Review – Country Nights by Winter Renshaw 

Country Nights by Winter Renshaw 

Country Nights by Winter Renshaw was nothing like I expected it to be. If anything it was so much more! I couldn’t possibly tell you if I devoured this book or it devoured me. I was totally captivated by this story from start to finish.

Winter’s books are absolutely fantastic, I swear they bring out so much emotion and passion and I have loved every book of hers so far but I actually think this one is my favourite. Hands down. 

Without a doubt Winter is one of the BEST at writing men that are hard, closed off, broken men. She’s also one of the best at writing women who kick these men into touch and turn them into protective, love sick alphas. And it’s ALWAYS a dream to read. 

Country Nights follows Leighton & River. These two are super hot! From the moment they meet an electric current begins to sizzle  and it slowly builds up into an all connection that consumed me, heart and mind. 

5 captivating, consuming stars!

Sixty country days and sixty country nights—that’s all I wanted.

I needed to get away from the city, away from the hot mess that had become my life.

When I stumbled upon my childhood home on, I took it as a sign, cleaned out my life savings, and hightailed it to the only place that ever meant something to me, a place I hadn’t seen since a lifetime ago.

Only when I arrived to the familiar South Dakotan farmhouse, I was met by a brooding, we-don’t-take-kindly-to-strangers cowboy by the name of River McCray, who insisted this was his house and most definitely not a rental property.

I’d been internet scammed.

And that cocky, smart-mouthed stranger had the nerve to make me a humiliating offer: I could stay in his house for the next two months rent-free, but I had to work for him.

He’d be my boss. And my roommate.

With no money and nowhere else to go, I agreed. But nothing could have prepared me for the tension, the attraction, and the bombshell revelation that changed … everything.




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