate has produced a story that grabbed me by the heart and soul and has well and truly knocked me off my feet.
Rose, the hopeless romantic with the broken heart was first introduced to us in The Fall. She intrigued me, and after reading The Mind I loved her. Her heartache became my heartache, and I longed for her to find the romantic person she once was. If you’ve read The Mind,  I’m sure you too have been left with a shattered heart, desperately seeking a happy ending. So imagine my joy when The Heart landed on my kindle. Knowing I was about to dive into one hell of an emotional roller coaster I got myself comfy and began.

From the start I was enchanted. Words played out before my eyes dancing a beautiful rhythm of sweet, slow burning angst. Feelings took hold of me and threatened to never let go. And I didn’t want them to. I lost myself in Rose and Jack.
From their first meeting sparks of electricity buzzed through me. My heart kickstarted and slowly but surely began to pull itself back together. I lived these characters. I breathed with them, for them – felt every pull, every spark, every heated, raw moment.

“You make it hard to breathe, Rose Whittaker.”

No, Jack Sawyer, YOU make it hard to breathe. This delicious, dirty yet sweet, sexy man literally ran away with my heart. From the get go, not only did he fix Rose. He fixed ME. I adored Grant. He was perfection,  and I’ll admit I worried I’d find it hard to move on. But woah, baby! One look into Jack Sawyer, and I was gone. Literally DONE FOR. He was EVERYTHING and MORE. He has the words, the looks, the deliciously sinful moves. EVERYTHING.
The chemistry written between Jack and Rose is electric. It lit up every single part of me, pickling my skin, igniting my senses and leaving me in a burning ball of feels.

The Heart has emotionally strung me out. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve swooned so hard. I’ve burnt up hotter than a kettle. I’ve been fixed, broken then blissfully fixed again. I’ve loved. Unconditionally. Jack and Rose are IT for me. There were no clichés. Their story is as real and as raw as it gets. Kate exceeded all expectations, literally blowing them out the water producing something so stunningly epic, I now sit here drowning in complete blissful happiness.

“Did you feel that?”

Hell yes, I did!!


5+ sensational stars.


The Heart ❤️

Book 2 (Jack and Rose)

The Reluctant Romantics Series
For the last ten years, I’ve roamed the globe, captivated by the world around me. I’ve seen the seven wonders and admired sunsets from every continent. I’d lived and loved and that was enough for me. It would have to be.
I was content, satisfied with my collection of experiences . . . until a phone call led me down a road less traveled.
If I’d known my fascination would pique and be forever quenched only a few hundred miles from where my curiosity had been born, I may have never set sail.
Stripped of the future I’d planned with the love of my life, my family and my career were now all that mattered. I’d lived and loved and that was enough. It would have to be.
I struggled to move forward, to discard the part of me that held out hope for my obliterated heart. But I was bred a romantic, so it was easier said than done.
The chances of being struck by lightning are 1 in 960,000.
The odds of being struck twice are 1 in 9 million.
I risked those odds every minute, often cursing the dark sky, praying for static and a rumble of thunder, but it never came.
No, that second bolt hit me on a clear day.

The Reluctant Romantics
The Fall
The Mind
The Heart

Compliments to the series
Room 212
Never Me

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Live May 30th.


Blog Tour- Pain by Ashley Wheels

Read my review here:


Have You Felt PAIN? Blog Tour

Title: PAIN
Author: Ashley Wheels
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 25th, 2016


Have you ever cared for someone so much it hurt? Loved them so much you couldn’t even describe it? Scared you to your core? What if you were too scared to let them know how important they were to you?

Afraid of what they might say because you aren’t a good person? You’ve killed, kidnapped, sold drugs and so many other things. Things you aren’t proud of, but can’t undo, no matter how much you might wish now that you know a feeling you never thought you would.

What if you waited too long and now they’re gone forever, but you’ll never be the same?

Well that happened to me.

This is the story of how one innocent girl changed my life forever, and one beautiful woman helped me survive the pain.

**Warning from the Author** – READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! – This isn’t your normal MC Romance. There’s a lot of humor, badass action, sexy romance, and emotions that will make you feel.

