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More Than Friends by Monica Murphy


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One day someone is going to hug you tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together.

There is something that shines in a young adult (YA) romance. Maybe it’s the movement, the faster pace, or the engagement of the characters with the reader. Perhaps it’s the childhood innocence resonating through the story. It could be the trip down memory lane it takes to those teenage years, sparking good and trying times. The glue that usually cements YA stories—with tough topics, some sexy scenes, and lots of depth—together is hope. Who doesn’t need a little hope?

After lighting my YA fire with Monica Murphy’s Just Friends, that flame while fueled still yearned for more; I NEEDED More Than Friends. Fast and furiously, More Than Friends became my drug…my fix…my fascination. I could not put this all-consuming story down.

With the heady concoction of allure, addiction, and angst, I read this book with bated breaths. This story seduced me where I sank so hard. More Than Friends is a sweet and seductive coming of age romance that bleeds angst with passion penetrating straight through the pages.

I was anxious to meet More Than Friends. Amanda and Tuttle’s story just begged to be read. I’ve wanted more Amanda and Tuttle since their explosive chemistry and cat and mouse game ensnared me in book one.

“He kisses me again. Another brief brush of lips on lips, yet I’m decimated.”

More Than Friends Teaser 3.png

Once a high school girl messed around with a football player from school at a party on a rebound, a boy she’s known since grade school. An unknown girl and the most popular guy at school have an unlikely connection, full of chemistry and ready to combust.

This pretty and extraordinary girl with dark hair and eyes plus endless legs, Amanda Winters, thinks she’s only ordinary. Undeserving of attention from the most amazing guy at school.

“You didn’t even notice me.”

Though this insanely hot, tall, muscular quarterback thinks Amanda is the most amazing girl he’s ever known.

“I’ve always noticed you.”

More Than Friends Teaser.png

Jordan Tuttle, this gorgeous guy plagued by family demons planted by a father he will never please is looking for someone who truly sees him, the young man behind the mask like an angel named Amanda.

“I have no real dreams. I just go through the motions…I don’t give a piece of myself to anyone…not a soul. I’d give her every piece of me. All she has to do is say the word and I’m hers.”

More Than Friends Teaser 2.png

Oh did I break, my heart shattered into pieces, bleeding for this broken young man who made me sob and swoon.

“I know someday he’s going to break my heart. And I’m going to let him.”

I did not expect to love a YA story as much as a contemporary romance…but I did! I did not expect to become engrossed and entangled in story of high schoolers…but oh I was so tangled and twisted up in every part of this tale! I did not expect to fall in insta-love with More Than Friends…but I FELL IN LOVE SO HARD with this sweet and spellbinding story! I did not expect More Than Friends to be my best book by this author but oh now each romance by Monica Murphy romance becomes my new favorite of hers!

More Than Friends tormented me in the best way where I welcomed every ounce of angst! My pulse pounded. My heart beat out of my chest. My feelings flowed all over the pages. I laughed. I cried. I hoped. I FELL IN UTTER LOVE!

I sank so hard, fell so hard, and LOVED THIS STORY SO HARD! I gave myself to More Than Friends. Every tear. Every smile. Every laugh. Every gasp. I surrendered my heart and soul to this seductive story full of feels where they still remain.

★★★★★ more than amazing stars


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He’s not perfect, but he’s all I want…

I’m your average girl at your average high school, trying to figure out my place in life. After catching my now ex-boyfriend messing around with my now ex-best friend, I’ve made some big changes. No more band, no more backstabbing friends and no more boring old life. Now I have new friends, a new job and new interests.

But there’s a certain someone who’s interested in me, and I don’t get it. Jordan Tuttle could have anyone he wants. He’s the most popular boy in school. Rich, gorgeous, smart and the star quarterback, he’s perfect. Yet he acts like he wants no one else but…me.

So despite my fears and doubt, I let him get close. Probably too close. I discover that he’s not so perfect after all, but it doesn’t matter. I’m falling for him, even though he runs so hot and cold. I know someday he’s going to break my heart.

And I’m going to let him.


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