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I have had the pleasure of reading most of Callie Hart’s amazing stories. She writes men with dark, dangerous passions and women who are strong, beautiful and loyal. Really how can you not fall head over feet for Zeth Mayfair or Rebel? But this book is unlike anything I have read from Callie.  It was nothing of what I expected and everything that I could have hoped. It was devastating, heartbreaking, joyful and in the end a total triumph. It is a testament to the power of the true love to overcome the agony of loss and misunderstanding, to stand tall in the face of the ugliness of child abuse and the strength to confront how one moment in time changed everyone in came in contact with. Calico was a moving, thought provoking amazingly wonderful second chance love story.

Callan and Coralie spent their childhood as neighbors. Then as best friends. Finally settling into a first love that would change the course of their young lives. But Coralie held horrible secrets inside and suffered in silence at the hands of an abusive father. Callan only saw his beautiful bluebird and a happy life they were trying to build. Until that dream was crushed and Callan found himself saying goodbye to the one person who would always hold his heart and soul.Twelve long years pass and the young lovers find themselves together again. Can they set aside the pain of the past, forgive each and rebuild their lost dreams? Is the power of their bond stronger than the chains of abuse?

I so admired Callan. He went a bit wild after losing Coralie but even he recognized that nothing was settled between them. For all of her suffering and attempting to put the past behind her, it was clear that the past had such a grip on Coralie that the only way she would be able to go forward would be simply to go back to where it all began. To reclaim her life – to reclaim her love – she would have to stop running and face the truth. Their journey was so incredible, so worth the ugly tears that I shed and red rimmed eyes from reading way too long.

One of Callie’s finest works, I highly encourage you to read and enjoy Calico from end to end. Fantastic!


5 Well and Truly Deserving Kisses!

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Twelve years ago, I ran to stay alive.

Port Royal, South Carolina, was my home. I was born there. I fell in love there. And I nearly died there. I never thought I’d go back. Now, after so many years, I have to return to bury the man who made my life a living hell. Some nights, I used to cry myself to sleep, praying my father would die. Other nights were different. Other nights, there was him.

Callan Cross.

My first confidante. My first kiss. My first love. My first everything: Callan was the glue that held me together when everything else was falling apart. He was my savior. He was there for me whenever I needed him…

Until he wasn’t.

Every night, I’ve seen the love of my life in my sleep. 
I just never thought I’d have to face him again.


Twelve years ago, I f*#@ed up big time.

Living life through a camera lens is sometimes easier than dealing with it head on. Scratch that. It’s always easier. For over a decade, I’ve been a master of my art, taking photographs all over the world. Yet despite all of the countries I’ve visited, the amazing things I’ve seen, the beautiful women I’ve screwed, my heart has remained in pieces.

Coralie’s the only woman I’ve ever loved, will ever love. And I’m determined to show her that we’re meant to be together. Even if it means unearthing the bones of the past in the process.

A lifetime and a thousand miles have stood between us. 
Now, there’s no length of time I won’t wait, no distance I won’t travel, in order to make her mine.


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Callie Hart

Meet Callie Hart

Callie Hart is an obsessive romantic who loves throwing a dark twist into her stories. Her characters are imperfect, flawed individuals who dictate when she eats, sleeps and breathes. Callie’s Internationally Bestselling Blood & Roses series has garnered well over 1000 5 star reviews.

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