Review – Trans•fer•ence by Ava Harrison

Trans•fer•ence by Ava Harrison

I’ve sat on this review now for the last few days, wondering how exactly to put all my thoughts and feelings into words, because there are many thoughts and feelings FLYING around me since I finished Trans•fer•ence. I feel as though I need to say so much, bleed all over the pages as I purge every emotion in this review, but you know what I’m going to go with “less is more” because I want you to experience this book, I want you to feel everything I did with no expectations.

What Ava has done with Trans•fer•ence is weave a tale that is so captivating, insightful, emotional and intelligent. The words that fuse together in this book are breathtaking. From start to finish Ava leads her reader, on an adventure through so much vulnerability and pain, strength and passion. Ava manages to perfectly balance the good with the bad. The happy with the sad. She makes even the downright heartbreaking, beautiful. 

Eve and Preston are two beautifully broken souls, thrown together in a time of pain, confusion and devastation. Two souls that are both seeking, searching for answers. Together they form a raw, intense relationship that swept me off my feet. 

While falling in love with Eve and Preston it’s clear to see the underlying issues they both have, but in a twist of events Ava adds in suspense and angst, suspense that consumed me, angst that burnt at my very core and signed its way through my veins before blooming into intense passion and searing heat. I absolutely ADORED Eve and Preston. They are electric, raw, powerful and so, so beautiful.

Trans•fer•ence has well and truly blown my mind, left me breathless and engraved itself deep in my soul.

5 imperfectly perfect, heartbreaking stars

The nightmares find me.

They steal my breath, slowly suffocating me.

I’m scared.

I want it to stop.

He’s supposed to help me.

Instead, he evokes something forbidden.

I know I should run.

But I can’t.

I’ve made my choice.

I want him.

There’s only one problem…

He’s my therapist.


Review – Endurance by Georgia Cates

Endurance by Georgia Cates

I absolutely ADORED the Sin trilogy and all its raw power and intensity. With Endurance, Georgia has matched it ALL and delivered WAY more than I could have imagined in Jamie and Ellison’s story..

From the very first page to the last Georgia wove a tale of angst, sex, sin, danger and forbidden love. 

Jamie and Ellison are like dynamite. A first initial strike was all it took for me to light up and burn with them. I sizzled as their wicked hot connection oozed from the pages. Everything went BANG! as Jamie and Ellison came together and refused to deny their feelings. The forbidden lust could be felt through the whole book, as it developed into an all consuming love that I would love! I mean Endurance. Proving his love. Give me a Jamie. RIGHT FREAKING NOW!

Jamie is raw, powerful, skilled and OH. SO. HOT. A protective alpha through and through. My love for him only grew with each page turned. I felt his love, I understood his concern over Ellison, no matter how sharp, sassy and sexy she was. 

Throw in the danger and suspense and of course, more Sin and Sophie was a very happy bunny! 

Endurance is simply not only good. Its, splendid. Spectacular. Sensational.

And worth ALL THE STARS!

I’m a doctor. Mobster. Killer.

My hands are covered in filth. I don’t have the right to touch anything as clean and pure as Ellison MacAllister.

I distance myself … always remaining obscure, composed, restrained.

Careful to never allow my eyes to linger too long.

Careful to hide my interest.

Careful to keep my burning desire buried beneath the surface.

I do it for her–suffer in silence–because it’s what is best for the woman I love.

And she has no idea.

She’ll be initiated as a Fellowship member soon. One of my mafia brothers will go through endurance so he’ll earn the right to claim her.

Make her his wife.

Kill. Me. Slowly.

I’m running out of time. Only a month remains before she’s beyond my reach forever.

I want to taste her. Share sleepless nights. Ride out her storm.

I want to give her the kind of nights she will still feel between her legs the next morning.

I want us to share the kind of passion that forms on our skin and drips down to saturate the sheets.

Between the sweat and the moans and the messy hair, I want her to know how hard she’s been loved.

To have her is to taint her.

I should stay away. But I won’t. I can’t.

I’m a selfish bastard.

A selfish bastard in love.

