Review – Full Mountie by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller


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Oh, this series just gets better with each book! Who would have thought that the men of the Canadian government could be this breathtaking?

From the moment we met Lachlan in Prime Minister, he was a mystery. It was obvious that he had demons that he was fighting and those demons were holding him back from the one person that he desperately wanted – Beth. Still, he was the protector and keeper of secrets, including the kinky ones. Beth sees it, too, and she wants him just as much. There’s nothing like being sent to the friend zone over and over even when the eyes and body of the man she wants tell a different story.

But in walks the game changer and his name is Hugh. Fucking Hugh. He and Lachlan have a history, a connection that they both regret was severed. Now they have to find a way to work together providing security for the Prime Minister. Lachlan doesn’t want to go back to Hugh. He doesn’t want to feel anything for the man but can’t resist Hugh no matter how much he fights it. Let’s not forget Beth, either. After a year of waiting for Lachlan to make his move, she’s ready to move on – with Hugh. And Hugh? Well, he wants them both and won’t stop until he has the best of both worlds in his bed.

Man, do I love Hugh! Could he be more deliciously alpha?

Lachlan, Beth in the middle and Hugh are just the most smoking hot threesome that I have read in some time. I thought it would be Beth that has all the power in this triad – and she does hold her own – but it’s truly Lachlan that holds all the cards. He holds the keys to this unconventional relationship. Hugh has never really gotten over in over a decade. Beth has had to stand by for a year watching over and pining for this man, knowing with all her heart that he feels so much for her. The steam in this relationship could power a city block and almost burned a hole through my kindle. Mercy!

Ainsley and Sadie, you ladies are one talented duo! Sexy and so steamy, yet truly romantic. I so enjoyed this trip to Canada. All the feels and all the tingles, too! FANTASTIC!

5 So worth the wait Stars!



Marvelous brunette woman feeling safe with her man



365 days I’ve wanted Beth beneath me, begging for release. One long, angst-filled year we’ve circled each other, keeping things strictly professional.

But I’ve also got shit in my past that complicates relationships. And I should know better than to hope secrets can stay buried.


A year? Try ten. A decade ago, I let Lachlan walk away because deep down, I knew he needed something else.

As soon as I laid eyes on her, I understood what I was up against: he loves Beth. Looks at her in a way he’d never look at me.

I get it.

Curvy, smart, and bossy? I just might love her, too.


Two men. Two first dates.

Two first kisses…

But this doesn’t feel like a love triangle.

Oh no. It’s much more complicated than that. I’m not complaining. I’m game for anything. I just have one rule: we don’t tell anyone.


* Warning: there are no limits to these Mounties’ willingness to please

* Never underestimate the strength of a woman

* Sometimes the past can come back and bite you…if you’re lucky

* Top-secret clearance means three doesn’t need to be a crowd




She’s fucking insane.

She’s also a glorious little genius. She twisted Lachlan’s comment about being even right back on him, and now he’s sandwiched between us.

Where I’ve wanted him for weeks, if I’m being honest. But this is more than I could allow myself to hope for.

And I can feel how tense Lachlan is. Every muscle tightly coiled, ready to burst away from the embrace between his lovers.

But Beth is persuasive. And sexy as hell. Over his shoulder, I watch her face. It’s all there. How much she wants to see us together. Fuck me, I don’t think she realizes what she’s asking for, but I’m game. I’ll drag them both to her bed and make them mine, over and over again.

Just when I think it’s not going to work, I feel Lachlan submit to her—and that’s a fucking jolt to my cock. His body relaxes, and he shifts back and forth on his feet, rubbing against her. And against me, too.

I stand there and take it. My hands hang loose at my sides.

When Lachlan’s fingers brush mine, his right hand reaching back and finding me blindly, I’m not sure it’s deliberate at first. He still has his gaze locked on Beth, but with his second touch, he hooks my hand and tugs me around his body. As I move, not giving him an inch of space, he squeezes my hand, his knuckles rubbing against my erection. And when I get to Beth, he switches hands and pulls me right against her back.

Now she’s in the middle, and Lachlan finally looks at me again.

“You heard her,” he says roughly. “You up for some show and tell?”

Full Mountie north star




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