EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT – Bar Bites: A Man of the Month Cookbook by J. Kenner & Suzanne Johnson

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BABES!!! One of Bookalicious Babes Blog’s favorite authors, J. Kenner, has teamed up with cooking maven, Suzanne Johnson, to create Bar Bites, a succulent and spicy story/cookbook that is a spin-off of J. Kenner’s Man of the Month series. BBB has an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT below to share with you and oh it is it amazing! 


Before Austin’s hotspot, The Fix on Sixth, became known for its sexy and fun Man of the Month calendar contest, the fictional downtown bar had already developed a reputation for fabulous drinks and mouthwatering bar bites—exactly the kind of venue to take a date and strike up a romance. Now it’s your chance to see exactly what’s on the menu … and to get a peek at the private lives of the men and women who not only work at The Fix, but who’ve made it the place to be in Austin, Texas.

Join Man of the Month creator, New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner, and USA Today bestselling Southern food expert Suzanne Johnson as they guide you through their favorite bar bite and drink recipes served at The Fix on Sixth. Learn how to make the delicious bar bites that Tyree’s bar has become famous for. Whip up your favorite cocktail with the same flare as Cameron or Eric. And don’t forget to spend some time learning a little bit more about the private lives of your favorite characters in all new snippets and short stories!

Most of all, come share a drink, a bite, and a laugh with us! We’re so glad you’re here.

So pull up a chair, raise a glass, and dig in with your favorite Man of the Month characters, and meet a few new ones, too!



He’s there? Tiffany mouthed to Cam, who lifted his brows in acknowledgment and sipped his water.

Tiffany’s pulse, which had calmed down, kicked up again.

“Looks good,” Eric said, eyeing the food as he put the pitcher of Pinot Punch—a mix of pinot grigio, orange juice, peach schnapps, frozen peach slices, and Sprite—on the table.

“Thanks for doing that,” Tiffany said. “And sorry again for being such a klutz.”

“Yeah, well, at least you’re a pretty klutz.” He held her eyes for a heartbeat, then looked away, almost as if he’d startled himself with his own bravado.

As if sensing the need for intervention, Mina asked Eric what he was doing later. Spring Break officially started the next day. “You don’t usually have a day off after a shift, do you?”

“Nope,” Eric said. “But I also usually work until closing. I’m only on the clock for five hours tonight. Off at nine. Reece said he’d come in and cover for me.”

“Hot date?” Cam asked, and Tiffany kicked him under the table.

“Not exactly. Pretty much everyone in my apartment complex either goes to UT or recently graduated. So there’s a party tonight in the courtyard. When I mentioned it to Reece, he offered to cover for me. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on going, but when your boss tells you to go to a party…” He trailed off with a shrug.

“Sounds like fun,” Mina said. “Why weren’t you going to go?”

He shrugged, his eyes cutting quickly to Tiffany and then back to Mina. “I’ve only lived in this apartment for a few months, so I don’t know many of them yet. Guess I wasn’t in the mood to go stag.”

“So take someone,” Cam said.

“Sure,” Mina added. “Why don’t you take Tiffany?”

“What?” Tiffany said.

“Yeah?” Eric shifted to look at her. “I’d love the company if you’re up for it.”

“I—” She looked helplessly at Cam and Mina, both of whom were urging her on with their eyes. “Well, yeah. That sounds fun.”

Eric’s wide smile lit up her heart. “All right, then,” he said. “It’s a date.”

“Yeah,” Tiffany repeated, her voice raised above the cacophony of hooting and hollering going on in her head. “A date.”

Bar Bites teaser 1

To complement this excerpt, here’s a recipe for a yummy and easy bar-inspired dish you can easily make at home:


Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots


8 ounces sour cream

1 tablespoon ranch seasoning 

1 pound sliced bacon

1 (32 ounce) bag frozen tater tots

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix together the sour cream and ranch seasoning and set aside. Cut bacon slices into thirds and wrap around each tot. Place on a cookie sheet (with sides). Bake for 20 minutes, remove from oven and place on a serving platter. Place the sour cream mixture in a resealable bag and cut one corner off. Pipe over tots and enjoy!


Grab your copy of BAR BITES today!

Amazon:  https://amzn.to/2LceKZA

Amazon UK:   https://amzn.to/2rH97dL

Amazon Canada: https://amzn.to/2KWwWpL

Amazon AU:   https://amzn.to/2jTzFEa

iBooks: https://apple.co/2InvJGf

Barnes & Noble:  https://bit.ly/2L0bYGF

Kobo: https://bit.ly/2ryqnBF

GooglePlay: https://bit.ly/2rHtTch


About J. Kenner:

Julie Kenner (aka J. Kenner and J.K. Beck) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over forty novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.


Praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations,” J.K. writes a range of stories including super sexy romances, paranormal romance, chick lit suspense and paranormal mommy lit. Her foray into the latter, Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner, is in development as a feature film with 1492 Pictures.

Her most recent trilogy of erotic romances, The Stark Trilogy (as J. Kenner), reached as high as #2 on the New York Times list and is published in over twenty countries.

J.K. lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and several cats.

Website: http://juliekenner.com/

About Suzanne M. Johnson:

USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Johnson is family trained, a south Georgia native who’s been cooking all of her life, creating not only some really unique food, but precious memories that re-occur every time she smells something simmering in the oven. In all of her books, Suzanne shows that making a delicious meal doesn’t have to be complicated–it just has to be made with love. So go ahead, don’t be bashful, dive right in. Who knows? You might just make a few memories of your own.

Suzanne Johnson pic

Website: http://southernbitsandbites.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Southern-Bits-Bites-352580344928317/

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