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Author Bio

Ashley spends her days, assisting author Aden Lowe as he writes numerous romance books. She recently took the jump and co-published the first book in the Ride Series with Aden, in August 2015. As of March 2016, she adventured out on her own and released her debut solo book, PAIN. A unique MC Romance, that she hopes touches the hearts of readers everywhere.

When not working she spends her time in Southern USA with her husband, Matt and their three fur babies, Peaches, Cookie and Ginger.

Ashley enjoys reading romances, watching Criminal Minds and the Food Network, and shopping during thanksgiving sales.

Follow Ashley

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Review- Pain by Ashley Wheels

What an emotional rollercoaster ride. I think this is the first book that truly made me ugly cry and sob with tears streaming down my face. Ashley is a truly talented author. I could feel all of the struggles present in this book that truly conveyed the depth of emotions that she has faced in her lifetime. I am truly proud of you Ashley and I can’t wait to see what else you will deliver us in the future. You are a warrior girl!

When a little girl is entrusted to Chalk, the big bad biker, his world will forever change. How can one little girl come into the life of a cold hard criminal and make him learn how to love? When you truly find those that belong in your life, you learn so many things you wouldn’t otherwise find important. You find your true self.

I know this review is different from my usual but this book is unique and I truly need to read this without knowing all the twists and turns that are ahead. Yes it was emotional, and yes it will make you cry but it will also make you laugh your as* off at times. This is truly a beyond 5 star read.

Title: PAIN
Author: Ashley Wheels
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 25th, 2016


Have you ever cared for someone so much it hurt? Loved them so much you couldn’t even describe it? Scared you to your core? What if you were too scared to let them know how important they were to you?

Afraid of what they might say because you aren’t a good person? You’ve killed, kidnapped, sold drugs and so many other things. Things you aren’t proud of, but can’t undo, no matter how much you might wish now that you know a feeling you never thought you would.

What if you waited too long and now they’re gone forever, but you’ll never be the same?

Well that happened to me.

This is the story of how one innocent girl changed my life forever, and one beautiful woman helped me survive the pain.

**Warning from the Author** – READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! – This isn’t your normal MC Romance. There’s a lot of humor, badass action, sexy romance, and emotions that will make you feel.

Buy Now

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Blog Tour – Grit by JC Valentine

GRIT Tour Banner

by: J.C. Valentine
Spartan Riders #1
Publication Date: April 19, 2016
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, MC Romance

GRIT Cover

Purchase: Amazon | Print | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo | iTunes

Synopsis: Gabby Morgan isn’t looking for love. Not even a little romance. Following a rocky past that she’d just as soon forget, she’s determined to focus on the future. One that most certainly doesn’t involve the tough-as-nails, short-on-words, hot-as-hell biker…or his kid.

Blake Mahone may not be done with women, but he’s finished with relationships. Then Gabby Morgan enters the picture. She’s flawless, refined, and as his kid’s teacher, way out of his league. She acts like she hates him, but her eyes tell a different story. Before he knows it, Blake finds himself hot for teacher, and he’s more than ready to learn all her secrets. Now all he has to do is convince her to give him a shot…without getting them both killed in the process.


