Review – The Revolution by S.L. Scott 

Ohhhh myyyyy life…..Kaz freaking Fabian.


HO-LY HELL!! This book was everything I wanted and didn’t expect all rolled up in a sexy, sinful package. Every book in this series has gone from strength to strength. I’ve loved each and every book more and more. The Revolution continues that cycle. SL’s writing is stronger, the story telling solid, the characters, perfect. EVERYTHING was PERFECT.

I expected to fall for Kaz. I expected to love him. What I hadn’t expected was how quick I fell for him. Jeez, the man just overtook every single sense, stole my heart and devoured me whole. He’s dangerous to the heart. His words were like molten lava, flowing through me, burning himself into every part of me.

Lara was the best counterpart for Kaz. I had no idea that Lara’s story would break me as much as it did, but damn, the heartbreak and devastation was HEAVY! Kaz & Lara’s relationship was on fire, wickedly hot and soul searing. These two ingrained themselves in me and didn’t want to move. I breathed with them, I felt with them, I loved with them and I also hurt with them.

The whole premise of The Revolution was intense, deep and at times, hard to process. The twists and turns that SL threw out were gutting. I had no idea this story would go where it did, I had no idea that the hurt would hurt as much as it did. I want to say Lara was reckless but when you read the love her and Kaz share you’ll totally understand it. I never got to the point where I felt mad at her, I just wanted to help her. 

The Revolution is a heart breaking, soulful read that stole my breath and left me in a daze. Days later and I’m still feeling this book. Prepare yourselves for one hell of a journey because this is one of the best!

My world was rock solid. 

Until I saw her.

Lara Kessler showed up as if heaven sent her to me, and suddenly my priorities changed. Love is funny like that. One minute you’re living the dream, then BAM! Half my soul shows up backstage wearing a purple shirt and sexy skin-tight jeans, making me realize what I’ve been missing all along. Loving her means exposing a life I’ve tried to bury. 

My heart had lost its beat.

Until I saw him.

Kaz Fabian caught my attention the moment I laid eyes on him. Love is funny like that. The famous guitarist was every woman’s fantasy—great face, chiseled jaw, cut biceps. The rock star was pure sex on and off stage, but his charm and charisma won me over. Loving him means burdening him with a life I’ve tried to leave behind. 

With her future dim and his past in the spotlight, can they overcome their fate or will they just be another tragic love story?


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