Review – It All Falls Down by M. Dauphin 

It All Falls Down by M. Dauphin 

4.5 hot & heavy stars!

Can I begin this review by saying.. OH MY PANTY BURNING HOTNESS. LOL. Seriously, It All Falls Down is crazy hot, like burny, burny hot. Max & Nora literally sizzle their way through this book. 

Connection is there. And it’s HOT.

Chemistry is there. And it’s HOT.

Tension is there. Annnnnnd it’s HOT! 

I kid you not, this is not a book you should read, unless you’re alone. TWO WORDS… Hotel Room. *wipes brow* 

Once we get past all the hotness talk though, what we have with It All Falls Down is an incredibly sweet, swoony, beautiful romance, that made my heart pitter patter on many occasions. 

Nora & Max are a stunning couple. His bad with her good mixed together perfectly. Despite the initial meet being a quick, hot ride, what transpires afterwards was a stroke of genius. M. Dauphin brings them back together so fluidly thus beginning that searing connection, that you cannot help but feel. 

My heart broke a little for these characters and mannnnn, I wanted to shake them, just to clear their vision but Dauphin does it in her own way, she paves their path back to one another perfectly and it was a joy to read.

It All Falls Down is a beautiful, breathtaking romance, that sizzles and burns and just leaves you with all those wonderful bookish feels!

He promised he’d never leave. He should have told me. I could have helped. Max came into my life when I didn’t need a man to define me. He didn’t push his way in… not really. He slowly, tirelessly, and patiently waited. He used that damn smile, day in and day out, and waited until I tumbled head over heels in love with him. 

My grandma always told me to watch out for the pretty boys. The ones that turn you to mush the first time you lay eyes on them. She never warned me about Maxwell Holzer. If there’s one thing in life I’ve always known, it’s that when something goes up, it will most certainly always come crashing down.


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