Excerpt #1

A shadow eclipsed the sun and Gabby looked up, mouth running dry, as Blake headed her way. Apart from his bike, he towered over her. His shoulder-length hair was drawn back into one of those man buns that had recently become so popular, but she suspected he’d made it his thing before it was a “thing.” Once again he’d opted for a pair of worn jeans that fit his body to perfection, with a black leather vest, otherwise known as a cut, sporting a president patch, his name, and the name of their township.
He strode up to her with absolute confidence, his expression set in what she decided to dub constipated. When he reached her, only stopping when they were nearly touching from shoulder to thigh, he folded his arms across his broad chest and stared her down.
“Didn’t think you’d show.”
Seeing right through his macho posturing, Gabby canted her head to the side and smiled sweetly. “Well, you did invite me.”
“Ash invited you. I was simply being nice.”
Gabby snorted. Nice wasn’t a word she would use to describe him. “I didn’t realized that word was part of your vocabulary.”
“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”
“If you want me to go, just say so.”
“You’d like that, I’m sure.” His lips pressed together and his jaw clenched. “ “Ash wants you here, and here you are. What more is there to say.”
“How about welcome to the party for starters.”
“My manners don’t extend that far. Look, lady, we’re not friends. You’re my kid’s teacher and for some reason he likes you, so I’m going to play nice. Grab yourself a plate, mingle, whatever. It’s no sweat off my back what you decide to do. Just don’t piss anyone off.”
Any more than she clearly already had him? Mirroring his stance, Gabby narrowed her eyes on him, her irritation piqued. “Look, Mr. Mahone, I’m not here to pick a fight with you, so how about you dial down the snarky attitude a few notches.” One of his dark brows winged up making him appear far more intense than usual. Undaunted, she pressed on. “Furthermore, you claim that I gave you an unfair shake, and maybe I did. So this is me extending an olive branch. I came here, curious to see if you would prove me wrong, but so far you’re only succeeding in proving me right.”
She watched as his gray eyes grew hard and a muscle in his jaw pulsed. Whatever he wanted to say, he didn’t. “Suit yourself, teach. I’d stick around and introduce ya, but I’ve got other shit to do.”
With that, he turned and marched away, his shoulders stiff and his long strides eating up the patchy lawn faster than a herd of cattle.




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JC Valentine

J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Series. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn’t sorry.

J.C. earned her own happily ever after when she married her high school sweetheart. Living in the Northwest, they have three amazing children and far too many pets and spend much of their free time together enjoying movies or the outdoors. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor’s in English and when she isn’t writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.

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Review: Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

Come Undune3

Come Undone is a rollercoaster of a ride filled with so much emotion. From loving and sweet, to humorous joy. From angsty to deep turmoil. Jessica Hawkins took me on a ride that I won’t soon forget and can’t wait to continue.

Liv is a young married woman, working for Chicago Metropolitan Magazine. She came from a broken home and chooses to live life on the “safe” side. Chooses to “settle”…..except with her job. Her dad has always drilled into her mind…

“Say yes to everything. Never pass up an opportunity.”

Her focus has always been her career. Her marriage. Never straying from her husband. Not wanting to end up like her parent. Scared of living life because of her past. Liv feels invisible amongst crowds.

“It was an unfortunate ability of min, feeling spectacularly alone in a crowd, even when surrounded by friends and family.”

David is a sexy as all get out, very well established architect. Completely engrossed in his job, he has no time for relationships. He lives for his job.

…..until he locks eyes with Liv from across the theater.

The sparks, the connection, it’s instant. You can feel it between the two of them.

“Something about the lean in his posture was intimate and easy, yet the space between us was physically hot. Fire under my skin. I reminded myself to breathe.”

Come Undone had me all over the place. There were times that I loathed her husband for the way he acted, but there were times when he could be sweet. I’m on the fence with him. Bill (that’s his name) couldn’t even bother to try to get them off after sex. It was sad and heartbreaking to me really. Who wants a man who only cares about his own sexual satisfaction?

“Bill had comfort in the fact that it wasn’t just him. I’d been with other men before him, mostly in college, but despite my efforts, had yet to find my slice of Nirvana. I couldn’t find comfort in that, though. To me, it was my eternal flaw and as a wife, my greatest inadequacy.”

If I’m honest, I’m completely 100% rooting for David to get the girl! He’s every girls fantasy! Tall, dark, handsome, sweet, caring, sincere, attentive…..I could go on and on. He’s the guy every girl dreams of!

When he and Liv are in any sort of proximity to each other the sexual tension is so tight you’d think it would snap at any second. Both are strong willed and hold off as long as they can, but when the two finally come together……oh man do the sparks fly! The chemistry between these two and the sex (FINALLY) between the two is out of this world hot and steamy!

“Nothing rivaled hearing my name on his lips. I yearned for the burn of his face on mine. I wanted this, I couldn’t deny, but I also knew that it was irreversible.”

This book had me on the edge of my seat at times. The anxiety that Liv carried around with her, was utterly heartbreaking for me. It truly did seem as if no one actually “saw” her. I could say so much more about this book, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. I will tell you that you will fall in love with some of the characters in this book! I know I did! So, read it! You won’t regret it, as long as you don’t mind cheating in your books!

