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Todd Wallace has been called many things….

Son. Football star. Murderer. Wolfpup. Faelan. Master. But never has he been called a hero. That is until now.

This has been long in the making and it didn’t disappoint at all. I’ve wanted very much not to like Todd. He was brash and aggressive. He didn’t know his limits and he blurred the boundaries with Brie. But as more of his life can to the surface, as more of his struggles and hardships began to be known, i grew fond of him. An accident changed his life and clearly not for the better. Todd finds himself lost and directionless. The Center and the Doms change him and give him purpose. But it’s Brie that truly is his guiding force, until one day Brie chooses another to be her Master. Todd must find purpose again but finds sickness instead. But in his sickness he finds friendship with Tono and love – with Mary. But mary has her own demons and those demons destroy what she and Faelan have. So once again Todd finds himself alone. But not as lost. Thanks to Rytsar, Faelan has a purpose. Brie is in danger and he must protect her at all costs.

As I read Faelan’s story, I was amazed at his transformation. His strength and courage. He went from the stalker that I hated to the Dom that I respected. His care for Brie in a time when she needed him as a protector warmed me. He embraced his responsibility with humility, stubborness and determination. Todd is so multi-layered, complex and compelling. On the one hand, he is in total command when he dominates. He has a presence that cannot be denied. He certainly had me squirming in my seat! Still, on the other hand he’s still the teenage boy that can’t move past the accident that took the life of another boy who never had a chance to live to his full potential. It’s a mistake that he simply cannot move from.

Todd has his own potential and his own life to live fully with love, friendships and family. He shows all of that here. Clearly his story is just beginning. There is so much more to come from this amazing man.

Amazing story! It simply stunned me. Seeing the family bond between the members of The Submissive Center was heartwarming and thrilling. These doms are faithful and true to their own. The ending blew me away and now? Now we wait. The best is coming. Fantastic!

Five Hero Stars!

Under His Protection Dom teaser
Misunderstood Hero
Faelan is a passionate Master with a hidden past that holds him hostage.

Having his heart recently broken, he accepts the challenge of keeping Brie safe and vows to protect her by

But when a curvy little sub catches his eye at the Haven, he is forced to choose loyalty over love.

His allegiance lies with his friends at The Center, and the time has come to prepare their rescue of Rytsar Durov—one of their own.

“I have selected a rather self-indulgent request tonight. You see, there is a sub in the audience I’ve had my eye on for a while. Tonight, I will be playing out her fantasy…”
He pulled out the note and read it, making a few changes in the wording. “This sub would like to be tied up so she is completely vulnerable to my favorite instruments.” He saw Kylie perk up. Staring directly at her, he continued, “She also stated ‘I want to know his Dominant touch and not be able to do anything about it.”
Kylie stared at him with a stunned expression as the other subs in the crowd looked at her with envy.
“Would you step forward and join me?” Faelan asked, holding out his hand to her.
Kylie’s eyes widened, but she didn’t make a move.
Faelan cocked his head and smiled, waiting patiently.
Kylie approached him, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. He kept his gaze on her, making sure they didn’t lose eye contact. When she was close enough, he took her hand to pull her to him.
The moment their skin touched she audibly gasped.
Leaning in, he asked in a low whisper, “Do you really want to scene with me tonight or should I let you go?”

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