REVIEW – Slow & Steady by Kendall Ryan 



When Greyson tosses $20 on the stage of a strip club, the last thing he expects to see are the haunted green eyes staring back at him. Finley should be home raising her infant daughter and baking cookies, not tucking singles into her G-string and giving lap dances.

Greyson can’t deny that he’d like his own private show, but there’s not a chance in hell of that happening. The last time the former Navy SEAL saw her she was dressed in black, holding a folded flag and sobbing that it was all his fault… and he agreed with every single word. He couldn’t do anything to help her then, but he can now.

Finley deserves better than this dingy club, and when an obsessed customer crosses the line, Greyson leads the rescue and will do whatever it takes to make amends for their broken past.

He never expected to want to settle down, but with Finley, everything is different. For the first time ever, he can breathe. But Greyson will have to fight for what he wants in order to keep the woman with the green eyes he’s dreamed about so often.


A transfixing and touching story of love and loss, Slow and Steady grabbed me from the very first page, bleeding into my head and heart and never letting go. Slow and steady, my pulse raced. Slow and steady, my heart broke. Slow and steady, my head hoped. Slow and steady, my heart became whole. Slow and steady, I fell in love with this beautiful and brilliant book.

I love a good military romance with a strong alpha, the kind of man who will not only go to war but fight for his woman. He may have been banged up and wear internal scars that never heal, but will battle his demons for his lady. Protect her. Cherish her. Love her. This is the hero in Slow and Steady. A man’s man with a heart of gold that’s tarnished a little.

Greyson…oh Greyson. A strong alpha who is tall, muscular, dark-haired, and blue-eyed…every woman’s dream. He lives with survivor’s guilt as his best friend died in the battlefield, right at his side, leaving behind a beautiful wife and unborn child. Every day is another fight with internal demons plaguing his soul. He wonders what happened to his best friend’s wife, how she is coping.

Out for a night on the town, he finds her at the most unexpected of places: a strip club. Holy shocker.

“Her standing there only highlighted my every mistake. It was my failure—the reason she had to resort to this. It was my responsibility to fix it. Even if she hated me…even if she wanted nothing to do with me.”

Finley is blonde, green-eyed, fair-skinned and beautiful. Since losing her Navy Seal husband during a deployment, she has struggled in every way. Financially. Emotionally. Physically. From soon-to-be family of three, to a single mom with no job, Finley became a stripper to put food on the table quickly. While not her ideal job, stripping gave her strength and self-confidence, a window to live in the moment and forget about her loss.

I want to soothe Finley, and give her a hug.

“Up on stage, I was a professional performer wearing my work uniform. I had nothing to be self-conscious about. But somehow, just the sight of Greyson pierced my armor.”

The guilt grabs Greyson every day, holding his mind hostage. A forever war in his head.

“So this is what she really thinks of me…a murderer.”

Greyson wants to right a wrong. Fix a fatal mistake. Provide a good life for his best friend’s family. If only Finley didn’t deem him the enemy. If only he wasn’t attracted to his buddy’s widow. If only he didn’t want to make Finley his. If only she weren’t forbidden.

“My entire body was throbbing with need. Finley chewed on her lower lip, struggling with something internally…was she interested in something more? The mere idea of something more…something real nipped at me, tearing tiny holes in my armor.”

Like Greyson, the past and guilt are weighing Finley down, claiming her prisoner. Greyson wants to be her present but she has lost the key to her heart; it died with her husband. Her heart is on lockdown, and may never open up again. Love and happiness no longer exist.

 “All I could think about when I looked at him, no matter how kind he seemed or how striking he looked, was that he was the reason I lost my husband. That wasn’t’ something I’d ever get over. Ever.”

Greyson knows Finley feels the same pull, the chemistry igniting them, the tug of their hearts that would be perfect as one. Finley already owns his heart, but he doesn’t think he will ever get hers. He wants to be the prince charming to her Cinderella. A father to her little lady. Her and their happily ever after.

I can’t help but feel Greyson’s pain as I fall in love with this broken war hero with a big heart.

“She wasn’t meant to be mine. They weren’t meant to be mine. But that didn’t stop me from picturing it. From wanting it so badly it hurt.”

This story is not just a sizzling military romance with a former Navy seal who is all alpha. Slow and Steady is much more. Hope. Honor. Heroism. Heart. A lot of heart. Kendall Ryan cast a spell on me where I fell in love with these broken yet bold and beautiful characters…slow and steady…long and hard.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 steady and strong stars


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