Review – Untamed by Callie Harper



Firstly, she thrilled me with her Dominating alpha.
Secondly, she stole my breath with her bad boy superstar.
Thirdly, she’s gone and well and truly ruined me with her mountain man.
The she I’m referring to, Callie Harper. Alpha writer extraordinaire, panty melting wizard, and heart melting magician. Each and every time do I pick up a Callie Hart novel, do I wonder how she’s going to top the one before. Then she does, spectacularly!

Untamed is perfection. Like utter class. Everything fits together, every blast of heat, every draw of angst, every flip of tension and every tug of love, comes together in beautiful harmony, leaving behind a masterpiece.

From the first meeting between Heath & Violet a strong sexual tension builds. My skin pricked from the anxiety of reading these two and following their sexy, blistering hot relationship.
My feelings exploded along the way so many times, from getting super hot under the collar, to swooning so hard I thought I’d melt, to heart pounding, breath stealing moments where I almost screamed at my kindle.

Callie has taken a different turn with Untamed, in that it’s one full novel and not set in volumes. Is that better? For me personally, yes. Although Callie has never had a problem keeping her previous books flowing, Untamed has such a powerful pull to it while reading that splitting it up could have lost that?

I honestly can’t put my feelings for Heath into words. I have no expressions to fully do him justice. I mean he’s a hot, delicious, sinful man mountain. With a body carved out of stone and a dirty, deep voice. But he’s also all that and more. He’s my favourite so far.. His relationship with Violet is beautifully written. I didn’t know how I’d feel about Violet, I’m not a diva fan. But Callie managed to place her in my heart and make me love her. So I fell for the Man Mountain and the Diva. And I did so spectacularly.


5 massive mountain man stars



There’s a massive, ripped mountain man named Heathcliff. He’s brooding, bearded, and sexy as hell. Then there’s city girl Violet, a TV producer hungry for a hit show. You’d best not get in the way of her Louboutin heels or make her chip her nails. They both have secrets they’re trying to hide. They’re having even more trouble keeping their hands off of each other. When Violet’s reality show “Hot Off the Grid” starts filming in Heath’s tiny Vermont town, what could possibly go wrong?




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