Review – Unwrapped by Callie Harper 


Like RIGHT FREAKING NOW! Holy shiznits Unwrapped is AMAZING!

I’ve been dying to meet Hannah since reading Unbelievable and I’m currently wanting to high 5 Callie so much right now. Hannah is a truly fantastic heroine. I loved her sass, her style, the fact she had curves and LOVED them. She is without doubt my favourite of all Callie’s heroines!

There aren’t many authors who can consistently write books and make the hero’s bigger and better each time. But Callie does. Callie’s men are fire, intense, powerful, dominant males that just barge themselves into your heart and soul. In Unwrapped Callie gave us Jack, the hot drummer in Ash’s rock band. I’ve always been partial to guitarists but now, now I’m in love with a Drummer! Jack was everything and more! So commanding, so swoony, so freaking HOT. 

Now I don’t usually rate novellas 5 stars because mostly they aren’t long enough for me, and while Unwrapped is a hot, fast, fun novella, it’s a magnificent hot, fast and fun novella. Saying that I’d love to read more about these two at some point in the future. 

Unwrapped is perfect for the upcoming cold, Christmassy, nights and trust me, you won’t need the fire to warm you up, no, this novella will leave you BURNING HOT.

Jack and Hannah have their hands full planning a giant NYC holiday charity party with rock stars to wrangle and celebrities to dress. Hannah’s completely sworn off men. Jack has enough going on without a ball-busting, tattooed siren rocking his world. 

They need to keep their hands off each other. But the holidays have a funny way of getting a whole lot of crazy. There’s what you plan, and then there’s what happens. And some presents are too damn good not to unwrap…

Note: Unwrapped is a standalone novella with some crossover characters from the Beg For It stories.

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