Review – Found by Carrie Aarons

Found Ecover

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What an incredible triumph Found is!

From the very first lines of the prologue to the heart warming and oh so satisfying ending, Tucker and Charlotte’s story is one of heartbreak, frustration, acceptance and love in its true form. I could not have been happier with this story. What an awesome ending to the Captive Hearts duet. I certainly felt unsure of how Tucker and Char’s story would end. They found love and forgiveness in Lost. But Found began in a way I had hoped would not but knew it had to….

Tucker has gone to prison.

The story begins three years after Tucker has gone to prison for kidnapping and robbery. Their love story has become even more sensationalized because Charlotte chose to marry her kidnapper. Now after three years of weekend visits and no real connection, Tucker and Charlotte must begin yet again to build a relationship. They both have their illusions, doubts, even hopes and dreams now that they can be together. But even the best laid plans have holes along the way.

There’s so much that has changed. There are so many adjustments to make. Life before prison was tough for Tucker. Life in prison was a struggle for survival, with Tucker bottling up all his feelings and never really showing his wife just how lost he was. Life after prison meant facing his failures and trying to find Tucker again, using his voice and being the man that his wife deserves. Charlotte has formed her own world while her husband has been away. She’s found her voice, her passion in her work, new friends that round out her world. Where does Tucker fit in all of that? Can he?

The physical has never been an issue with these two. They are drawn together like bees to honey. The white hot chemistry? Yeah, still there. The book is incredibly sexy but what is so captivating is watching Tucker and Charlotte fighting for what they have always wanted – each other. This is the story of two tortured souls finding strength and faith in themselves first, dealing with the demons that stalked them, stripping away the fantasy and truly coming back better than they dreamt possible. It was a privilege to see that happen. The road back to their HEA was definitely not a smooth, easy ride. But what an awesome HEA it was! I laughed, cheered, cried and swooned so much. What a fantastic ending for a couple that has become one of my favorites!

Well done, Carrie! This duet is your best work yet! Amazing!


5 What a GREAT ending Kisses!



We found each other where no else could.

Found a purpose. Found ourselves. Found love.


But then life got in the way.

Three years later and the people that we once were are nowhere to be found.

Can our love survive everything we’ve put it through?

Can we find a way back to each other…


Conclusion to the Captive Heart Duet.








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