Review & Exclusive Excerpt – Elusive by L.A. Fiore 

Elusive by L.A. Fiore 

Earlier this year I read the works of a new to me author, her book blew me away and I cursed myself for not reading her books sooner. Since that point I’ve waited, not so patiently, for her next book. When L.A. Fiore revealed she was writing a book on Pirates, I was intrigued and also a little worried. I knew that there would be romance, but I imagined more along the lines of “fantasy”. What L.A. actually delivered in Elusive was a stunning, sensual story. A story that was SO REAL and blew all my expectations out the water. L.A. delivered a story so intense, so passionate, so EVERYTHING, that I fell deeply in love with it and never wanted it to end.

Noah & Willow are a phenomenal couple. From the very first time these two meet, an undeniable connection bursts from the pages. That connection builds hotter and hotter through every page. Individually Noah and Willow were complete opposites but fantastic leads in their own right. Both broken, yet both so strong. I loved Willow, she made me smile and believe and hope. Noah was just something else entirely. I mean, he’s BAD BOY, TO THE MAX! This dirty pirate was sexy, sinful, raw, gritty, passionate. An all round amazing alpha male, written to PER-FEC-TION.

Elusive is angsty and has a slooooow burn that I constantly seek in my books. The way the story unfolds and builds over so much time worked perfectly and built an insanely, vivid picture, so believable. Everything felt real and hit me deep.

LA, broke my heart with this book, she made my heart pound with this book. For every breath she stole, she breathed life back into me in stunning words and feelings. She made my soul shatter and yet, it was singing. LA’s words are brutal and breathtaking. They are also BEAUTIFUL. Every second spent reading this book was an escape. An adventure that I truly got lost in. LA writes like no other. Elusive is a book like no other. It’s a stand out read of 2017. A top favourite. A truly phenomenal read. 

6 “sail away with me” stars.

I didn’t set out to be a pirate.

Life for me was about surviving the ugliness that people knew existed but didn’t talk about.

I lived in hell.

Then I saw her. 

I knew I couldn’t keep her, but for just a little while I had found heaven.

Eight years later, I can’t get her out of my head.

It is a mistake sailing to her island. 

It is a mistake reaching out to her.

She doesn’t recognize me. Or maybe she does.

Closure, it is all I’m after.

Then my past comes back to haunt me.

She’s thrust into my ruthless world. An angel.

A romantic who has a journal that leads to a shipwreck and a lost treasure. 

She’s wants to find the ending to a love story that is over two hundred years in the making.

I want to help her find it.

I didn’t set out to be a pirate.

I didn’t set out to fall in love with an angel.

I did both anyway.

Elusive Excerpt

Text copyright © 2017, L.A. Fiore

All rights reserved.

    My eyes moved to his tattoo visible on his forearm. “It covers the scars.”


    “Can I see?”

    It was only the slightest hesitation before he worked the buttons and pulled his shirt off. The tribal design moved up his arm to his pec and around to his back. I had to look closely for the circular scars, one on his shoulder, two on his arm, one on his side, one near his collarbone and one dangerously close to his heart. It wasn’t a conscious thought when I pressed a kiss to each one. His muscles flexed under my touch then his body went very still.

    I couldn’t hold back the tears when I looked up into his face. “You could have died.”

    There was an intensity about him when he said, “You earned my admiration when you bought a pineapple for that little girl. You stole a little piece of my heart when you let me touch you that night on the ship and you got my respect putting yourself between my friends and a shark, but baby you just sealed your fate by kissing my scars.” He curled his spine to look me in the eyes. “You’re mine.”

    He let those words linger before he started for the door, pulling his shirt on as he did. I called to him right before he walked out. “I know you’ve seen the worst in people, that your experiences have

hardened you, but there are good people in the world. You’re not so hardened though, because you carry around my necklace, you carry that stone. Showing me that, you sealed your fate too. I claim you

right back, but please don’t break my heart.”

    He stopped for a second then disappeared, but I knew he had heard me.







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