***Intended for readers ages 18+ due to sexual content, adult situations, and language.


Endurance is a STANDALONE novel. It is the first spinoff of The Fellowship world introduced in The Sin Trilogy: A Necessary Sin, The Next Sin, One Last Sin.

★★★ EXCERPT ★★★

Ellison’s POV

“I’m not as strong as you.” I don’t have an ounce of willpower when it comes to this beautiful man. Even now, I want to plead with him to have me. To claim me. To take me into the bedroom and make me scream his name over and over.

“I’m not as strong as you think.”

“You were strong enough to tell me no.” I ache in my chest as I recall him pushing me away. No man has ever hurt my heart the way Jamie did that day.

“You’re wrong. I’m so damn weak when it comes to you, Ellison.”

We’d be together if that were so. “We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.”

“The Order takeover is scheduled to happen in three weeks. You’re going to belong to another soon after. And it’s making me lose my fucking mind.”

Is it wrong to be happy to hear him admit he’s going crazy? “You made your decision.”

“What if I don’t want to live the rest of my life not knowing how you look when you wake next to me in the mornings, or how you feel in my arms at night when we fall asleep, or how you smile in your sleep when you’re dreaming of happy things?”

He didn’t mention a word about claiming or marrying me. That means I fall into the third category of females in his precious Fellowship. Fuck-worthy. “You said you wouldn’t taint me.”

“You won’t be considered tainted in the eyes of the brothers if they don’t know we’ve been together. It would have to be our secret.”

We’d be hush-hush, keeping everything we share in the dark . . . like it’s dirty. Like it’s wrong. Like it’s depraved.

So, what? When we’re over, I have to watch him hop from one Fellowship whore to the next because he can never have a wife? I have to pick up my broken heart and simply move on with my husband? I don’t work like that. It’s not in my makeup.

“I deserve better.”

“You deserve the best.” My chest tightens when Jamie repeats the words my father spent years instilling in me.

“You think sneaking around with you behind the backs of the brothers is what I deserve?” I want Jamie but not that way.

“It’s all I’m able to give you right now.”

“But I want more.”

I want his body, but more than that I want his love. I want his forever. My feelings are stronger than ever so what happens when our time together ends and I can’t give him up?

A month with the man I love versus never knowing what it feels like to have him inside me. Never knowing what it feels like to wake with him beside me. Never knowing what it feels like to have him hold me while I fall asleep. It should be a no-brainer . . . except I know me. I’ll fall so deeply in love with him that letting go will wreck me.

“A month together and then we part ways? It’s just not that simple.” It would be excruciating to mourn the loss of him in my life.

“You won’t question how hard you’ve been loved when I’m done.”

When I’m done. I hate those words so much. “Don’t you see? That’s the thing. I don’t want to be done and a month together is only going to solidify that for me.”

“I don’t want to be done either. If I could give you the kind of protection you’ll need, I would claim you today and give you my forever. But I can’t do that, Ellison. It isn’t what’s best for you. And I’d rather not have you than place you in danger because I’m selfish and want you for myself.”

Review – More Than Friends by Monica Murphy


More Than Friends by Monica Murphy


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One day someone is going to hug you tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together.

There is something that shines in a young adult (YA) romance. Maybe it’s the movement, the faster pace, or the engagement of the characters with the reader. Perhaps it’s the childhood innocence resonating through the story. It could be the trip down memory lane it takes to those teenage years, sparking good and trying times. The glue that usually cements YA stories—with tough topics, some sexy scenes, and lots of depth—together is hope. Who doesn’t need a little hope?

After lighting my YA fire with Monica Murphy’s Just Friends, that flame while fueled still yearned for more; I NEEDED More Than Friends. Fast and furiously, More Than Friends became my drug…my fix…my fascination. I could not put this all-consuming story down.

With the heady concoction of allure, addiction, and angst, I read this book with bated breaths. This story seduced me where I sank so hard. More Than Friends is a sweet and seductive coming of age romance that bleeds angst with passion penetrating straight through the pages.

I was anxious to meet More Than Friends. Amanda and Tuttle’s story just begged to be read. I’ve wanted more Amanda and Tuttle since their explosive chemistry and cat and mouse game ensnared me in book one.

