Review – Everything I Never Wanted by K. Street

6 out of 5 stars

6 stars. Not 5 but 6!!!

Can I just start by saying, since the day I met this author she has blown me away repeatedly by not just every book but every single word she’s written. She weaves a fairytale that is far from perfect in the beginning, but by the end there couldn’t be more perfection. She captures not just your mind but your heart and soul with each book she writes. I always know I’m in for a heartfelt journey that I will repeatedly need tissues for and that I need time away from everyone and everything because her words consume every fiber of my being.

There are quite a few twists to the story that will keep this review from going into detail plotwise. Just let me say a single dad whose heart’s been trampled is the hardest one to get through to. The author detailed this journey so incredibly that I was an emotional rollercoaster.
So in short, this book is perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I look forward to whatever comes my way next. You never cease to amaze me which is why with your debut book you became one of my top authors automatically. You prove every single time why!!

A single dad, contemporary romance standalone.

This wasn’t supposed to be my life.

One phone call was all it took to bring me back to the small town I had grown up in. Everything had changed, and staying away was no longer an option.

Four and a half years later, I was a widowed single father still here, still trying to pick up the pieces. We were doing just fine on our own, my little girl and me.

At least, we were until Camryn Parker stumbled into our lives. The woman was like a tornado after a hurricane; she was the storm I never saw approaching. Behind her beauty and sarcastic wit, she was just as broken as I pretended not to be. As hard as I tried to resist, it was impossible not to fall in love with her.

In the end, it took nearly losing it all for me to realize everything I never wanted was exactly what I needed.


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K. Street has been making up stories since she was old enough to talk and began writing at the tender age of eleven. She resides in central Florida with her husband and daughter. Her affinity for coffee, sweet red wine, dark chocolate and hockey runs deep. When K isn’t working or writing she enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family and cheering on her beloved Chicago Blackhawks.




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