Review – Minute by Minute by Natalie E Wrye



Minute by minute is the sexy, suspenseful final instalment to the Games and Diversions series.
This whole series has been like jumping from one thrill ride to the next.
Rounds one and two dragged me into Lukas & Elena’s story and held me captive. The heart stopping twists and turns were insanely addictive and round three is no different. If anything, it’s BETTER!

Minute by Minute sees more tantalising twists and turns which threw me off course while reading. My heart sat in my throat and my mind raced throughout. I spent most of the book with my jaw on the floor, shocked with they revelations that are revealed. And just when I thought I had an idea about the mystery behind everything. BAM! Natalie throws a loop that sent my brain into a tail spin.

I don’t actually think I can love Lukas any more. He’s epic. Literally epic! No more words needed.
Elena steals my heart for being a sassy, sexy woman who is strong enough to hold her own and is hilarious when drunk.

This book intrigued me, held me captive. It shocked me and surprised me. It made me laugh, swoon and love. The terrific twists and turns kept me on my toes, flicking the pages in an attempt to fit all the puzzle pieces together and play the game. Natalie is extremely clever and has woven a truly unique story that fully deserves 5 sensational, sexy, suspenseful stars.




Lukas Griffin

I’d heard that chess was a game made for the Gods of Men.

You are not a God… you’re just a man.

But even you can make the rules…

Rule no. 1: Trust no one.
Not even the ones you like.
Not even the ones you love.
Especially not the ones you love.

Rule no. 2: Do not fuck the irresistible blonde.
Not even if she asks.
Not even if she begs.
And she just may…

Rule no. 3: FUCK THE RULES.
To Hell with them.
Set fire to them and watch them burn…
Realize that under the right circumstances, everyone is capable of betrayal.
Even you…


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