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She’s given us wonderful alpha military men, divine princes on a secluded beautiful island, political thrillers and all around great reads. With each release, Angel Payne stretches her talents just a little bit further and never fails to deliver heart stopping, swoony reads. Misadventures with a Super Hero is no exception – but it is. This story is so outside the norm of what we would expect from Angel. She stepped outside of her comfort zone and embraced something so different. That’s why it’s such an AMAZING read!

Reece Richards was a playboy. Adonis body, beautiful face… the world was at his feet with a world size ego to match. He could have any possession that he wanted. Any woman in the world was at his beck and call, but it was an encounter with one woman – one seriously sinister woman – that would change his life and everything he knew forever. He soon finds himself isolated in one of the five star hotels that he operates for his family and harboring a secret.

Emmaline Crist is the newest member of Reece’s hotel staff, joining the eclectic group working the night shift. What makes her work so wonderful? Bolt sightings. He’s the mysterious man in black leather and electric hands cleaning up crime on the streets of LA. The other thing that makes her work so wonderful? Encounters with her mysterious boss. The night crew thinks that he is weird. Emma thinks he’s amazing and well, electric. One night with him and she knows he’s the one.

Funny…. so does Reece. He’s overwhelmed by what he feels for her, the depth of his emotions and just how fast they came. He is consumed by his Velvet, just as he is consumed with fear for her safety. There are some seriously bad people after Reece. He’s such a unique leading man. He’s funny, jaded, beautiful and special. He’s has such a romantic heart and his love for Emma is breathtaking and instant. Emma is intriguing, just as passionate for Reece as she is for Bolt and spunky. Man, she is a spitfire in a pair of heels! I loved her!

I didn’t go into this read expecting to find Thor or Iron Man or Captain America. I wasn’t planning to read a rehash of Superman or Batman, either. What I did get was a book that is so amazing and very different from the other books in the Misadventures series. It’s so crafty and appealed to the comic geek that I am! This story has an irresistible hero and feisty leading lady with a love story that dragged me under from the first page. I was mad when there was no other pages to turn to but thrilled to learn that Emma and Reece will be back! That ending alone is a reason to beg for more from these two. Emma and Reece are perfection! GO TEAM BOLT!

Excelsior, Angel!

6 bbb kisses

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Working the night shift at a five-star hotel in downtown Los Angeles, I get my fair share of weirdos. But none of them prepared me for the night I met Bolt. He saved my life.

Now, he’s my super hero—the hunk I’m yearning to thank in more creative ways than a damn kiss on the cheek. Too bad he’s actually Reece Richards, my full-on nerd of a real-life boss.

He’s got some commitment issues thanks to his evil ex and global empire—and from having to save the city from a maniac out to destroy everything he loves.

But there’s something that just may interfere with all those plans. My heart.

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Angel Payne has been passionate about creating stories since third grade, when she received a blank journal for Christmas, then filled it with a handwritten novel. Since then, she’s written for five publishing houses, and is also independently published. She most enjoys writing high heat romance with deep emotional twists. When not writing, Angel honors her native Southern Californian roots by getting outside with family and friends, and enjoys pop culture fan cons as a proud cosplay mom.

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