“He kisses me again. Another brief brush of lips on lips, yet I’m decimated.”

More Than Friends Teaser 3.png

Once a high school girl messed around with a football player from school at a party on a rebound, a boy she’s known since grade school. An unknown girl and the most popular guy at school have an unlikely connection, full of chemistry and ready to combust.

This pretty and extraordinary girl with dark hair and eyes plus endless legs, Amanda Winters, thinks she’s only ordinary. Undeserving of attention from the most amazing guy at school.

“You didn’t even notice me.”

Though this insanely hot, tall, muscular quarterback thinks Amanda is the most amazing girl he’s ever known.

“I’ve always noticed you.”

More Than Friends Teaser.png

Jordan Tuttle, this gorgeous guy plagued by family demons planted by a father he will never please is looking for someone who truly sees him, the young man behind the mask like an angel named Amanda.

“I have no real dreams. I just go through the motions…I don’t give a piece of myself to anyone…not a soul. I’d give her every piece of me. All she has to do is say the word and I’m hers.”

More Than Friends Teaser 2.png

Oh did I break, my heart shattered into pieces, bleeding for this broken young man who made me sob and swoon.

“I know someday he’s going to break my heart. And I’m going to let him.”

I did not expect to love a YA story as much as a contemporary romance…but I did! I did not expect to become engrossed and entangled in story of high schoolers…but oh I was so tangled and twisted up in every part of this tale! I did not expect to fall in insta-love with More Than Friends…but I FELL IN LOVE SO HARD with this sweet and spellbinding story! I did not expect More Than Friends to be my best book by this author but oh now each romance by Monica Murphy romance becomes my new favorite of hers!

More Than Friends tormented me in the best way where I welcomed every ounce of angst! My pulse pounded. My heart beat out of my chest. My feelings flowed all over the pages. I laughed. I cried. I hoped. I FELL IN UTTER LOVE!

I sank so hard, fell so hard, and LOVED THIS STORY SO HARD! I gave myself to More Than Friends. Every tear. Every smile. Every laugh. Every gasp. I surrendered my heart and soul to this seductive story full of feels where they still remain.

★★★★★ more than amazing stars


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He’s not perfect, but he’s all I want…

I’m your average girl at your average high school, trying to figure out my place in life. After catching my now ex-boyfriend messing around with my now ex-best friend, I’ve made some big changes. No more band, no more backstabbing friends and no more boring old life. Now I have new friends, a new job and new interests.

But there’s a certain someone who’s interested in me, and I don’t get it. Jordan Tuttle could have anyone he wants. He’s the most popular boy in school. Rich, gorgeous, smart and the star quarterback, he’s perfect. Yet he acts like he wants no one else but…me.

So despite my fears and doubt, I let him get close. Probably too close. I discover that he’s not so perfect after all, but it doesn’t matter. I’m falling for him, even though he runs so hot and cold. I know someday he’s going to break my heart.

And I’m going to let him.


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Review – Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

Sweet Cheeks Cover.png

Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

People who are meant to be together find their way back. They may take a few detours, but they’re never lost.

There is something special about second-chance love that speaks to the soul. Soulmates whose love has never died are granted a do-over…another chance. Their hearts, cut in half from being apart, find their way back to each other and become whole again. Second-chance love stories are my obsession…my heart…my soul. K. Bromberg’s latest sensation, a second-chance romance called Sweet Cheeks, was my heart…my soul…my kryptonite. Sweet Cheeks is a hypnotic and heartfelt second-chance love story anchored in angst and submerged in soul and swoon.

Oh how excited I was to meet this fresh start, this chance for K. Bromberg to wow devoted Driven series fans like me with something new and so incredibly different! With bated breath in anticipation of uncovering the unknown, I dove into Sweet Cheeks, barely surfacing for air until the end. I was quickly captivated…consumed…claimed as Sweet Cheeks stamped its imprint all over me. I WAS ALL IN.

This story sparked to life as magic poured from the pages, Sweet Cheeks shining in beauty and brilliance like a sunset on the beach. Not even ten percent in and this tender tale touched me deeply. My feels were flowing over the pages as Sweet Cheeks clutched my heart, hijacking it, willing it to bend and break. I FELT ALL THE FEELS.

