Review – If You Fight by K. M. Scott

If You Fight by K. M. Scott

If You Fight continues Ryder and Serena’s intense, suspenseful, roller coaster relationship.

It’s hard to review this book because it’s the second instalment and it answers questions from book 1 as well as setting up book 3. So I won’t discuss the book in too much detail. 

What I will say is that KM kept up the addictive nature that sparked and held my interest from book one. She maintained the breathtaking heat and love between Ryder and Serena and made me even more attached to them. My heart broke for them and healed and broke all over again. 

KM well and truly holds all my attention and emotions in the palm of her hand and I cannot wait to see how it all ends in book three!!

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If I Dream (Book 1)

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