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Sweetest Taboo by J. Kenner


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All of the best love stories have one thing in common: You have to go against the odds to get there. Like the best love stories, books often go against the odds with the unexpected and exceed what we expected. Sweetest Taboo by J. Kenner EXCEEDED ALL OF MY EXPECTATIONS.

I did not expect to become so engrossed and entangled in this steamy suspense…but oh was I tangled and twisted in every part of this thrilling tale! I did not expect to fall in insta-love with these characters who captivated me and coerced me into their story, but oh did I fall for them so hard! I did not expect to love the S.I.N trilogy by J. Kenner as much as the Stark series that is one of my all-time favorites…but oh did the Stark series meet its match in the S.I.N spin-off.

I wanted to take my time, but all I could do was DIG IN, devouring this scintillating and suspenseful story fast and furiously. All I could do was succumb to the seduction of Sweetest Taboo as I rushed to read this riveting roller coaster of a romance where the world closed around me, opening up to all things SIN. I tore through this story as the adrenaline from this thrilling tale coursed through this Sweetest Taboo straight to me.

The twists and turns.
The blazes and burns.
The thrills and chills.

I knew that this thrilling yet tender tale would dig itself deep in my heart, sending my feelings flying into one tornado of a tailspin. Sultry. Sinful. Scorching. Sweet. Sensations traveled through me at lightning speed. I was not prepared for Sweetest Taboo to sink into my soul.

Sweetest Taboo struck hard and fast. Dallas and Janes’ relationship takes another tumble, its broken pieces that just became bound are splintering again.

“Remnants of fear cling to him like palpable things, but there is joy, too. And when he whispers my name, it’s like a lifeline pulling us back together, making me whole. Making us whole.”

I love a hard-fought love story and what Dallas and Jane have is worth the fight. These two broken souls are whole together as one.

“You’ve always taken care of me.”

“I have and I always will.”

Dallas and Janes’ love is sweet, but their chemistry is combustible. So super scorching HOT. Dallas delivers the involuntary thigh clenches with mere words that melt me everywhere.

“Is this what you want? My mouth on your pussy? My tongue teasing your clit while I thrust my fingers deep inside you?”

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Dallas’ words possessed me, lighting a fire that burned from head to toe where I melted like molten lava. I could not help but combust from the fire-hot words that raked over my body as if I were floating over hot coals. Oh Dallas…delicious and dirty-talking Dallas. This sweet and sexy man was my addiction.

“You’re mine, Jane…You were my dirtiest secret…now you’re my sweetest taboo.”

ST teaser.png

Just when Dallas and Jane are ready to throw caution to the wind and show the world that they are in love, deception and danger dangle like a creeper lurking in the shadows, threatening to strike. This strike may hit the hardest of all, hurting the most.

“Please, Dallas. Bring me back to life.”

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I fell hard; I fell fast. My emotions dangled from the edge, hanging onto hope for a happy ending. I cried tears of heartbreak. Tears of hope. Tears of happiness. Sweetest Taboo broke me in the best way.

Sweetest Taboo was my addiction. My ache. My adrenaline. MY ALL. Sweetest Taboo twisted itself around every piece of me, quickly capturing me in its clutches. IT did not let go; I did not let go. I knew from the start that this story would break me, sending me on an emotional and adrenaline-filled adventure; that it did. I WAS ALL IN.

What began as the Dirtiest Secret became The Hottest Mess that ended as the Sweetest Taboo, the perfect S.I.N that’s sheer brilliance from beginning to end. Sweetest Taboo, like the rest of this series, is scorching, suspenseful, and scandalous…but so MUCH MORE. It’s a soul-searing story of strength, survival, and second-chance love. Sweetest Taboo seduced me—heart and soul—where I fell under this story’s spell. I could not help but feel every word I read and live every part of this devastatingly beautiful book.

Watch out Stark series, you have some serious competition with S.I.N. J. Kenner ended this enthralling and explosive series perfectly, and oh how I was left panting for more. More forbidden tales of twists and turns that burned my body. More emotional-entwined stories that hit my heart hard. More wonderful writing that blew me away. Sweetest Taboo is not simply a story; it’s an enticing and enthralling escape from reality. I was not ready for this achingly-addicting adventure to be over.

★★★★★ sweet and seductive stars


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All eyes are on us . . . and there’s nowhere to run.

Everyone has their own ideas about Dallas Sykes: He’s a reckless billionaire, a devilish playboy, a man who gets whatever he wants the minute he wants it. But I know the real Dallas behind the money, bravado, and power—and he’s completely, blissfully mine.

We carefully guarded our secrets, and in each other’s arms we sought refuge from our dark past. Our pain became our pleasure, our control within the chaos. But we could only hide from the truth for so long.

Now we’ve let loose our inhibitions and are ready to face the future. And no matter what people think or say, coming clean is its own sweet reward.


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