BBB’s Best Books of 2017


2017 was ONE BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL BOOK YEAR! Sophie, Keeana, Crystal, Tina, Vicki, and I at Bookalicious Babes Blog (BBB) were busy bookworms where we read 1000s of books!!! Do you know how hard it was for each of us to pick our top reads for BBB’s best books for this year?!? This year was PHENOMENAL and our BEST BOOK YEAR EVER!!!

We read ALL THE ROMANCE at BBB! Our romance elections vary from contemporary to dark to sports to young adult to M/M and more! Authors in our top picks range from New York Times and USA Today best sellers to brand new Indies, and authors whose books we’ve read for years. BBB is so grateful to promote our wonderful writers’ work … books that give us all the feels … books that we both lose and find ourselves in … books that become our world. Authors, we are humbled and happy that you’re in our world!!! YOU take readers like us on a virtual vacation, making them feel all the feels, as you pour your hearts and souls into books that steal our hearts and souls.

We at BBB are truly blessed to be bloggers and bookworms! These authors aren’t just names and numbers. They are kind, compassionate, funny, and all-around amazing women and men who we’ve gotten to know throughout this beautiful book world, and many of whom we consider friends. Thank you to all the awesome authors, and the publishers and promotions/PR companies behind them for taking this ride of book bliss with us. CHEERS TO ALL THE AMAZING AUTHORS WHO ROCKED OUR BOOK WORLD IN 2017! Cheers to another beautiful book year! We can’t wait to spend 2018 with you!

Love from Karen, Sophie, Keeana, Crystal, Tina, and Vicki

BBB’s Best Books of 2017

DA DA DA!!! Below are our picks from this epic great year of books. Each of the six bloggers selected our #1 stories, 6 or countless stars shown in the center row, and the rest of our 5.5 to 6-star stories are listed in no particular order.

1 - BBB's Best Books 2017

Following are BBB’s BEST BOOKS OF THIS YEAR selected by each blogger with REVIEWS found on this blog:

Karen’s Best Books of 2017


—> Click on the books below for synopses and buy links. <—

#1 BOOK OF 2017: Stand by A.L. Jackson

Review – Stand by A.L. Jackson 


Sophie’s Best Books of 2017


—> Click on the books below for synopses and buy links. <—

#1 BOOK OF 2017: Scandalous by L.J. Shen

Review – Scandalous by LJ Shen


Keeana’s Best Books of 2017


–> Click on the books below for synopses and buy links. <—

#1 BOOK OF 2017: The Rivalry by Nikki Sloane


Crystal’s Best Books of 2017


—> Click on the books below for synopses and buy links. <—

#1 BOOK OF 2017: American King by Sierra Simone

Review – American King by Sierra Simone 



Lost Rider

Tina’s Best Books of 2017


—> Click on the books below for synopses and buy links. <—

#1 BOOK OF 2017: Trading Yesterday by Kahlen Aymes

Review – Trading Yesterday by Kahlen Aymes 







Vicki’s Best Books of 2017


—> Click on the books below for synopses and buy links. <—

#1 BOOK OF 2017: The Line by Amie Knight






4 thoughts on “BBB’s Best Books of 2017

  1. Jessica Hawkins says:

    Ohhh-emm-geee! Thank you so much for including Move the Stars, Sophie…and to all you ladies for being such voracious readers! I love how many different titles and subgenres are represented. The book community is lucky to have BBB. ❤️‍

    Liked by 1 person

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