A teenage love story that was supposed to last forever abruptly ended, leaving two broken hearts along the way, perhaps three if you count mine.

“Told me he’d stay forever. And left without ever saying a word.”


Hayes Whitley was Saylor’s brother’s best friend and her first love, the love that was supposed never die. Hayes killed it…them…when he abruptly left without a word and never looked back.

“He became my first crush.”
“Then later my first love.”
“And later again my first heartbreak.”

My heart broke. Tears fell for this love story with so many lost years. I hated Hayes…I loved Hayes. Now a Hollywood heartthrob and mega-star, Hayes is back after 10 years as a favor to her brother in an unusual situation as Saylor’s escort to her ex-fiancé’s wedding, and Saylor’s world has been turned upside down. Saylor is not the only one affected after ten years apart; Hayes is still haunted by Saylor too.

“She looks back at me and gives me a full-fledged smile—heavy topic overshadowed by nostalgia—and f**k if it doesn’t make me think thoughts about that wild child of a girl who owned my heart.”

SC Teaser 5.jpg

I loved this smart, sexy, beautiful, fierce, and feisty heroine, Saylor, as much as Hayes. Now they are thrust together after ten long years apart. One long weekend on an island alone. No interruptions. So much promise…so many possibilities await.

Time to rehash the past and slay those demons.

“He’s left his fingerprint on me, marking me with invisible ink. And being here is like stepping under a black light. Every single one of those scars becomes visible, brought to light so I can’t ignore them anymore. Forcing me to face them once and for all.”

Time to see if that forever passion still burns.

“I want him to kiss me. Just once. Even at the age of seventeen, Hayes could kiss in a way that made me feel like I’d just laid every part of my soul on the line when his lips left mine.”

Time to see if that passion permeates into more.

I rooted for that kiss…that pent-up passion to erupt. That kiss was a fusion of happiness, hope, and heartbreak after so many years apart.

“I sigh in relief. Then gasp out of shock. Because Haye’s lips are on mine…all I want to do is drown in his kiss. In the familiarity of it. In the difference of it. The unexpectedness of it. The comfort of it. In everything about him.”

The tall, dark-haired and dark-eyed muscular prince and his blonde and blue-eyed long-legged princess were magical together. That kiss melted from the pages, penetrating that passion right to me as I felt it too. As soon as Saylor and Hayes collided, my emotions were on edge…amplified.

“Now I know why I’ve always compared every woman I’ve ever kissed to you.”

SC Teaser 6.jpg

I swooned and never stopped swooning until the end. Sweet Cheeks is swoon in spades. Words of sweetness and nostalgia kissed me where I felt butterflies dancing in my belly, a feeling of hope, happiness, and freedom fused with love.

“My pace, Saylor. Not yours. I’m in control now. You may own pieces of me you never even knew, but right now, I’m going to own you. Every single part of you.”

SC Teaser.jpg

Oh did Hayes POSSESS ME!!! Oh how this amazing alpha made me swoon and smolder. This man is pure perfection. I was owned by Hayes. I was owned by Sweet Cheeks.

“…Sometimes things happen in life and love’s put on hold. But if someone’s your soul mate, nothing is going to stop you from being together in the end.”

SC Teaser 3.jpg

My heart flip-flopped at the possibility of childhood sweethearts reconnecting after ten long years. Sweet Cheeks meshed with my favorite movie, Sweet Home Alabama, both playing together in my head.

“Because it’s only ever been him.”

I cried tears of heartbreak, happiness, and hope. Tremors of tenderness yet trepidation surged through my body as I wanted this second chance too. These two halves of hearts needed to be whole… one. This knight could not…would not…ride off into the sunset again and leave his damsel in distress…PLEASE NO! So I hoped. I prayed. I desperately rooted for love. Love that had to survive time and turmoil.

When you begin and end a story in tears, you know it’s a keeper, and oh did I want to keep Sweet Cheeks longer. Sweet Cheeks slayed me, this second-chance love story stripping me bare, enrapturing me as every emotion was electrified, my heart and soul on fire. I did not prepare for this assault on my heart in this sweet and swoon-filled story with its surprise storm of sensations. I felt every word I read. I felt heartbreak. I felt happiness. I felt hope. I FELT EVERYTHING. ALL OF THE HEART. ALL OF THE SOUL.

