Review – LUCAS by Jay McLean

There aren’t enough words to describe how I feel right now. Not enough emotive descriptions that can fully sum up the other worldly goodness of the intense, spectacular, reading experience I just had. 

Jay McLean’s books, to me, are known as McLean Masterpieces. Here’s why…

Upon picking up a McLean book, you begin a journey. A journey that steals your heart, breath, soul and mind. A journey that catapults you into another world, where you FEEL and LOVE and EXPERIENCE. Each and every McLean Masterpiece is breathtakingly beautiful. They are stories that are so enjoyable, even when your heart is being BLOWN TO PIECES. YA romance isn’t my first choice to read. But Jay McLean makes me forget that I’m reading YA, she makes me forget EVERY SINGLE thing, but the story I have in front of me. Jay McLean is the YA QUEEN. I seriously adore her, and the words that make up all her truly magnificent masterpieces. 

So LUCAS is the book that has just OWNED ME for the time it took to read. I actually felt sick at the thought of having to put it down (adulting sucks). I was CONSUMED by this book, thoroughly captivated as I read the story of Lucas and Lane. Clark and Lois. Superman and his Kryptonite. Who by the way are two of the most connected, passionate characters I’ve ever read. 

LUCAS is a story that made me FEEL EVERY EMOTION at 13% it was a story that I knew I loved. Those initial feels had started to build. At 21% those initial feels EXPLODED into butterflies that wreaked a beautiful havoc on my whole body. Being lost in the Preston world was the best thing ever, they are ridiculously charming, a family I’d be happy to be apart of. 

While reading I knew that something was going to happen, I knew that it wouldn’t be all blissful beauty and adoration at watching two best friends fall in love, which was absolutely AMAZING! The way Jay builds the relationship between Lane and Lucas is just IT. There are no real words for me to describe them to truly do them justice. They are just IT.. 

By 48% Jay had begun to squeeze my heart and burn my soul. Everything was too much but in the same way no where near enough. Everything hurt, but it was that glorious hurt, you know? 

By 70% LUCAS had already blasted its way into my top reads of 2016. I knew it would be yet another McLean Masterpiece that settled itself into my heart and never budged. It was everything but still, there was that little niggle that everything was going to well, too perfect, I was too happy. 

And at 78% Jay RIPPED THE WORLD from beneath my feet. In eight seconds, I was thrown into heartbreaking devastation, chaos and pain and damn Jay if she didn’t make me feel every damn painful missile she fired. Damn Jay for writing something so powerful, so intense, so raw, so beautiful. Damn Jay for ripping out my heart, grinding it to dust before scooping it all up and delicately putting it back together. Damn Jay for making me smile through big ugly tears. Damn Jay for writing a book that stole my breath and didn’t give it back until the very end where I released a sigh of undeniable happiness and love. 

Damn Jay for it ALL. 

LUCAS is truly breathtaking. I could literally chat for hours about how this book made me feel WAY TOO MUCH. I could talk about Lane and Lucas until my jaw ached and the other person got bored. I could live in this book and be blissfully happy. I could go on and on and tell you that you’ll love this book and such but I won’t. I’ll leave my review here, hope that some people read it and think “THAT is what I want to experience while reading a book” because like I said Lucas was a reading experience, one I’d happily go back to the beginning of and start all over again. 

Unfortunately there are only 5 stars available to add to my review. LUCAS is actually worth eleventy three, hundred thousand!

In a sprint, every millisecond counts. 

When you’re waiting for love, those milliseconds can feel like eons. 

High school senior Lucas Preston has it all: star of the track team, a scholarship waiting for him, an apartment to himself and a revolving door of girlfriends. He also has an older sister, five younger brothers and a father who relies on him to make sure those brothers don’t kill each other. 

His saving grace? Lois “Laney” Sanders, a girl he started to fall in like with when he was just eleven.

A girl who became his best friend, his confidant, his courage. 

It took only sixteen clicks and eight seconds for Lucas to realize that his like for Laney had turned into love.  

Eight life-changing seconds. 

It’s also the exact length of time it took to lose her.

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