Review – Remember by Dylan Allen

Remember by Dylan Allen 

When Dylan Allen released her debut novel Rise, she blew me away. The passion she poured into her writing was clear as day and so easy to read. I said after that, that I was eager to see where Dylan took her writing career and now, after reading Remember, I can say she’s gone and blasted herself to another world. 

The start is brutal. I felt every crack of heartbreak that Milly goes through. Suffering through a break up is the worst thing and Dylan absolutely nailed the feelings, the emotions, the whole heart breaking reality of it. 

I adore Milly. So much. She became one hell of a character! And her hero Dean. Omg! Dean is FIYAH! That man lit up my insides, sent my heart galloping and liquefied my soul! 

What eventually develops in Remember is a breathtaking second chance romance that is beautiful and heartwarming. Not without its ups and downs of course, but the whole book is balanced so, so well. Everything flows with a stunning fluidity. I devoured this book whole. 

I really hope you get this book and I really hope you read it. I really hope that you get lost in the words and the story Dylan beautifully puts together. Because it’s one hell of a story. Mesmerizing and magnificent.

5 beautiful, remember me stars!


Milly’s life was safe. Her plans, certain.

She doesn’t take risks because she knows what it’s like to lose everything.

But, when it all falls apart, she decides to throw caution to the wind. 

Her journey to reclaim her future leads her straight into the grown up arms of the boy she left behind.

In them, she finds passion long denied and love she thought was lost. 

But is the promise of a second chance worth the risk of losing herself again?

When he discovers that the girl he has loved his whole life moved on without him, Dean needs answers. 

He didn’t expect to still want her.

He didn’t expect her to want him, too. 

And suddenly, he finds himself in a battle for the heart of the woman he’s never stopped loving. 

As they look to the past for answers, can they hold onto the future they were meant to have?

Or will what they remember make them wish they could forget?




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