Review – The Manhattan Series by Willa Thorne

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It all started with his plan for revenge…

I was all in after reading that one simple line. I knew that this series would like no other that I had read and I was RIGHT! It’s sinful, sordid, sassy and simply delightful! Mason Woodward is one incredibly jaded and very angry alpha. His plan? Revenge on his “best friend” Travis by using and ruining his best friend’s little sister Jillian.

Oh, Mason. You didn’t plan for your feelings, did you?

I was the one fooled, too. I didn’t expect to fall for Mason as hard as I did. I didn’t expect Jillian to be the tough as nails bad ass with a warm heart that she became in Queen In Play. It was amazing to watch Mason truly change and embrace his love of Jillian and his hope for a future with her. This evolved Mason who would do anything and everything to protect the woman that he grew to love – I adore this Mason. By the end of the series, I was stunned and totally taken by the reformed Brit with a heart full of anger and revenge. Amazing what love can do.

Full of twists and turns, incredibly hot sex, an alpha in his element and a tremendous leading lady with more steel than I certainly gave her credit for, The Manhattan Series solidifies the amazing talent that is Willa Thorne. The story was riveting and kept me turning the pages for the the next searing kiss, the next dangerous move, the next declaration of never ending love and devotion. Willa’s secondary characters bring this story to life even more. An absolutely fantastic must read!


5 Manhattan Has Never Been Hotter Kisses!

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Once upon a time,
In a city not so far away,
There lived a girl who was in love with her brother’s best friend.
Years later, their paths crossed again.
But he wasn’t the same man she once knew.
Jaded by the world, he decided to use her as his pawn in a plan for revenge…

British businessman, Mason Woodward, seems to have everything going for him. He’s handsome, wealthy, and knows how to get what he wants. His best friend, Travis, was like a brother to him, until the day he found him in bed with his girlfriend. Now, Mason has a plan for payback that involves Travis’ younger sister, Jillian.

“The plan seemed simple. I’d use her every which way, and then send her back to her brother with a clear message: You had your fun, and I had mine.”

Little did I know that I’d end up falling for her…

The Manhattan Series includes all three books in The Manhattan Tales series:
Book 1: His Pawn
Book 2: Queen In Play
Book 3: End Game

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