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Get Inked: A Pucked Series and Clipped Wings Crossover Novella by Helena Hunting

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing.” ~Unknown

I love to laugh as laughter is life. Life is just better when you’re laughing. A gut-wrenching giggle fest feels good and is therapeutic. Some may even say laughing is the cheapest medicine you can buy.

When I need good laugh, the kind that makes me contemplate slapping on a Depends adult diaper due to the thorough laugh-to-bladder work-out, I’ll grab a Helena Hunting book. I’ll stalk these stories so hard that I could teach those wanna-be Hollywood stalkers outside celebrities’ homes a thing or 10. Once a story from Helena Hunting’s hot and hilarious Pucked series appears on my e-reader, I will drop off of the earth or go missing for hours. I may be physically present, but my mind is off on one great giggle fest and involuntary-thigh-clenching quest.

Helena Hunting decided to gift me or readers with a new naughty but oh-so-nice novella, Get Inked, which centers on a tattoo shop. Oh YES!!! Giddy like a first date, oh did it feel FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC to be reunited with Violet, Alex, Randy/Balls, Lily, Darren, Charlotte, Lance, and even the Beaver and Super MC! Get Clipped was the best family reunion ever. It was so exciting to meet new family members too: Hayden, Tenley, and Chris from the Clipped Wing books I now need to devour.

The first line sent a spark of scorching heat to my body and lit me up in laughter.

“Randy’s on the couch stroking Wiener.”

I LOVED the peek into the love life of Lily and Randy, AKA Balls. Even after a year, their chemistry is still SMOKIN’ HOT.

“Sometimes Randy and I have plank-offs. Whoever wins gets oral. I’m up to six minutes now. I’m pretty sure I can hold this position at least that long. But it really depends on what’s at stake.”

Get Inked Teaser 3.jpg

When my favorite couple, Violet and Alex, came back to play, my BOOKGASM blasted with approval!!! Alex is so sweet and sexy, the perfect alpha and hero. Violet, my favorite humorous and heated heroine is so many things: beautiful, curvy, sexy, klutzy, cute, hilarious, and uncensored. My soul sister. Spirit animal.

“He liked it when I blinged out my beaver, maybe he’d be into blinged-out boobs, too.”


Secondary characters, MC and Beaver, had to join this riveting and racy reunion too:

“You’ll rub Super MC all over my sexy, naked Beaver?”

“You read my mind.”

Get Inked Teaser 2.jpg

There is no other book series that makes me drunk girl laugh like Helena Hunting’s Pucked series and characters. Violet has nearly made me purchase some Depends from the serious snort-laughing I do every time she speaks through these hot and hilarious stories.

Lance, whose character I’m dying to meet, and Lily sum up the powerful Pucked series and this story perfectly:

“…I recognize that these guys have become my family…Sometimes it’s about the people who come into your life, and embed themselves in your heart until you can’t imagine you’d be without them.”

Get Inked felt like coming home, a giddy and great feeling. These Pucked characters are my family, and feel so raw and real. Alex, Violet, Miller, Sunny, Randy, Lily, and more have burrowed themselves in my heart where they will likely remain.

A hot and hilarious hybrid of Clipped Wings and Pucked, Get Inked satisfied my ache to laugh while sending my body into a blaze of burning bliss. The banter, bounce, and brilliance of this book wrapped itself around me so tightly where I was swept into this sinfully spellbinding saga. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE PUCKED SERIES.

Get Inked and the Pucked series are my laughing gas, my lust, and my love. I LOVED THIS TASTY TREAT AND I’M HUNGRY FOR MORE. Helena Hunting tickled my funny bone to where I was screaming for mercy. These Pucked stories make my soul sing, my gut giggle, and my heart happy. PURE PUCKING PERFECTION.


5 pucking perfect stars

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When the itch for new ink takes over, NHL star Randy Ballistic commissions his trusted tattoo artist to design a new sleeve, and the rest of the PUCKED boys decide it’s time to commemorate their love of hockey with a team tattoo.

But it can’t just be about the boys—the PUCKED girls want in on the action, too. Ink cherries will be popped, cupcakes will be consumed, and the hazards and enhancements of boob bling will be pondered.

Worlds collide when the hockey boys pay a visit to Inked Armor, the renowned Chicago tattoo studio where master artists Hayden Stryker and Chris Zelter ply their trade. Don’t miss the resulting action and insights in this Pucked series and Clipped Wings crossover novella.






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