Review – Doctor Bad Boy by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller




Max Donovan is absolutely spectacular! A handsome former child star turned pediatric doctor with a warm heart and a kinky soul. Oh, so kinky. And while Max is on the cover of Doctor Bad Boy, this story really belongs to the woman who would turn his world upside down. Violet Roberts is a strong, independent lawyer who is trying to rebound from a divorce from a marriage that had long been dead. From the moment, the very moment, that Violet and Max eye each in the bar Violet’s life takes a change that she never saw coming.

It was a night of divine debauchery that lead to a not so good parting. Only fate has another plan for these two. Violet comes face to face again Dr. Max Donovan and they both have to admit that they can’t stop thinking about each other, that they still want each other. But there are complications now. Can they work around those… kinks… to enjoy other kinks?

Truly, I fell so hard for Violet! She was strong and beautiful. Embracing her sexuality and her submissive nature, she found comfort in her own skin and that only made her more appealing. She never backed down from what she wanted in her life. She wanted a successful career, a happy home and Max. Above all she wanted Max, even if she had to risk her career and her future to have him. And let’s not forget the incredible Max Donovan. So sexy, so dominant… the burning hot chemistry the evil Dom had with Violet shakes the pages. He is a delicious devil with a bag of toys and a room full of tricks. But even the devil has his own demons to face.

Oh, I loved this story! It was so hard to put down. From the first hello to the last page, I couldn’t help but root for Max and Violet to have an amazing love story… and they did! It was great, too, to see Ellie, Gavin and some of the members of the PM’s secret kinky hockey team. And that little glimpse into Lachlan’s story? Ohhhh my!

Congratulations, Ainsley and Sadie! Doctor Bad Boy is one fantastic addition to the Frisky Beavers!

5 Purple Heeled Stars!





The first time I met Violet Roberts, she gave me her submission for the night. The second time I met her, it was across a boardroom and man, was she pissed.

Now she insists we have a “conflict of interest”. She wants us to “move forward like grown-ups.”

But I can’t forget our single, scorching night together—when what I wanted and how I wanted it wasn’t a problem, because it nailed all her kinky buttons, too.


Max Donovan is a dirty, dirty man. Deliciously so. But the former child TV star turned renowned paediatrician and best friend to the prime minister is also my client.

One of us needs to be responsible, and it’s not going to be him.

So why can’t I forget how utterly incredible it was to be at his mercy? And what am I going to do when he takes his pursuit to the next level?


* A serious case of a one-night stand gone wrong (but not until after it went very, very right).


* Healthy boundaries and a double-dose of will power.

* Should that plan fail, the second course of treatment would be an air-tight contract and a solid cover story.


* Real doctors and lawyers will likely be appalled at the professional infractions inside this (thankfully fictional) erotic romance. We recommend they start with Prime Minister, the first book in the Frisky Beavers series. By the time they finish Gavin and Ellie’s book, they’ll be so enamoured with Max that they’ll forgive his transgressions in the pursuit of his filthy happily ever after ending.


“Are you waiting for someone?” His voice is deep and smooth. It matches him.

He’s handsome in an almost impossible way. Chiseled face, warm eyes, a nose that may have been broken once, but he’s better looking for it. His lips look soft, his jaw hard. He’s a big man, in his height and across his shoulders, but the rest of him looks built for speed. A fighter who might dance on his toes. A sprinter who could chase the wind.

I give him a soft, sultry smile that feels surprisingly natural. “I might be waiting for you.”

“I’m Max.”

I hold out my hand. “Very nice to meet you, Max.”

He gives me an up and down appraisal, which on any other night I’d have found super creepy. Or at least, from any other man. But he has this look about him—a familiarity and a kindness, maybe. Except the way he’s looking at me isn’t kind.

It’s hot and dirty.

“And you are…?” He gives my hand a little squeeze as he lets go, his thumb trailing down my index finger.

I press my thighs together. I want to feel that electric stroke right between my legs. On my ass. Across my nipples. “Whoever you want me to be.”









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