K. Bromberg aced her new sensation, Sweet Cheeks, this sweet, swoon-filled, and soul-searing second-chance romance. Different but still slightly familiar…comfortable yet thrilling…yet still HOME. This story felt wonderful! Words wondrous and a book both brilliant and beautiful…pure perfection like the rest of Bromberg’s writing. Sweet Cheeks left me breathless in a book that was sheer brilliance from beginning to end. Sweet Cheeks BLEW ME AWAY!!!

“The truth is I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart, and never got it back.” ~Sweet Home Alabama

I gave my heart to Sweet Cheeks where it still remains, likely bound to this story forever. I gave my soul to this story—as if I had a choice—for it to be sucked in like a breath of ocean air, pulling me under, where I could not help but FALL FAST IN LOVE. Oh did I LOVE Sweet Cheeks! Sweet Cheeks, this emotionally-charged story of epic love hit my heart hard and sent my soul swooning off in the sunset. I still haven’t stopped swooning as I can still smell the love in the ocean air.

★★★★★ ‘but worth 10’ Hershey kisses


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An all new second chance love story by the New York Times Bestselling author of the Driven series.

It all started with the invitation. To my ex-fiance’s new wedding.

I should have ignored it.Thrown it away. Set it afire. But I didn’t. I replied.

With a plus one.

And then my assistant accidentally mailed it.

Enter Hayes Whitley. Mega-movie star. The man who has captured the hearts of millions. But I gave him mine years ago. He was my first love. He was my everything. Right until he up and left to chase his dreams without so much as a simple goodbye.

When he showed up out of the blue ten years later, I should have known to steer clear. I should have rejected his offer to take me to my ex’s wedding. I should have never let him kiss me.

But I didn’t.

And now we’re left wondering if the pieces of the life we once shared still fit together somehow. First loves are hard to forget. The question is, do we want to forget? Or do we risk the chance and see what happens next?



Review – A Sacred Vow by Willa Thorne



“The one you love will be your greatest sacrifice.”

That line alone is what grabbed me about A Sacred Vow and would not let go until I was done. From the first page to the last sentence, Julian and Lia’s story moved me my heart and stirred my soul. For someone who certainly has not read many paranormal romances, I was so enthralled and so thoroughly engrossed in this story of two enemies finding a love that surpasses a vow made long ago.

Julian Devereux made a vow to his sire – he would rid the world of the vampire hunters, the Cormacs, that tried to destroy his coven. He took great pride in his promise and thought that he had fulfilled his vow. That was until he met the beautiful Aurelia and found the telltale birthmark that indicated that she belonged to the family that tried to finish his. Still he is drawn to her… her strength, her beauty and her zest for life. She makes him feel something he hasn’t felt in over 200 years. She gives him hope that he can finally have what was lost to him so long ago – true and everlasting love.

Lia Gallagher knows nothing about vows, vampires or feuds that began long before she was alive. What she does know is what she feels when she’s with Julian. This wonderful man with his sexy British accent, brooding personality and mesmerizing ways. She wants Julian for Julian, something that hasn’t happened for him in a very long time. Still, Lia knows that Julian will have to choose between love and loyalty… between a long held promise in his past and a love that will determine their future.

This story of forbidden love is beautifully written, an absolute joy to read from beginning to end. Angsty and heartbreaking. Willa took a chance to write a story from her heart and the words show that Julian and Lia are characters that she has long wanted the book world to meet. Even the secondary cast of Nolan, Evie, Bex and Ann make such an impression and make this story so much more. Even Gideon. I so loved this story, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Fantastic, Willa!

5 Forbidden Love Stars!




I swore a solemn oath that saw to the end of the Cormacs, a family of hunters that persistently sought to rid my coven’s existence.

For years we have lived in the shadows, free from hunters and the weapons of wood that could destroy us.

