Review – Villain by Samantha Young

Villain by Samantha Young

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

”One moment of kindness can change everything.”

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve LOVED fairytales. Fairytales allow you to dare to dream as you’re thrust to a magical land of princes, princesses, and happily ever afters. Samantha Young’s latest love story, Villain, is UTTERLY UNPUTDOWNABLE!!! Villain is an ENCHANTING and EXPLOSIVE FAIRYTALE that SWEEPS YOU AWAY!!!

This fairytale dared me to DREAM as my SOUL SOARED to the sky, feels flying HIGH!!! But this novella packs even more punch! Villain is not just a smoldering and swoony fairytale but a spellbinding suspense!!! I LOVED the mystery that instantly enfolded, drawing me in deeply to this story.

A beautiful and bit of a broken heroine, Nadia, intrigued me from the very first page. The smart broadcast meteorologist has had a string of men let her down so much in life that she’s rather be her own hero after kissing so many villains. I ADMIRED this heroine’s strength!!!

Until one villain becomes more…

Until power meets powerless, a pendulum that swings fiercely throughout this tale…

“If you’re not careful, that lack of fear could ruin you, Miss Ray.”

Henry, oh Henry, where do I begin?!? Henry is a hot playboy billionaire who melts all
women of all ages with merely a smile. He is as captivating as he is charismatic, a smart, sexy, and shrewd businessman. PURE ALPHA PERFECTION!!! I LOVED this Prince Charming hero!!!

What starts out as an assignment to gain information from the enemy, turns into a raging inferno of electricity that ignites when Nadia is near the infuriating gorgeous and insanely wealthy, Henry.

Lines are blurred between hero and villain…

“I’m growing on you.”

“Like a wart.”

Collision after collision has Nadia and Henry together again. It’s as if a force is pulling them, a strong tide. I FELT this force of fire and fate between the hero and heroine.

“I don’t want to never see you again.”

I MELTED from these oh-so-romantic words. I SWOONED so hard! Sweet and sensual are a lethal combination, one that hit straight to my core.

The sexual tension is high. The pull is too palpable, too strong to ignore. I loved this most delicious of angst in Villain! The passion is PALPABLE between the hero and heroine. Their union is UNSTOPPABLE!!!

“I’m going to kiss and such and lick every inch of you.”

Oh. My. HOT!!! Henry’s deliciously dirty mouth made me melt into molten lava!!! This hero and heroine EXPLODE TOGETHER!!! Their chemistry is COMBUSTIBLE. I felt their chemistry steam off the pages, a blaze of fire that burned me everywhere!!!

“You are all I truly see.”

SWOOON!!! When you’re still SMILING after a story is over, you know it’s a GEM and oh is Villain so so BRILLIANT and BRIGHT. This story is SWEET and SEXY with strong characters that captivate from beginning to end. With a hot and rich hero who is one knight-in-shining armor and a beautiful but broken heroine, these characters are POTENT TOGETHER!!! Henry and Nadia made me FALL HARD IN LOVE with them and EVERYTHING VILLAIN!!! I could not help but become BESOTTED with this fierce and feel-worthy fairytale!!!

Packed with humor, heat, and heart, Villain is the PERFECT ROMANCE. Samantha Young has written a FLAWLESS FAIRYTALE—one DREAMY READ—that will leave you not wanting but NEEDING MORE!!! With a SWEET SIGH and permanent smile etched on my face, I’m still floating on Cloud Nine where I feel like Cinderella swept away by Prince Charming, royally hitched to this fairytale forever. Villain is SIMPLY MAGICAL!!!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 sweet and steamy fairytale stars


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The sexy and emotional companion novella to the New York Times bestselling romance HERO.

Nadia Ray is not just a broadcast meteorologist. She’s Boston’s morning television It Girl. Successful and independent, she’s put a past she’s ashamed of behind her and is forging a future she can be proud of. However, when her new boss discovers her secret he blackmails her, intent on using Nadia’s popularity to make them the number one morning show in Massachusetts. He wants her to be part of uncovering the city’s biggest scandal – a secret billionaire Caine Carraway is hiding.

Soon Nadia is thrown into the path of Caine’s best friend: sexy, wealthy bachelor Henry Lexington. But she doesn’t encounter the dashing high society gentleman Henry is purported to be. Instead she’s faced with an insulting and defensive villain who misjudges her at every turn.

When Henry finally realizes the truth, and decides to make amends, Nadia wants nothing to do with him. But she underestimates his determination and charm and soon they find themselves embroiled in an intense, passionate affair.

An affair Nadia knows must come to an end before their feelings grow any deeper and he discovers her secrets.

After all, Henry Lexington isn’t the only one who played the part of a villain once…



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