Review – Love Me In The Dark by Mia Asher 

Love Me In The Dark by Mia Asher

Okay, let me just step back a moment. *takes deep breath* I feel I need to gather myself otherwise this review is just going to be me word vomiting shit all over and no one wants to read that…

But, here’s the thing. I CAN’T gather myself. If you know me and read my reviews, you’ll know that I go CRAZY sometimes over the books I downright adore. Like I legit spill every ounce of MY blood, sweat and tears into my reviews. I can’t help it. Some books just hit DEEP. SO FUCKING DEEP. And I try and sound like a sane person but it doesn’t happen. And people, this crazy bookworm has just gone OUT OF THIS WORLD CRAZY!

I finished Love Me In The Dark by Mia Asher. A book that I’ve been DESPERATE to read since Mia announced she was writing. You see, Mia Asher is my unicorn author. I’m an angst lover and there ain’t no one does angst like Mia Asher. She’s my angst queen and I happily drown in all her heart stopping, intense goodness. So as you can imagine, after Sweetest Venom, I’d been left hanging waiting for my next fix. Well I got it, via Love Me In The Dark and this is one high I WILL NOT be coming down from any time soon. 

This whole book is a powerful, intense read that just CONSUMES. Each and every part of me was pulled so deep into this story I felt it right down in my marrow. The intensity of the characters, even now is coursing through my veins. Tingling, burning. Reminding me of the experience I just had. And if someone could erase the last several hours so I got the chance to read it from the start, for the first time, I’d do it. I’d erase it. Just to feel all that emotion again. 

Love Me In The Dark is my idea of a PERFECT read. It’s chock full of angst, heat, passion and connection. There is nothing to critique. With every single sentence, every word, Mia seduces. She weaves an epic tale of love, hate, weakness and strength, of finding that inner passion and need to want better, to be better, to be free. Mia connects her characters better than anyone, you feel them, from the first look you experience what they experience. In Mia’s words you can actually be there, right in the moment. She doesn’t just paint a picture she puts you in the damn book. Everything feels sooo freaking real. And it’s why she’s one of the best. 

Speaking of the best. This is my best read of the year so far! Hands down. It is. And I’ve read some corkers so far, trust me. There was just something about THIS BOOK that hooked me, kept me right there in the moment, feeling, loving, wanting and needing. I never wanted it to end. Ever. 

Love Me In The Dark is a heart stopping, breathtaking read that captivates from start to finish. It’s hot, sinful and sexy. It will own you from the minute you start reading. Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY to another planet. A million stars would not do it justice… Because Love Me In The Dark is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Two strangers in Paris …

One passionate, earth-shattering kiss. 

He was the artist upstairs 

with the tantalizing smile and laughing eyes.

He was the devil inviting me to sin, 

seducing me to dance in the bright moonlight.

He was desire and need.

When he touched me, my body sang. 

My soul came alive.

But I belonged to another man, 

and he didn’t want to let me go.


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