But the familiar scent of Cormac blood is awakening my senses. We were certain that we had ended the bloodline. Now, the vow I swore plagues my mind. The guilt I harbour buries deep. The desire and lust burns.

My pledge to my family is now a promise to protect the woman I love.
Aurelia Galligan is a descendant of the Cormac bloodline. I should drain her. I have to destroy her. But she may just end me.

**This is a forbidden romance between the hunter and the hunted. It features smoldering vampires and no cliffhangers. The content is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.**



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Review – Take My Dare by J. Kenner

TMD Cover.png

Take My Dare by J. Kenner


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are some books that hold me tightly in their clutches with characters I could read about forever. J. Kenner’s spellbinding and suspenseful Stark series is one I could devour for an eternity. Alluring. Addicting. All-consuming. Take My Dare, the latest Stark sensation, is a sweet, sexy, and suspenseful story that seduced every part of me.

Dark-haired and dark-eyed Sylvia has survived a childhood of hell and was still lost until she met her Prince Charming, Jackson Steele. Oh Jackson, how I’ve missed this alluring alpha! With his dark hair, dark blue eyes, tall and muscular frame, and dominating nature, I was in heaven to reacquaint myself with Mr. ‘Steal my Panties and Heart’ Steele.

“My life with Jackson is nothing short of perfection. He is my love, my husband, the one man in tall the world who makes me feel alive and whole.”

TMD Teaser 8.png

I loved my reunion with Jackson, one knight-in-shining armor of an alpha and his beautiful and brave, damsel, Sylvia, as this couple is pure magic together.

“I was chattel, and I was destroyed, and the scars of my childhood lingered far too long, creeping into my dreams and stealing my confidence. But that was then. That was before Jackson.”

TMD Teaser 4.png

This couple has been through hell and surfaced from the pits of peril even stronger. Despite being married with children, the sexual chemistry and desire between Sylvia and Jackson still burns bright, igniting flames that are on fire between this passionate pair. Jackson as a father is pure sweetness. Jackson is utter swoon.

“The ghosts of our past have been vanquished—or so I believed.”

TMD Teaser 5.png

The past continues to toy with Sylvia and Jackson, haunting them. Together, they are fierce. One battle. One team. One forever.

“You’re here?”
“Why are you here?”
“Oh, baby. You need me. Where else would I possibly be?”

TMD Teaser 6.png

I fell in love all over again with this man who is pure perfection.

This tender and touching tale tangled with me, touching all of my senses, as it held my heart hostage where I dared to fall in utter love with Take My Dare. I don’t know if I’ll ever be satisfied. With this spellbinding and seductive series, I always leave a Stark story wanting…needing more. Oh Take My Dare, I took your dare and I’m still dreaming of the Stark family. I’m still swoon-filled in a seductive stupor where I dare to say that I want to stay.

★★★★★ ‘Steele my heart’ stars


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I’ve never been happier than I am with Jackson Steele. But I should know better than anyone that happiness always comes at a price…

My life with Jackson is nothing short of perfection. He is my love, my husband, the one man in all the world who makes me feel alive and whole. Our careers are on track. Our family is growing. And the ghosts of our past have been vanquished – or so I believed.

When a wonderful night of sensuality and passion following a masquerade ball turns dark with the news that haunting, horrible photographs of me have surfaced, my old fears and insecurities threaten to knock me down, and it is only within Jackson’s arms that I find the strength to endure.

But even Jackson’s protection may not be able to save us, because I know my husband well. And he will do whatever it takes—even if it means risking himself—in order to protect our family…


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TMD Teaser.png

Review – Bedwrecker by Kim Karr

Bedwrecker, is a beautiful, raw, emotion filled story between HOT AS HELL Keen Masters and quirky, sexy Maggie May! 

These two are one hell of a couple and probably my favourite of Kim’s so far. I ADORED this story. I was captivated by the glorious push and pull I felt while reading. Kim has masterfully written a story with raw, passionate angst that bleeds through the words, filtered through me as the reader and rendered me breathless for the little Bedwrecker and her Wall Street Wolf.

Maggie May is ridiculously funny. She is so easy to connect to, I think that Kim wrote her brilliantly and the way Maggie talks to the reader is genius. It was totally refreshing the way she so blatantly pulled the reader into the story with her. It solidified my love for the whole story. 

