Review: B-Sides and Rarities by K Webster 


  This book isn’t for the faint of heart. We were warned from the first page and Webster wasn’t lying! 

WoW! When I first learned about this book, I was excited, nervous, and anxious all at once! I love K Webster’s writing! This book should be no different….and it wasn’t. B-Sides and Rarities is exactly what it is supposed to be. It’s a glimpse inside of the authors mind. From sweet to dark. From sad to happy. This book is a compilation of 12 different, UNFINISHED stories. It’s a taste of K Webster’s madness in a different form! 
 Webster gives you a taste of one story, pulls you in, and then “POOF!” It’s over before it really begins. Webster leaves you wondering and wanting more of each story. Oh but what a surprise she gave us at the end! If you’ve read the War & Peace duet, you know the next story coming is Gabe’s! Webster gives us all a taste of his story and let me just say! I am a little more “Team Gabe” for reading it!

B-Sides and Rarities was a deliciously, torturous dip in the chaotic mind of K Webster! Every story had me wanting to sink my teeth in. I cringed EVERY.SINGLE. TIME. I turned the page, hoping it wasn’t the end of the story.   I’m hoping and praying that K Webster will one day finish these stories that I can’t seem to get out of my head. Wondering…..what happened next?!?! Maybe my prayers will be answered, but I guess only time will tell! 

Kudos to you Webster, for taking a chance and taking your fans for a walk on the wild side! I have loved everything I’ve ever read of yours, and I can’t wait until the next release! Now, finish these stories please, I beg of you! 

 5 Maddening Stars!!!   Peeking into the head of a writer is like opening the door to a room filled with lunatics, villains, and demons—all running amuck while screaming at exactly the same time. In other words, complete chaos. Most days, authors are able to quieten those voices in their head and focus on the ones who yell the loudest. They are able to clutch onto the hand of the most important character and pull them from the fray. 

But what happens when they’re all screaming much too loudly? What happens when they all speak at once and they pull the author into the depths of their fiery hell? 

Writer’s block, that’s what. 

Have you ever wondered why an author jumped into a different story while in the middle of a series you’ve been following or why they are taking too long to release or why they’ve gone genre hopping? 

Well, I’ll tell you why. 

They’re in hell. 

The hell of their own mind. 

In most cases, the writer will open new documents and tell portions of these character’s stories if only to shut them up for a while. Other times, it’s because the author simply needs to feel useful or productive when their work in progress has come to a screeching halt. Regardless of the reason, you can ask just about any writer in this world and they’ll show you right to a folder on their desktop or a notebook of many scribblings of unfinished stories. 

This is our therapy. Our coping mechanism. 

And most days, as a reader, you’re only welcome into the world of our stunning, finished works of art we’ve spent months and months agonizing over. The beautiful final product of our blood, sweet, tears, and insanity. Nobody ever lets you in to see what wasn’t ever meant for the world. The imperfect. The incomplete. The utter madness. 

Nobody would ever share that with the world, right? 

Well, they’d have to be a little crazy. 

They’d have to be me. 


WARNING: This is a collection of incomplete stories. Some end abruptly, almost as quickly as they started. Others let you sink your teeth in just a bit before pushing you away. A couple will leave you pulling at your hair and cursing for more. In this collection, it’s all about beginnings…there are no climaxes or epic endings. It’s madness I tell you! Enter at your own risk.


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