Review – Finding Mr. Wrong by A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm


Finding Mr. Wrong by A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm

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OHHHH MYYYYY GOSH! Hands Down that was one reading experience I WILL NOT forget in a hurry. Because that’s exactly what I got, an experience of EPIC proportions where I fell in lust, then blinding, soul crushing love. Everything about Jude and Brea was just WOW. I mean at 33% I would have happily gave this book ALL THE STARS. By 44% I never wanted it to end. And that wasn’t even half way. What AM and Joanne have done with this book is literally beyond any of my expectations.
From the fun introduction of the characters to each other, to the unique way the relationship starts to build, to the sinfully hot connection both characters have, I am well and truly HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE.
Finding Mr Wrong was in fact oh so RIGHT. This book did more than set a spark, it blazed an inferno deep inside that burrowed itself in and held me captive. My heart and soul are ridiculously happy.
I’ve been a fan of AM Madden’s books for a long time now, her hero’s all hold special places within me and HOT DAYUM the woman knows how to write the PERFECT alpha male. But when teamed with Joanne that alpha male becomes OUTSTANDING. SUPREME. EVERYTHING AND MORE.
Much to my own disapproval, it pains me to admit that I’ve not read anything from Joanne before but my gosh I will be doing now. The flow of the writing through the book was pristine and precise. It was solidified by a flawless execution that just cannot be knocked. These two are wizards of the writing world but put together they are gods. I want more. No, NEED MORE!
Without a doubt, Finding Mr Wrong is a stunning, piece of art. From beginning, to middle, to end there was not one bit I could critique. Not one bit I would change. It’s practically perfect in every way. I laughed, I swooned, I fell so deep in love, I got emotional, I got hot, I got it all and was left in a total state of bookworm bliss. At 33% I said this book got ALL THE STARS and it does, a million times over. This is, without doubt a top read of February and a top read of 2017!




Here’s a tip: never trust a jackass in preppy clothing.

The phrase “trust me” should have been my first clue to hightail it out the door, but hindsight is always 20/20.
So there I was, on a stage with two other men, being asked ridiculous questions by a woman I couldn’t see, but whose voice made my pants tighten—and not around my ankles.

Before I knew what was happening, I’d signed up for six weeks in paradise, isolated on an island for forty-two days with a complete stranger. And when I finally laid eyes on the sexy brunette who belonged to that voice, a part of me thought this wouldn’t be so bad.

I’ve always been a levelheaded guy. I am a successful, smart, and shrewd business man. But that was when I was listening to the head above my shoulders. Once the blood traveled south, I always ran into trouble.
She called me Mr. Wrong, and that was fine with me.
Lesson learned: lust always trumps logic.



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