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Breaking Her is a broken and beautiful story of forever and fierce love that pounds the heart, penetrates the soul, and permeates with passion, thrusting you full throttle into this war of words. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Love is war, and this scorching and sparring story is a battlefield where the heart battles the head, emotions pouring everywhere. Engaging. Electric. Emotional. Breaking Her bleeds into your world, becoming one with you. You are this tumultuous and tear-jerking tale. You. Are. In. This. War. Too.

From the very first page, Breaking Her engulfed me: heart, head, body, and soul. Captivating and crushing me ceaselessly. I was held prisoner by this heart-hitting story, hoping for a happily ever resolution after the bashing that Breaking Him rendered. Hands shaking. Head swimming. Heart pumping. Eyes tearing. Mouth sighing. I felt adrenaline pouring through my veins. I felt alive. Breaking Her broke me. Branded me. Breathed life into me. Became me.

While Breaking Him is a full-out war; Breaking Her is about resurrection. Redemption. Reclamation. Rekindling lost love. Ugly love. Messy love. Forever love. The kind of love that destroys everything in its path. The hard-fought love where hope is nearly lost in a sea of dreams.

Breaking Her is a poignant and powerful story of the utmost unrequited love where an ex-lover, ex-first love, and former childhood friend will do anything to win back the girl who is now all woman, who captured his heart when they were teens and still holds his heart hostage as he holds hers. This lovers-enemies story sways from past to present. Present to past. Back and forth I fell. Plummeting. Rising. Heart and soul free-falling and then climbing, as Breaking Her claims them both. Mercilessly. Manically. Magically.

Scarlett Theroux is dark-haired and dark-eyed, beautiful, curvy, with mile-long legs, and perhaps the bitterest woman to grace the romance book world. Scarlett is scorned. Beaten. Broken. Bitter. She floats through life with her head in the clouds, often lost in another world, one that used to be hers and that of her first love. Scarlett is living but dead inside, just going through the motions.

My heart hurts for Scarlett. I want to hug her. Heal her. Help her.

“Once you’ve been broken, every break after, even when they hurt like hell, can never outdo the profound damage of the first time.”

Dante Durant with his golden hair and ocean eyes, and tall and muscular body, is Scarlett’s oh-so-hot knight in shining armor. Her childhood best friend and lover. The man who broke her heart. Shattered her. Shattered him. Shattered them.

“She was the siren that called men to their destruction, and I was the first and most eager to answer that deadly call. Every time.”

Dante and Scarlett. Two soul mates that have been split in half for five years. Despite distance, war, and time, these two hearts still beat as one. Though their souls are lost and won’t be found until they are together again.

I’m bleeding inside for Dante. My soul is shattered. Wounded.

“To say I missed her was a cruel understatement, like saying you’d miss your soul after you gave it away. After it was torn from you. I was empty. Fresh without blood. I was not whole without her. Never would be.”

At war. Dante and Scarlett are fighting a battle that will never be won until their two halves become whole again. Broken, bleeding, bitter—they are sick of battling each other while the real enemy roams free. While time has been lost, a war has been waged, and ugliness hurled, the love between has never died—nor have the secrets.

“How long had he been living this double life, stuck in purgatory, trapped in a vicious web of lies, completely alone? Protecting me from everything.”

The more secrets uncovered, the more I understand and love Dante as the depths he has gone to protect the woman he passionately loves is heroic and heartless.

Dante, a selfless man with a heart as golden as his hair and a soul as blue as his eyes, is so sorrowful from feeling like a failure. Dante has been Scarlett’s savior from day one, always protecting her from devastation like a soldier in battle. He will fight tooth and nail to be bound to Scarlett once again. No longer lost but found.

“You never get to stop loving me.”

Oh Dante. I shed tears. I smile. I swoon. These words. Commanding. Caring. Proof of his everlasting and undying love for his princess. His angel. His soul mate. His Scarlett.

Scarlett is facing her demons finally with Dante by her side. Her white knight in a dark world. They are each other’s air. Each other’s hope. Each other’s salvation.

Though some things aren’t what they seem as the past collides with the present, trying to take it prisoner. It’s time to go into battle—this time united—to end the war for good. Secrets will be set free. Blood will be shed. War will be raged. Love will be tested once again. Is it strong enough to survive war?

“That was the burden of falling in love so young. Of letting yourself go so deep into another person. You owned too much of each other to ever really walk away.”

R.K. Lilley touched my heart hard with Breaking Her that definitely broke and branded me. These words…gah! I cried. I swooned. I bawled. I broke. I healed. I hoped. Completely awe-struck in the beauty that bled off of the pages, carving out a part of my heart with each line.

Breaking Her is hard love. Hope. Hate. Happiness. So many things. So many feels. So much wonderful. This is a story so spellbinding where you can’t help but cling to life as every bit of broken, brilliant, and beautiful piece steals every piece of you.


Five ‘but worth so many more’ broken, beautiful, and brilliant stars


From internationally bestselling author R.K. Lilley comes a scorching new series with melt-the-pages tension and all-consuming angst. It’s love, it’s war and it’s Scarlett and Dante’s story.

Breaking Her
Book Two in the Love is War Duet.
This is the conclusion of Scarlett and Dante’s story.

He had done it again. Ravaged me. Burned me. Broke me.
Given me air, only to leave me gasping, writhing.
But then something changed. Something that terrified and excited me both.
Something that utterly destroyed me.
Something that made me whole again.

Our love was cursed from the start. She didn’t know it but I did.
All she knew was that I’d lied to her, betrayed her. Done unforgivable things. Unavoidable things. Yes, I had broken promises as surely as I had broken her heart. But, just as every war has casualties, and every lie has consequences–every bastard has his reasons.


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