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Worth Fighting For by Kirsty Moseley


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes two people need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.

Second-chance love is a special kind of love, a raw and real romance, which speaks to the soul. Two soulmates broken apart whose love has never died are granted a do-over…that coveted second chance. Their hearts, once sliced in half, find their way back to each other and become whole again. Second-chance love stories are my heart…my soul…my addiction; Worth Fighting For was MY KRYPTONITE.

I could not help but devour Worth Fighting For with a voracious hunger, drowning in the pulse-pounding pages like my last breath. I had to force myself to put my kindle down as I did not want to stop inhaling this thrilling tale. I fell in fast love with Worth Fighting For, a story I knew would be worthy of its title, one that would be a fight of feels and a tug-of-war with my heart, and that it was.

Worth Fighting For held my heart in its clutches, owning it…OWNING ME. My feelings were free-falling fast and hard, as my heart beat out of its chest, pounding with every page. My emotions were entangled around every word as the passion penetrated me. I FELT EVERYTHING!!!

The Prologue alone brought me to tears. My emotions engulfed me, igniting like fire, ready to burn. Oh did I BURN as I battled my feels…a fight I would not win…a fight I did not want to win. I knew this story starring story about a broken boy who lost the one girl he loved who could save him would break me…that it did. I just did not know that the girl’s story this time would break me just as hard or even more.

Gorgeous, dark-haired, dark-eyed, tall, inked, and muscular Jamie Cole lost the only girl he loved…his soul mate…and it was all his fault. He thought he was letting her go so she could be free, but his heart was never free as it was broken and bound to Ellie, half a heart remaining as she’d always have the other half.

“I was in love once. Only once. And I lost her. And I would give any f**king thing in the world to never loved her at all. No, it was definitely is not better to have loved and lost.”


It’s been three years since beautiful, red-haired and blue-eyed Ellie left New York to London to start a new life, and forget about the boy who broke her heart and now the man who still holds her broken heart in his hands.

“Jamie. The beautiful, wounded boy who tricked me into falling in love with him only to shatter me completely.”


Jamie is dead inside, living to work and working to live. His heart is gone, as it was given to the only girl who stole it from him when they were teens. Ellie was an angel in his darkness, the one who made him believe in a future…believe in himself.

“The girl was still everything right in my world.”

A tragedy brings Ellie home after three long years, reuniting her with the broken boy…now man…who was supposed to be her forever. Sometimes love never dies; it just needs to be rekindled.

“The second my eyes met his I forget to breathe.”

The chemistry sparked by flames, a fire ignites with passion between them.

“I didn’t have time to react before his mouth was on mine…Everything was forgotten: the pain, the heartache, the tears…I was lost in him.”

Those kisses melted from the pages, penetrating that passion right to me as I felt it too. Those lifetime kisses of soulmates that you know will lock you to love for life. Oh how was I rooting for love! I wanted…no needed…this second chance love story to succeed. I wanted this broken boy to reunite with his angel girl, soul mates whose hearts needed to be whole.

“You deserved better than me, you always did.”

“Was I not worth fighting for?”

“You’re worth dying for.”

Worth Fighting for Teaser.png

Oh did I love this broken and beautiful man, Jamie, so much! Oh how this amazing alpha made me swoon and smolder. Jamie is pure perfection! The dark hero with a heart of gold held my heart in his hands and never stopped owning it…OWNING ME!

My heart shattered as my soul swooned. I was gutted…unglued. I was drowning in tears mixed with hope and heartbreak. These words melted my heart in the utmost devotion of love…slaying my soul…SLAYING ME!

“He had been my first love and, I had come to realize, my only love.”

Can Jamie and Ellie pick up the pieces of their painful pasts and their shattered hearts and become whole again?

These two halves of hearts needed to be whole… one. This knight could not…would not… leave his damsel in distress…PLEASE NO! So I hoped. I prayed. I desperately rooted for love. Love that had to survive this turmoil.

Worth Fighting For Teaser 3.png

Worth Fighting For is a heartbreaking and heartwarming tale that hijacked my heart and slayed my soul. I cried tears of heartbreak, happiness, and hope in one of the most gut-wrenching and gripping stories of second-chance love. My fingers gripped tightly, white-knuckling my kindle from beginning to end as Worth Fighting For had me on the edge. Oh what a fast and furious, heart-beating-out-of-my-chest edge it was!!!

I could only succumb to this tale that took my emotions from me where I was fighting them and they were fighting me. Worth Fighting For is a roller coaster of a second-chance romance, one where I felt every twist and turn of my heart as it traveled on a riveting ride of heartbreak, hope, and happiness. This thrilling tale of tenderness mixed with terror was my adrenaline…my angst…my ache…MY ALL!

Worth Fighting For BROKE ME IN THE BEST WAY! Kirsty Moseley wove her magic in one masterpiece of an utterly brilliant and devastatingly beautiful book that I LOVED SOOO MUCH. Kirsty Moseley has moved up to my top author list, and Worth Fighting For is a new top 2016 read!

When you begin and end a tale in tears, you know that story stamped itself all over your heart and soul, entangling and embedding itself into your emotions. You were lost to it and it was lost to you. I lost myself in Worth Fighting For by Kirsty Moseley and I am still not ready to be found. Worth Fighting For is WORTH EVERYTHING.

★★★★★ ‘but worth 10’ devastatingly beautiful and brilliant stars


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Sometimes in life you have to walk away . . .

Leaving Jamie Cole was the hardest thing Ellie Pearce ever had to do. Somehow, she moved on. She made a new life in a new city with a new man. So when a family tragedy calls Ellie back home, she believes all her old feelings for Jamie—the hunger, the heat, the heartbreak-are safely behind her. But the second she lays eyes on him, the intensity of their connection is as strong as ever.

Sometimes you stay and fight . . .

Jamie knows pain. He’s felt it fighting in the streets, and he felt it fighting to survive in prison. Yet nothing he’s experienced has been as painful as the day Ellie left—until the moment she came back. This time Jamie is determined to hold on to Ellie forever. But as much as she still loves him, she can’t ignore the dark world he’s now a part of. Jamie has enemies. Dangerous ones. And after seeing Jamie with Ellie, they know exactly how to take him out . . .


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