Come Undone was a phenomenal beginning to the Cityscapes Trilogy. It had it all! It was enthralling, angsty, and downright sexy! I can’t wait to dive in to the second book! Bravo Hawkins, for blowing me away once again! Hawkins truly has a unique gift for beautiful story telling that I can’t get enough of!

Come Undune2img_6049

5 Steamy and Angsty Stars!!!


Olivia Germaine has already found love. Devoted wife, loyal friend, determined career woman–she’s created the life she always envisioned. But when Olivia locks eyes with a handsome stranger across a crowded room, he peers a little too closely and sees emotions she thought she’d buried long ago.

David Dylan, alleged playboy and eternal bachelor, challenges Olivia to confront the life she’s built and to make decisions that could either lead to happiness… or regret.

Will Olivia be able to draw the line between lust and love? And can David respect that line?


Come Undune

Review: B-Sides and Rarities by K Webster 


  This book isn’t for the faint of heart. We were warned from the first page and Webster wasn’t lying! 

WoW! When I first learned about this book, I was excited, nervous, and anxious all at once! I love K Webster’s writing! This book should be no different….and it wasn’t. B-Sides and Rarities is exactly what it is supposed to be. It’s a glimpse inside of the authors mind. From sweet to dark. From sad to happy. This book is a compilation of 12 different, UNFINISHED stories. It’s a taste of K Webster’s madness in a different form! 
 Webster gives you a taste of one story, pulls you in, and then “POOF!” It’s over before it really begins. Webster leaves you wondering and wanting more of each story. Oh but what a surprise she gave us at the end! If you’ve read the War & Peace duet, you know the next story coming is Gabe’s! Webster gives us all a taste of his story and let me just say! I am a little more “Team Gabe” for reading it!

B-Sides and Rarities was a deliciously, torturous dip in the chaotic mind of K Webster! Every story had me wanting to sink my teeth in. I cringed EVERY.SINGLE. TIME. I turned the page, hoping it wasn’t the end of the story.   I’m hoping and praying that K Webster will one day finish these stories that I can’t seem to get out of my head. Wondering…..what happened next?!?! Maybe my prayers will be answered, but I guess only time will tell! 

Kudos to you Webster, for taking a chance and taking your fans for a walk on the wild side! I have loved everything I’ve ever read of yours, and I can’t wait until the next release! Now, finish these stories please, I beg of you! 

 5 Maddening Stars!!!   Peeking into the head of a writer is like opening the door to a room filled with lunatics, villains, and demons—all running amuck while screaming at exactly the same time. In other words, complete chaos. Most days, authors are able to quieten those voices in their head and focus on the ones who yell the loudest. They are able to clutch onto the hand of the most important character and pull them from the fray. 

But what happens when they’re all screaming much too loudly? What happens when they all speak at once and they pull the author into the depths of their fiery hell? 

Writer’s block, that’s what. 

Have you ever wondered why an author jumped into a different story while in the middle of a series you’ve been following or why they are taking too long to release or why they’ve gone genre hopping? 

Well, I’ll tell you why. 

They’re in hell. 

The hell of their own mind. 

In most cases, the writer will open new documents and tell portions of these character’s stories if only to shut them up for a while. Other times, it’s because the author simply needs to feel useful or productive when their work in progress has come to a screeching halt. Regardless of the reason, you can ask just about any writer in this world and they’ll show you right to a folder on their desktop or a notebook of many scribblings of unfinished stories. 

This is our therapy. Our coping mechanism. 

And most days, as a reader, you’re only welcome into the world of our stunning, finished works of art we’ve spent months and months agonizing over. The beautiful final product of our blood, sweet, tears, and insanity. Nobody ever lets you in to see what wasn’t ever meant for the world. The imperfect. The incomplete. The utter madness. 

Nobody would ever share that with the world, right? 

Well, they’d have to be a little crazy. 

They’d have to be me. 


WARNING: This is a collection of incomplete stories. Some end abruptly, almost as quickly as they started. Others let you sink your teeth in just a bit before pushing you away. A couple will leave you pulling at your hair and cursing for more. In this collection, it’s all about beginnings…there are no climaxes or epic endings. It’s madness I tell you! Enter at your own risk.


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