Review – Confessed by Nicola Rendell 

Confessed by Nicola Rendell is a captivating, consuming read that grabs you by the heart and doesn’t let go. 

So before I go any further I must address a huge point. One I feel you need to know before you read.. You ready? 

This book is F’ING HOT! So hot, you’re gonna need an ice bath. Literally, just sit in one while reading BELIEVE ME. Sheesh, some of the scenes in Confessed were ON FIY-AH! Honestly Vince and Lucy…. Hot mother effers! 

Okay so, Confessed is Nicola’s second release and from this day forward I pledge to read every book this woman writes because her storytelling capability is on point. Words flow into thrilling sentences throughout this whole book. There was never a time where I felt a lull or wanted to leave the book. Confessed sunk it’s claws into me and held on. TIGHT

Vince and Lucy are an amazing couple. Both hopelessly flawed. Both from opposite lifestyles. But both so similar. 

I have to say I have a major woman crush on Lucy, this woman has balls! I loved her! She’s super strong and so funny it’s ridiculous. I want to be her friend, like RIGHT NOW

Vince Russo, is rugged, raw, ruthless and dangerous to womankind. Seriously this man is DELICIOUS! Vince is one of those cocky alphas you just know you’re going to love. And I loved him HARD. Fell hook, line and sinker for the dude! 

What I also loved about Confessed though is the epic storyline Nicola has penned here. The connection I felt as a reader to this book as a whole was so deep. The story hit me full force, ticking every box on the “great books checklist”. Confessed had connection, charisma, love, lust, breathtaking romance, intense HOT scenes, laugh out loud humour, gutting, heartbreaking moments just everything.

All in all Confessed is an insanely addicting read. Super hot and utterly breathtaking!

A brand new dirty, sexy, funny standalone romance…

Lucy Burchett is the heiress to a notoriously disastrous family, and she’s left home for good. But when she runs a big, black pickup off the road, totaling it, she finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere with the driver. He’s got a body to die for and a hair-trigger temper. Vince Russo looks like a felon, but he’s also pretty funny. He’s on the lam from the cops… and a psychopathic, Russian mob boss who wants to put his balls on a barbeque. Literally.

After a night of ill-advised cocktails and bathroom-wrecking sex, Vince just can’t get Lucy off his mind. But he’s got plans to rob her. And Lucy’s life is about to get a little bit criminal too.

But can a bad boy and a good girl really escape from their troubles together? Can they trust each other at all?

In the steady march of disasters that follow them west, they fight and they laugh. They tease and they’re tender. They’re either oil and water, or chocolate and peanut butter.

Except, they can’t run from the real world forever. And there’s a hell of a surprise in store for both of them…

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