Review – How to Date a Douchebag: The Coaching Hours by Sara Ney


The Coaching Hours
by Sara Ney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After you go gaga over the four bright and beautiful book covers of Sara Ney’s How to Date a Douchebag series, you’ll notice that each story is as UNIQUE as the color of its cover. Each How to Date a Douchebag story is STUNNING. Each How to Date a Douchebag story strikes like a match, lighting a fire inside you that you won’t want to extinguish as you BURN for the book. Each How to Date a Douchebag story is EVERYTHING!!!

The Coaching Hours is the last HURRAH! This How to Date a Douchebag book is IT!!! You can’t help but love these Douchebags. Sara Ney writes strong heroes and heroines who are as entertaining as they are endearing, and this series-ending story is no exception. The Coaching Hours is the tale of the Iowa wrestling coach’s beautiful and bright daughter and a bet that douchebags make to land her like a coveted prize.

Those douchebags need to learn a lesson. And I’m just the girl to teach them.

This is a story that slowly reveals itself, enshrouding the reader with a little mystery. The Coaching Hours keeps you swimming in a splash of suspense the whole time reading. The twists … just YES!!! A bit forbidden and full of angst, The Coaching Hours bursts with sexual tension that is simply DELICIOUS.

We’ve officially crossed an invisible line we can’t walk over.

This is the story of friends who become more.

A heart is racing but I’m not sure if it’s his or mine.

This is the story of the nice guy finally finishing first. You’ll be rooting for this prince to claim his princess at the end. You’ll SWOON hard for the hero who is hot with a hard body, is as protective as he is passionate, and as sweet as he is sexy. This alpha will make you MELT!!! This so-not-a douchebag but so ALPHA PERFECTION will make you fall in love with him so hard. I LOVED this hero who OWNED ME!!!

”I’m always content to just look at you.”

This hero and heroine are MAGICAL together! I felt their chemistry combust … so hot and heady! I felt their palpable connection. I felt the sensuality smoke through me. I FELT IT ALL!!!

This last How to Date a Douchebag book, The Coaching Hours, MELTED ME!!! Sara Ney delivers a relatable, tension-twisting and heart-hitting tale of unexpected love. The slow burn … the build-up … the delicious sexual tension … just so freaking HOT and HEADY! The Coaching Hours is a BANG-UP BOOK that bleeds the most delicious of drama and angst. This tale tortures with tension and touches with tenderness, and is DOWNRIGHT ADDICTING! I LOVED IT!

We’re playing with fire, and we both know it.

It’s the END … the Douchebags are DONE but I still can’t help but CRAVE MORE! I don’t want to let this humorous, heated, and heartfelt series go! Each tale I’ve fallen for so hard as I love all in different ways. These characters centered around a college wrestling team still feel like family and I’m not ready to bid them farewell. I already miss these Douchebags so much! I don’t want the How to Date a Douchebag series to be over. I’m not crying … you are!!!

”Even surrounded by people, I was alone because I wasn’t with you.”

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 slow burning stars


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Well, there are, but they’re not who this story is about.
This story is about me—the coach’s daughter.
When I moved to Iowa to live with my dad, the university’s take-no-prisoners wrestling coach, I thought transferring would be easy as pie—living with my father would be temporary, and he’d make sure his douchebag wrestlers left me alone.
Wrong on both counts.


A bet is placed, and I’m on the table. After one humiliating night and too much alcohol, I find the last nice guy on campus. And when he offers to rent me his spare bedroom, I go all in. It’s time for the nice guy to finish first.
Midnight chats and spilling my problems turn to lingering touches. Lingering touches turn to more.
And the ultimate good guy has the potential do more damage than any douchebags ever could.




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