Review – Twelve Tiny Truths by M. Dauphin & H.Q. Frost

Twelve Tiny Truths by M. Dauphin & H.Q. Frost

When I started Twelve Tiny Truths I have to admit that I really struggled to get into it at first. It was like I was on a roller coaster that was moving really slowly. However, I stuck with it and it didn’t take long for things to really start moving and gradually that roller coaster began rising higher and higher. Then, HOLY mother of god, I hit a loop-d-loop and this book became breathtakingly addictive.

All of a sudden everything just seemed to click and I was ALL IN. Nothing could have stopped me finishing the book, or getting off the ‘Dauphrost’ roller coaster.

That first initial loop-d-loop was nothing compared to the drama and angst that surges from this story. And when I say drama I don’t mean unnecessary drama, I mean intense, heartfelt drama that made me FEEL!

Travis & Charlie are so sweet. The swoon is off the charts. I mean if Travis got anymore swoony my legs would give out. He’s just THAT GOOD! And these two are HOT. FIYAH burning HOT!

The shining star of this book? It’s realness! The characters weren’t rich millionaires or your typical “romance characters”. They were real people, with real, tough life changing problems that they rose against and lived with. It was refreshing and uplifting, even with the sadness. I just really enjoyed that aspect and the overall deliverance.

Twelve Tiny Truths is an emotional, addictive rollercoaster that ended up hooking me and taking me on a ride I’ll not forget in a hurry.

4 breaktaking beautiful stars!

I’m Charlie, and these are my truths:

1) I should have been a doctor

2) One stupid decision changed my life

3) My best friend, Frankie, kept me sane when I thought I’d crumble

4) A new career running a dating website helped save me

5) Steady routine and burying myself in work became everything

6) A drunken dare on a boring night caused a spark in my routine

7) Cherry pie and a deep, sexy voice made the spark ignite

8) A date at the movies and country songs made me swoon

9) His kind heart, affection, and faith in me made me fall in love

10) The secrets he kept broke my heart

11) Good friends helped me understand his reasons

12) Unexpected circumstances threaten to ruin my life

…..Travis has his own truths.


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