Review – Reckless Hearts by Melody Grace

Reckless Hearts by Melody Grace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” ~Erin Hanson

When I read a Melody Grace romance, I know it is going to be a special story. One that makes my feelings flutter. My pulse pound. My soul soar. A romance where my heart both hurts and heals its way towards happiness and that much anticipated happily ever after. Reckless Hearts is ALL THOSE THINGS. Spellbinding, smoldering, and sweet, Reckless Hearts is story of fast and fierce love that latches on hard and never lets go. A little bit reckless, a lot romantic, and oh so right.

Reckless Hearts embedded itself deeply in my heart from the very start, never releasing me until the end, where I did not want to let go. Passionate. Poignant. Powerful. Perfect. From the very first page of Reckless Hearts, I was transfixed. Transformed. Totally smitten.

I lived and breathed this soul-wielding and sensational story. The words are so detailed that they painted a vivid picture. I saw the quaint waterside small town. I smelled the ocean. I melted like a hot summer day. The characters’ chemistry and love radiated from them to me. I felt every word I devoured as this book, Reckless Hearts, breathed life into me.

“I am a modern woman, hear me roar.”

Deliah Morgan is a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed, and curvy spitfire who dishes out sass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She is strong and smart, and so fiercely independent. I LOVE HER!!!

One night while on business in New York, she meets a gorgeous dark-haired, hazel-eyed, tall, and muscular stranger who saves her from a disastrous night. A real-life Prince Charming rescuing his Cinderella. Impulsively, Deliah kisses Will Montgomery, a kiss she still tastes long after it is over.

“He’ll always be the gorgeous guy who helped out of a rough spot—and who kissed me on a rain-soaked street corner so hard, I forgot my own name.”

That kissing scene on the city street in the rain with Will and Deliah, strangers with sizzling chemistry is straight out of a Hollywood classic romance movie. Swoon! My heart pitter pattered with the rain.

“From the moment I saw her on the sweet that night with her whip-smart mouth, teasing blue eyes, and infectious laugh, it’s felt like we were always going to meet. It’s inevitable. And totally unforgettable.”

Sometimes you have to live for the moment. Grab life by the balls and shake it up. Will uprooted his life for a woman he helped on the street, a stranger, but whose kiss still lingers. Will is impulsive, intense, and invigorating…and I love it and him.

“The hottest man I’ve ever met just up and moved halfway across the country—for me?”

Deliah doesn’t do relationships and is thrown for a loop when Hurricane Will sweeps into town for good, threatening to sweep Deliah off her feet if she doesn’t keep them firmly planted on the ground.

“I was right there on the edge, ready for a push. And man, did Deliah make me fall.”

Oh. My. Swoon. Barely into Reckless Hearts, and I’m claiming Will. What man would uproot his life for a stranger he met on the streets of New York for mere minutes?!? I’m smiling as I’m swooning.

“The man’s a walking temptation—and I’m a girl with zero self-control.”

Control is slipping away for Deliah. The walks around her heart are crumbling as Hurricane Will is breaking them down, piece by piece.

“When you’re ready for a real man to show you what it feels like, you just let me know.”

Oh how is Will raw and real. As much as Will’s beautiful words shot swoon darts straight to my heart, his dirty words awakened lower places, causing some seriously involuntary thigh clenches.

“Oh baby, you’re going to have to beg a whole lot louder before I let you come.”

Oh dirty and delicious Will, I need you now too.

“You want me to talk dirty to you, sweetheart? Because I can do it all day long. How my cock’s going to own every inch of you, fill that sweet pussy until you don’t think you can take it anymore. But you will, baby, believe me.”

I’m. On. FIRE!!! Scorching from head to toe, Will’s words awaken my wanton woman.

“You’re going to be mine.”

I’m DONE!!! Those five words are the most poignant and possessive, so dominant and daring. I want to be owned by Will. SWOON. SCORCH. SMILE. 

Deliah is done too. Hot Hurricane Will has swept her up in his vortex, the tunnel of love. This handsome man with a huge heart and a magical mouth has turned Deliah’s carefully carefree life upside down.

“Just a taste isn’t enough. I need all of him. And I’ve never needed anyone before.”

Will has willed his way into Deliah’s life. Her head. Her heart. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been cheering so hard for this crazy couple. Though as much as my heart soars, oh does it fall.

“It takes two seconds. Two seconds for my new beginning to shatter, and the life I’ve been building here to crumble to ash.”

My heart is wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket and it is pounding with pleasure as Reckless Hearts has stolen it and every ounce of swoon from my body. Reckless Hearts hit my heart, striking me like a lighting bolt: fast, hard, and straight to the soul.

Melody Grace’s warm and wondrous words cast a magical glow, bathing me in a warm bath of nostalgia as they lit up the story with love, hope, and happiness. I LOVE how Melody connects her books of the past to those of the present, giving readers a reunion, a gift of former greats. This author’s stories always pull me into a vortex of intoxicating and immense swoon and satisfaction. Melody Grace’s powerful and poignant writing is memorable and magnificent, and all of her books from Beachwood Bay to Oak Harbor spark ALL THE FEELS. Simply unforgettable.

5 soul-soaring stars

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“When you’re ready for a real man to show you what it feels like, you just let me know.”

 It should be the offer of a lifetime: sexy craftsman Will Montgomery wants to rock my world, and boy, does he know what to do with his hands – and that filthy, delicious mouth of his…

Only problem is, I don’t believe in relationships. And Will has ‘boyfriend material’ written all over his chiseled, hunky abs. He was supposed to be an impulse fling, but now he’s shown up in Oak Harbor, NC, to put down roots, and he’s determined to make me com…mit.

I’ve been hurt before. Love always ends in tears and tequila, but Will seems different. He’s charming and funny, and did I mention that miraculous mouth of his? Despite all my better judgment, I’m falling. Hard. But can something this good turn out to be true? Or will old scars keep us from building a future together? For the first time ever, maybe I want to be proven wrong…

 A sexy, heart-felt stand-alone with a guaranteed happy ending from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

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