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Ella James, in all of her amazing talent, has given us twists on fairy tales, vices, and a celebrutante and her haunted prince. With The Boy Next Door, Ella is back and to say she has grown in her talent and found a beautiful voice is an understatement. This story is unlike anything she has ever offered. This is a second chance love story filled with angst, twists and turns and two people trying to let go of the past and move forward together. Still the past is never far away when Dash and Amelia are together.

He was the boy who saved her life the first day he met her at age six. He was her first love and the boy who left and never came back. One special night together. That’s all there was. There is no heartbreak like that from the one person that you believed would be always be by your side. Ammy grows up, graduates from high school and eventually lands a summer internship while in college. It’s when her boss turns around in his chair that Amelia’s life changes again – Dash is her boss. The boy next door is back.

Dash and Amelia’s story had me so completely engrossed. They clearly love each other. Even if Dash has felt that he needed to stay away from Amelia, his heart has always been with her. Amelia is angry, lost and bewildered about why Dash has forgotten her but her heart belongs with Dash. Their chemistry simmers but the romance is as sweet as it is heartbreaking. Dash is as swoony as he is haunted and riddled with guilt and life altering secrets. Though she tries to deny what she feels, Ammy knows what her heart wants but she’s scared to believe she could finally have everything she has ever wanted with Dash.

There are no words to describe how incredible Ella’s book is. It is absolutely stunning. I laughed and I cried – a very ugly cry at that. The Boy Next Door is brilliant and beautiful and I’m mad that it’s over. Dash and Amelia held me hostage. The love they share is one built on youth, first love, shattered dreams and secrets. The secrets floored me. The secondary characters… especially Dash’s sister… are vital to this amazing tale. I fell into this book and was so gripped by it. Truth be told I still am.

Simply amazing! Congratulations, Ella!

SIX Beautiful Dove STARS!


The Boy Next Door teaser Dash


The boy next door. That’s what he was. Dash Frasier—my hero from the day we met, when I was six and he was nine. His sister was my best friend, the three of us one happy crew. Then one sweaty summer night changed everything.

No one understood me like Dash. No one made me feel so loved. That’s why, when he skipped town, it wrecked me.

Now I’m older. Wiser. I’ve just snagged my dream job, writing at a film studio. The lead animator on my project? You guessed it.

He’s not the boy next door. Not anymore.

I’m guarding my heart this time.

But Dash has secrets that could break us both.

Drown the memory


He runs a finger over my lip, giving me the saddest look. A look that I can’t handle, so I kiss him hard—to hurt—and am rewarded with a bark-groan sound. Then we’re in his car; I’m spread out on the back seat, Dash is lording over me, his body crowding the small space, his mouth and hands more frenzied than usual.

He makes me come hard, twice, and then he kisses my cheek, helps me put my clothes to rights, and pushes the car door open. One look at his tented pants, and I want to do something about it…

But I get in the front seat anyway.

“Your eyes look nice,” he says as he backs out. “I always loved your glasses, but your eyes are even better.”

I give him side-eye at the use of the word “always.” Dash has the good grace to look down, then at the road. When we get back to our building, he walks around and opens my door. I get out, laughing when I notice the party in his pants.

“Looks like you’re having a hard time there.”

“Har har.”

“Maybe you should carry me inside. Sort of in front of you?” I giggle.

I shrug, and Dash throws me over his shoulder. He carries me all the way to the elevator, and when we reach the seventh floor, he picks me up again. He’s still hard when he drops me on my doormat.

I eye his impressive tent. “Pretty sure there’s something in your pants there.”

“You think?”

I nod slowly. “Definite trouser snake. Too bad you can’t get someone to help you…let it out.”

“Can’t I?”

Then his mouth is on my neck; my key is in the door; the two of us are on my foyer floor…and Dash is in my mouth.

He's My Boss


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Ella James is the USA Today bestselling author of sixteen teen and adult love stories. She’s an angst-a-holic who loves exploring difficult situations and the emotions of the people caught up in them. Also, smut. But always, always romance.

Ella’s obsessions include vanilla cream soda, hiking, other weird, crunchy things like rock collecting, and the antics of her three little monsters.

To find out more about her projects, follow her on Facebook at, tweet her at author_ellaj or follow her on Instagram (authorellajames).

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