Review – Abby by LK Collins

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LK Collins left me absolutely stunned and heartbroken at the end of Latch. Latch sat in the darkness with a gun to his head, believing that without Abby and the baby his life was over, had no meaning… No light. Death would a solace because there was no life without Abby.

Abby begins at that most critical point in Latch’s life. Does he end it all or does he choose to fight for all that he could have? Latch makes his choice based on two very important facts – his grandmother needs him and if Abby can fight, so can he.

This is where the real love story between Latch and Abby begins. Together they must face their losses. Together they must begin to truly build a life based on honesty, trust and commitment.

The road to happily ever after is not easy for these two. Latch’s past as an escort comes back to haunt the couple. Abby’s abuse at the hands of an evil husband throws obstacles at Latch and Abby, even from his grave. Tests. Always tests. Doubts and insecurities. Still at the heart of the matter, these two find that they are much stronger together than they could ever be apart.

This book – this duet – is what every romance reader hopes for. This flawed couple had so much stacked against them. They began their relationship on shaky ground. After a soul shattering loss, they could have chosen to end their fragile union. No way could these walk away. Theirs is a beautiful love story full of angst, anger, laughter and an affirmation of life. It was amazing to share their journey.

Five very well deserved stars for one of the best duets I have ever had the pleasure to read. Very well done, LK.


Five very well deserved Kisses!

ABBY TEASER Once in a lifetime


I followed my heart and took the leap of a lifetime. Leaving everything I’ve ever known behind, diving into the abyss of love. That consuming, sacred, life-changing feeling that takes you captive. And you would do the same, if Latch looked into your eyes the way he did mine.
He blurred everything else out.
It didn’t matter where we were…I was all that mattered.

Now, as I’m slipping – fading – remembering what we shared, I find peace in the darkness, because I have no regrets.

Every motherf*cking rule I’ve lived my life by went out the window the moment I laid eyes on her. Abby instantly turned my world upside down.
And from the second she gave in to me, I was a changed man.
Never the same again.
How could I be?
She was my once in a lifetime.
And now that she’s gone, every part of me is broken, shattered from the inside out.
The connection we shared was so strong that the memories alone will never be enough.

Placing the cold, black steel to my temple, I am reassured knowing that this…is the only way…

Abby RD teaser








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