Keen Masters is something else. He oozes raw masculinity and powerful alpha goodness. So sinful and sexy, I couldn’t help but love Keen and his wicked mouth. He’s my ultimate fave of all Kim’s heroes. 

Bedwrecker is a book I was “in lust” with. 

It’s now a book I love!

 Every girl has had a broken heart.

Every girl knows love hurts.

Every girl has a story.

This is mine…

My name is Maggie May and I met him under a haze of purple lights. As cliché as it sounds he was tall, dark, and handsome as hell, and I had fireworks in my eyes…literally.

It was New Year’s Eve and beneath the magic of all that glitters and shines, I fell for him and his wicked ways. The way he moved, the way he touched me, the way he brought me to orgasm over and over.

You should know that I don’t believe in love. Fairytales and happily-ever-afters are never anything I’ve dreamed of…until him.

Something changed the moment our eyes met. It wasn’t insta-lust or insta-love, it was simply him and me, and the dance floor at our feet.

The problem is our story ended three days after it started.

But now he’s back.

And he says he’s sorry.

Can I believe him?

Do I want to believe him?

He calls me his bedwrecker…but what if he wrecks me?





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Review – Dirty Sexy Sinner by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde



For the first three books of the Dirty Sexy series we fell in love – and deeply in lust – with the amazing Kincaid brothers. The tormented do-gooder. A tatted bad boy. A silent, still but deeply profound cop. This series kept me on my toes, reaching for my fan and singing Carly and Erika’s talents. I thought that Levi was certainly my favorite Kincaid. Still waters ran deep with that one, but at the end of Cuffed we got a shock! There’s one more Kincaid. His name? Jackson Stone and he set the series on its head!

His life has been turned upside down with the news of who his real family is. Like his brothers, Jackson hasn’t had an easy life, and he wants the opportunity to finally have the family that he has always longed for. Jackson walked into the Kincaid family bar with such hope – only to have his hopes crushed under three pairs of skeptical boots. Still there was a bright spot in a such a disappointing encounter, and her name was Tara.

Tara is as drawn to the newest Kincaid as Jackson is to her. The two were kindred spirits and she recognized her own pain and loss in his eyes. He’s as handsome as he is determined. Talented with his hands in more ways than one. He makes Tara WANT and that’s something she hasn’t felt in a very long time. Still Tara has her own tragic past full of what she believes to be unforgiveable mistakes to contend with. Her insecurities have held her back in so many ways, but with Jackson she has the chance to finally just be.

Their chemistry is instant and white hot. Deliciously dirty mouthed. Sexy as sin. The plans he has for Tara are toe curling. He sets her world and her body ablaze. She wants her hands all over him. He’s beautiful and irresistible. Watching these two together made some sigh worthy, oh my god moments. Jackson and Tara together are divine. Their relationship is brilliant in its honesty and simplicity. But when Tara’s past catches up to her hopeful future, will she have the guts to stay and fight or will she run from her happiness?

Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde ended this series in grand fashion! Jackson and Tara are fun and flirty. Sexy with a side of serious. Here I thought Levi was going to be my favorite. Very well done, Carly and Erika! Oh, and ladies? Thanks for the sneak peek of Wes Sinclair. He’s going to be a heartbreaker!

5 Dirty Sinner Stars!




Are you ready to get in bed with a SINNER?

After a lifetime of lies, deceit and betrayal, Jackson Stone isn’t a man who trusts easily—with women being at the top of the list. Now he’s all about control in every aspect of his life. Especially between the sheets. Hot, mutual pleasure with a woman? No problem, as long as he’s in charge. But there’s something different about sexy bartender Tara Kent that he finds irresistible, in bed and out. Something that has him willing to compromise his principles and bend his rules. Let the sinning begin.



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Review – Dark Corners by A.M. Madden

Dark Corners by A.M. Madden is a deeply intense, sexy and suspenseful story. From the beginning of Dark Corners A.M. took me on a twisty adventure through heartache, pain, love and lust. 

