Review – Hard Boss by Luke Steel

Hard Boss by Luke Steel

Okay! LISTEN UP! First of all I must discuss this cover! Because OMG….THIS FREAKING COVER….

I mean, HOLY HOT ABS! THOSE HANDS! THAT WATCH! *shivers* If that doesn’t draw you to think book then, well, I don’t know what will? Oh… wait, maybe I do. 

Yep here’s another reason….


Hard Boss is a sexy, quick, dirty read that just took my breath away. Now, I’m not usually one for posting five star reviews on ‘shorter’ books. Why? I like my books with more meat in them, but this? 

Well this had meat, it had grit, it had a rawness, it had intensity, it had heart and it well and truly worked it’s way into mine. Luke Steel, where have you been? Hard Boss is an fantastic debut! 

From start to finish I swooned over Dominic and I must admit I got really hot for Dominic. I ADORED Lucy! She too was crazy hot. If high-fiving a character was a possibility, I’d high-five her! From their initial meet to their end they sizzled and popped with an intense, fiery connection. And despite the length of Hard Boss I never once felt rushed or disconnected, from the story or them. And had it been longer, I’d have loved it even more! 

Hard Boss is a dirty, delicious read. It’s HOT **fans self** and heartwarming. It’s passion and love. It’s everything, wrapped up in a mouth watering package. I loved it. Luke Steel…WRITE MORE. I NEED MORE!

I’m as hard as they come. No one can unravel me. And then SHE came along…

Lucy was supposed to be like every other assistant out there—quiet, skilled at predicting my needs, and definitely not a walking distraction. How can she make it so hard to focus on my work? I hate it.

And I hate how much I want her.

Worse, no matter how I try to scare her off with my crisp attitude, she stands up to me. Her backbone is turning me on as much as catching her bending over the desk, skirt stretched over her thighs.


She shouldn’t get close to me. No one should.

So why am I taking her to dinner?

And why am I tying her down to my bed, making her shiver and moan?

Lucy might ruin what’s left of my heart…

Unless I ruin her first.

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