Review – Chandler by Laurelin Paige

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Chandler by Laurelin Paige


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Many say that you should never mix business with pleasure. But what if that pleasure could be the love of your life? What if that pleasure is life-changing? What if that pleasure is a page-turning book? SPOILER: Chandler, the latest romance in the Fixed series by Laurelin Paige, is pure pleasure indeed. An intoxicating rush of a read, Chandler stirred my soul, hitching itself to my heart so hard to where I did not want to leave.

After just a few pages, I was plummeted back into the Pierce world, one that pierced every part of me. I was fixed on this story as if I had never left, reunited with Chandler, Hudson, Alayna, and others who invaded my head and hear. I felt these charismatic and compelling characters sink into my soul, stealing it quickly, hijacking my heart and head.

SPOILER: It did not take long to FALL IN LOVE with Chandler, the captivating character and the tender tale. I FELL IN LOVE with this story more than I suspected I would, one that surprised me with its sweetness that wrapped itself around me like a blanket, making me swoon so very hard. I FELL IN LOVE with this series even more—as if that were possible.

I was ALL IN as Chandler, the latest story in the Fixed series, became my fix. My need. My ache. My angst. My adoration. My addiction. SPOILER: I could not stop reading, could not stop snickering, could not stop swooning, could not stop hoping, and could not stop my heart from beating hard for Chandler as it did and does for Hudson.

Oh Hudson. This story reveals a new side of big brother who berates little brother, sometimes warranted, yet mostly Hudson loves Chandler so much too. Chandler doesn’t let big brother sway him though; he still shines with self-confidence in spades.

“Though he’s easing me into the family business, I’m technically the owner of Pierce Industries, just like he is, and I hate it when he treats me like an average employee…Despite our differences, I want our company to succeed as much as he does.”

Chandler is not intimated by his bold, big brother. As much as I adore Hudson, I love Chandler’s power too, a power that surfaces from boardroom to bedroom.

“Swear on the Pierce family name, I do not let a woman leave my sheets before she’s received at least two orgasms. The goal is always three.”

Chandler Teaser.png

Speaking of Os…holy ovary explosion! Chandler is a generous lover who puts women first in every way. I fell in love with this blue-eyed, blond, tall, and muscular Adonis hard and fast. Chandler is a manwhore, a ‘feast and flee’ man. Burned in the past, he is not about to let his heart get broken again. Women don’t affect him except for a hot night. Women don’t capture him…except one: Genevieve Fasbender.

“My breath is knocked from my chest the second my gaze slams into her…I’m absolutely certain I have to have her. Have to possess her.”

Chandler Teaser 2.jpg

SPOILER: I was just as possessed as Chandler, turning the pages as fast as I could soak up this spellbinding story, needing to know what happened like I needed air to breathe. 

“I’m not ready to move on from this kiss. From this moment. From this out-of-breath, on-the-edge-of-a-precipice, scared-out-of-my-mind feeling scratching inside of me.”

This beautiful Brit has captured the cocky Chandler, seeping him into her spell where he thinks about putting his playboy status to rest. Chandler and Genevieve are the perfect match. Both fierce leaders are vying for a spot in their fathers’ companies that may merge as one. Both are battling being in their brothers’ shadows.

“The tension in the air thickens. It’s so heavy, I can’t breathe. I can’t think.”

The angst bleeds fast and furiously throughout Chandler. I was lost in lust, lost in love, lost in the spell cast upon me as Chandler captivated me, calling to me like the sea: fierce and forceful. 

“I will keep it my pants zipped, as long as you promise never to refer to it as a ‘bit’ again. Monster would be preferable. Lord could work. Great Big Dick of Amazingness would earn lots of points with me.”

The banter between Genevieve and Chandler is heated and humorous; I could not get enough at the lines that made me lust and laugh, and sweat and swoon. Their chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS HOT like molten lava. I LOVE THEM!!!

“Because I don’t have time for you! You’re an obstacle on the path to my dream career. A distraction.”

Chandler Teaser 3.jpg

While Chandler looks at Genevieve for pleasure and a possible future, she thinks he’s a mistake. A relationship that—while feels like pure pleasure—should only be business.

“A blaring alarm in my head says I’m not ready for this. That it needs to stop. That I should pull away and leave before this relationship gets out of hand.”

SPOILER: Chandler exceeded my expectations where I now hold Hudson and Chandler both tightly in my heart. I did not expect to love Chandler as much as Hudson but I did! I did not expect Chandler to be filled with as much humor as heart but he and his story were so much! I did not expect Chandler to melt me into a pool of swoon, making me fall in love with him and his story over and over again but he and it did. I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER PIERCE.

Captivating and combustible, I was drunk on this brilliant book. Drunk on Chandler. Drunk on the Pierce family. Drunk on the masterful writing of Laurelin Paige. I could not help but succumb to the spell of this story that is sheer brilliance from beginning to end. A riveting romance where the feels flowed as much as the fun, I’ll remain fixed on Chandler forever.

5 fixed and fabulous stars


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I’m good in a boardroom, but I’m better in the bedroom. Much better. I can charm the skirt off any woman in one encounter. I’ll even give her an orgasm before I put her in a cab. Or three. No more or she’ll start making plans for the future and I’m not into that.

Or I wasn’t until Genevieve Fasbender. She’s the first woman in five years that I want to spend the whole night with. And she’s the first woman who’s told me I’m not what she wants in a lover, even after multiple O’s. She’s brash and bold and stubborn as hell, and she doesn’t believe it’s possible to satisfy her.

But I’m up for the challenge.

And after an incident in my brother’s office closet―a downright dirty incident―I think I’m just the guy to deliver.

Genevieve Fasbender will never know what’s coming.






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