Dark Corners is a perfect addition to the Everyday Heroes series. David and Maygen’s story was incredible. My love and connection to the characters was instant. From the off A.M weaves a story with so much fire. Fire that starts as a bright spark, that begins to sizzle more fiercely before blooming into huge flames, hot to the touch.

David is wicked! I assure you that you will LOVE THIS MAN! He’s raw, possessive, dominant, strong, sex and pure sin. He’s alpha male personified. 

Maygen exceeded my expectations, she was fun, strong, sassy and down to earth despite seeming to initially be a perfect princess! 

Put together, David and Maygen are HOT. In every aspect. They have an undeniable connection. I lived and breathed every feeling they both felt. My heart ached for David, his past and his expectations on his future, it ached for Maygen and her struggles to live as she wanted. In finding each other they found themselves more and more and I FELT THAT. 

However a lurking presence filled me as it did the book. A.M kept me guessing all the time, throwing out twists and turns to push me off course. I never expected, what actually happened was going to happen, the shocking intense way the story plays out is utterly captivating. I don’t think I could read fast enough. 

Although fast paced, Dark Corners never felt rushed. Everything was played out to perfection. A.M’s writing is addictive, her story perfectly balanced. Dark Corners is now my favourite of the whole Everyday Heroes series and my FAVE book of A.M. Madden’s!! (Sorry Jack)!

Meet Private First Class David Cavello. 
Love is war when shadows play games with the heart. In this thrilling romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Stone Walls and Glass Ceilings, a decorated veteran facing the darkest battlefield finds a guiding light to trust and tenderness.

David Cavello is no longer in uniform, but the memories of combat still haunt his every waking moment. Driven to protect and serve, he accepts an undercover job he has to keep hidden from everyone. But David’s mission goes against orders the second he makes contact with gorgeous and spirited Maygen Whitney. The intense attraction he feels for Maygen drives him crazy—almost as crazy as he feels about hiding information from her.

After growing up with an overprotective father, Maygen feels like she’s finally claiming her independence. Sure, she’s been lonely, but David seems to make all her dreams come deliciously true—until the sting of betrayal sends her world spiraling. Now Maygen’s caught in a tragic web of lies, leaving her more vulnerable than ever to an enemy hidden in the shadows. But when Maygen most needs a hero, David leaps into action—intent on doing whatever it takes to save the woman he loves.

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Review – Trinity’s Trust by C.A. Harms

4.5 captivating stars!

If you know me, you’ll know that The Sawyer Brothers series is one of my faves. CA Harms writes hot, sexy, country men REALLY FREAKING WELL. Jackson has held my heart for a long time but DAMN! Chase Douglas gave him some HUGE competition. Chase hot-alpha-cop Douglas sent me crazy, with love and lust. He was PERFECT for Trinity. 

Trinity is a character I’ve loved from the first time I met her. I am so happy with how CA wrote her book and the happy ending she gave Trin.

The best part about this book? Chase’s Nana! What a woman she is! I laughed out loud way to many times while reading. The woman’s a hoot! 

Trinity’s Trust, is a sexy, fast paced romance. It’s captivating and RIDICULOUSLY HOT balanced perfectly with touching moments of heartache and pain, while full of love. Can someone say SWOON? Because that’s what you’ll do. MANY TIMES! Annnnnd it has a KILLER epilogue that fans of the series will ADORE!

Trinity Flores stumbled upon the Sawyer family when she needed it most.
She was broken, lost, and looking for a new beginning.

They gave her love that most dream of, unconditionally devoted to her well-being.

The large, overbearing, protective, bullheaded Sawyer men vowed to keep her safe, and—of course—at times drove her crazy.

When Chase Douglas came to town, he hadn’t expected to do anything other than help his ill grandmother. Then the new deputy caught sight of the shy, blonde-haired beauty and it was impossible not to want to know her more. But he had no idea the torment he was about to face, or the obstacles he would encounter from the Sawyer Brothers.

They didn’t make it easy for him to win her heart. He had to prove himself first, and that just made him fight harder to prove he was the right man for her.

Gaining Trinity’s trust was his number one goal.

Because in Chase’s eyes, no one deserved the love of a devoted man more than the woman who captured his heart.