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Pucked Under by Helena Hunting


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That moment when you’re reading a book and the world around you doesn’t exist anymore. Some stories…series…are shut-the-door, shut-off-the-world, do-not-bother me books, ones you know you’ll devour in one sitting. We lose ourselves in these brilliant books; we find ourselves too. I lost myself in Pucked Under by Helena Hunting and did not want to be found. This hockey story, like the series, was…is…my addiction…my ache…my ALL. I. CAN’T. GET. ENOUGH. I’ll never get enough.

Helena Hunting is one of my favorite writers and among my go-to authors FOR LIFE. Her words do so many things to me, melting me from the inside out. I love Helena’s writing so much I would put a ring on it if I could. I’ll just have to settle for dating her brilliant and blissful books, with Pucked Under the latest of crack in my Hunting expedition.

When I need a good laugh, the kind that makes me contemplate slapping on a Depends adult diaper due to the thorough laugh-to-bladder work-out, I’ll grab a Helena Hunting book. I’ll stalk these stories so hard that I could teach those wanna-be Hollywood stalkers outside celebrities’ homes a thing or ten. Once a story from Helena Hunting’s hot and hilarious Pucked series appears on my e-reader, I drop off of the earth or go missing for hours. I may be physically present, but my mind is stuck in a sensational sports series that is my delicious drug.

From the beginning to end, I WAS ALL IN. I was SPELLBOUND…SUNK…as I swiftly succumbed to Pucked Under that stole every piece of me. A big grin quickly formed, spreading across my face. I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a set of characters with charisma in spades—the perfect culmination of humor, heat and heart—as much as I do in this Pucked series. I was elated to be wrapped up in this witty and wonderful writing, a deep sea dive into Pucked Under, part of a hockey series that are not just stories but SO MUCH MORE.

There is no other series that makes me drunk girl giggle like Helena Hunting’s Pucked series and characters. Characters who not just make me laugh but make me LOVE…oh so hard. Characters with charisma in spades. Characters who have burrowed themselves in my heart where they will likely remain forever. Characters so raw and so real they feel like family; they are my family.

Ever since devouring Pucked Over with the hot bearded alpha, Randy ‘Balls’ Ballistic, and his now-girlfriend, the beautiful Lily Le Blanc, I’ve panted for more. Lily is a trip to the amusement park as she channel’s her inner Violet; both are spirit animals. I loved that Lily’s confidence has skyrocketed throughout this series and it’s due to her Balls or Randy worshipping her like the princess she is as she deserves his devotion.

Even after a year, Randy and Lily’s chemistry is still SMOKIN’ HOT and their relationship grows by leaps and bounds. My favorite Pucked heroine, the spitfire, Violet, sums up Randy and Lily’s chemistry perfectly, which has not waned and, if anything, has grown stronger.

“For the love of broken beavers, do you two ever take a break? Seriously. Is your vagina lined with leather? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if one day your vagina fell right off.”

I can’t help but roll in laughter with nearly every word that wanders out of Violet’s mouth. Her humor knows no bounds…and I love every funny-filled moment!

I loved that the spark that still shoots through Lily and Randy, that passion permeating throughout the pages.

“Randy may be right; he has the incredible ability to get me off with very little physical contact. He’s rather cocky about it…He can make me come just by rubbing up on me. Our chemistry is ridiculous.”

Randy PU 3.jpg

A bit cocky, fun, and blunt like Lily, Randy too is quite the fire cracker with lines laced in lust and laughter. Tall, muscular, bearded and gifted with a magic tongue, Randy is a woman’s wet dream and knight in shining armor rolled into one. I loved his dirty mouth…A LOT.

“You can tell me exactly what you liked best about my eating your pussy in the changing room and if there’s anything you’d want me to do differently next time.”

HOLY. HOT. Barely into the story and I am melting like molten lava. Holy mounds! I’m crowning Balls both King Clit and Magic Button Magician. From being a Chicago baller, Randy definitely knows his way around the Canadian beaver. Lily is one lucky recipient.

As dirty and delicious as Randy’s mouth is on Lily, what pours out of it made me melt in a sugary sweet way.

“Her touch is gentle, soothing. It’s what I need. She’s what I need. Sometimes it makes me nervous how much.”

The softer Randy swathed me in sweetness. I SWOONED HARD. This man is a HOT hockey GOD with a huge HEART that’s unleashed even more in Pucked Under, and I FELL EVEN HARDER FOR RANDY…my Balls for life.

Hot, hilarious, and heartfelt, I thoroughly loved getting Pucked Under. I CRIED HAPPY TEARS. I CRIED SAPPY TEARS. I CRIED A FEW SAD TEARS. The feels flowed through the lust and laughter.

Deliciously dirty, fabulously flirty, laced with laughter, and filled with feels, Pucked Under fully satisfies while seducing the senses. A hot and hilarious hockey story with huge heart, Pucked Under is PURE PUCKING PERFECTION. These Pucked stories make my soul sing, my gut giggle, and my heart happy. I can’t get enough of this achingly-addictive Pucked series, stories that will remain in my hockey-loving heart forever.


★★★★★ Pucking Perfect Stars

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Randy Ballistic and Lily LeBlanc are head-over-heels, bed-breakingly, screaming orgasmically in love. But even they have their challenges, mostly outside of the bedroom.

With the off-season coming to a close and the boys gearing up for training camp, one more weekend of fun is the perfect way to welcome the new season.

The entire crew piles into vehicles and drives to Alex and Violet’s Chicago cottage for a few days of relaxation—and hopefully a chance for Randy to shake the anxiety that’s been plaguing him.

Accidental wardrobe malfunctions, typical Violet inspired overshares, and a whole lot of private time round out the perfect weekend getaway.

But the moment they return to the city all of Randy’s angst resurfaces with the arrival of a surprise houseguest.


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