Review – Personal Delivery by Ainsley Booth

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I was never more happy to open a newsletter every week! Knowing that Jake would be there waiting, when Ainsley would annouce in her group that more of Jake would be coming I would refresh my email until there he was. I absolutely loved everything Jake and Jana!

Jana is an illustrator with a thriving business. She has the perk of being able to work from home and she has her adorable cats to keep her company. Still her love life is all but nonexistent. That is until the delivery man makes his way into her life. Who would have thought getting crazy packages from her well meaning friends would change her life forever?

Jake is a billionaire in disguise. He’s not just a SwiftEx delivery man dropping off packages on a route with the beautiful, eccentric artist as one of his routine stops. Oh no… Jake has a secret that can change everything. He never expected to fall for Jana and her horde of cats but he does – and he falls hard. But he’s afraid that his secrets will change everything.

This was so fun! Just the best fun to read. Jana is feisty and eccentric. Jake is swoonworthy and just… yummy. Together these two kept me in stitches and running for a fan to cool off. The chemistry between these two kept me happily returning each week for more. It’s always fantastic to see the quirky girl get the supremely hot guy and on the icing on the cake? He’s a billionaire! I just loved this! Absolutely loved this book! Sweet but steamy… romcom at its best. Great job, Ainsley!

5 SwiftEx Stars!
Personal Delivery teaser this woman
She has a crush on the delivery guy. He has a billion-dollar secret.

I recognize the sound of his truck turning off in front of my building.
Not only do I recognize it, but my pulse picks up and I get all hot and bothered. Then I hear the low growl cutting out, followed by the clank of metal as he pulls up the back door to grab my package….
Grab my package?
That sounds so dirty.
Which is probably appropriate given some of the fantasies I’ve had about him.
My obsession with the new, mysterious delivery driver is crazy. Intense. Distracting.
The last thing I need is to be crushing on a six-foot-something distraction with a dirty grin.
But my friends have other plans.

Personal Delivery teaser socks

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